WooCommerce & Magento. How to choose between the two ?

July 4, 2017 By Biman B

Magento and WooCommerce both are among the most popular e-commerce platforms at present. With maximum market share both play a competitive role in e-commerce domain. Before choosing the platform for your e-commerce site you must ask  yourself few questions with respect to the functionality requirements and best suitable option that can serve your purposes well enough.

Functionality requirements: Functionality requirements are the most important thing your e-commerce site should have. Some of the important functionalities are as follows.

a) Smooth navigation: Navigation is one of the most important feature of any kind of website whether it is e-commerce or other informative site. Navigation leads you to every page and section of the site. For better user experience you must focus on visible and clear navigation.

b) Hierarchy of elements: Hierarchy of elements play the most crucial role in a site. In order to maintain the best user experience you have to provide the actual hierarchy of elements. You cannot lead a visitor to about us when he clicks on contact us. The navigation and hierarchy both are interrelated and play the combined role of page surfing over your website.

c) Cart management:  Cart is an important part of e-commerce sites. It carries out your products until you checkout from the store. So managing the cart is one of the most important functionality that you should take care of. Your whole business and sales are driven by it as a container of customer’s products.

d) Easy check out: You must provide an easy checkout to give the best user experience while getting out of your store. A complicated and time slow checkout will ultimately make your customers unhappy and lead to your failure on e-commerce selling. So check out is just like exit of the store. Nobody will love it when it comes to sophisticated checkout options. So make it smooth and clear.

e) Catalog management: Catalog is the heart of e-commerce site. Everything about your site specifically products and category of products arranged and displayed over the site are part of catalog management. Category page, product page, product filter, configurable product etc comes under catalog management of your site.

f) Auto generated email management: It is a part of notification sent to your visitor or buyer of your products. From registration notification to invoice there should be a clear flow of auto generated email to your customers to keep the sales in a drive. It is an important part of generating sales along with its proof of purchasing products or visiting your site.

g) Multiple Payment option: Payment options sometimes stop your sales. So to make the sales confirm you must provide multiple payment options available in market. Multiple payment gateway will enable your customers to make payment the way they want which ultimately give them the best user experience and hence you add more customers.

SEO friendly code and layout:

SEO is the driving force to generate sales. In modern sales strategy it takes a bigger role when it comes to stay at the top of search engine. Your code should be always clear and optimized to make it possible for search engine to find out easily. Without an SEO friendly site you cannot imagine about selling online. Now coming to comparison between Magento and WooCommerce.




Open source

Open source



Unlimited product support

Unlimited product support

Multiple plugins available

Multiple extensions available




You do not need programming skills to set up Basic programming skills needed to set up
Basic security features Advanced security features
Setting up and working on WooCommerce is easy for a beginner Magento is not easy for beginner

How to choose between the two? To choose between Magento and WooCommerce you have to list out your requirements. For a small or limited product e-commerce site WooCommerce would be best choice so that you can manage own self. But if you have a huge database and need advanced security features you should go with Magento. It would be not justifiable to say one of them is best because both are widely recommended e-commerce platforms according to user experience and functionalities. You have to decide based upon the exact need for your site which can serve you best.

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