Why Should You Start Tracking Abandoned Carts?

February 25, 2015 By admin

Out of every 100 visitors who put something in their cart, nearly 68 of them backed off without making the final purchase” How does it sound?…

Obviously, not good! Wikipedia says that the average rate of everyday abandonment for online railers is 67.91%. The eye-popping statistics leaves every retailer with a deep note of concern to track and kill it with every possible method.

A great problem of the online retail industry is that visitors put items in their online shopping carts and leave the website before purchasing anything. This results in the abandonment of the carts where the customer had put the .

Why do more than half of the visitors do it?- The pivotal questions, to track down the abandonment of carts. Let’s figure out what are the reasons which embarks such menace in your online store:

1. Why pay extra for Shipping

The basic psyche of a consumer is to gain more by paying minimum. Now when he starts putting items in his cart, he expect that the tag price is the sole amount he has to pay. But, what if he had to pay extra for shipping and taxes? Certainly he will choose to abandon his cart.

Extra Charges

There are several reasons for a visitor to drop the idea of shopping at your store. Unexpected or extra shipping prices greatly affects the purchasing decision of the visitor and deters your sale. Most of the time, the shipping cost is unveiled in the final step of the purchase and customers feels deceived/fooled by it. Shipping costs are also perceived as an added business for the company with no profits from the customers side, so they think its not their responsibility.

Embrace the shipping cost with a tag line “FREE SHIPPING”, it is nevertheless an added enticement to purchase more.

2. Filling complicated checkout, escorts website checkout

Lengthy and complicated checkout is like an unnecessary hurdles for the consumer which they don’t give even a look to overcome.

The average checkout page consists of FOUR pages which is too much. A survey says that if a checkout exceeded six steps it loses the interest of your prospective customer. On the other hand if its complicated 10% of your visitors will betray/deceive it on the spot.

Make your checkout more petite and simple. Several checkout options are there in the market today, like if you have a Magento website, its retailers can streamline the checkout process with an One Page Checkout Extension to keep it customer favorable.

3. Payment gateways

To sell, money must swap hands and for that you need easy transaction of the payments.


To increase the sale your basic aim is to provide a good customer experience. When a customer buy from your store he is giving money in exchange for a product, he expects simple payment without any complications and that’s where you lack if you don’t provide multiple payment gateways. Cutting-edge sales platform provides multiple currency acceptance and this is how you can counter it.

4. Other Reasons:

  • Your online store may not be the right place to shop if you lack return policy. Remember a return policy is focused to increase the purchasing rate by gaining the customers confidence rather than alluring invited for returns. Portraying a solid return policy adds as an asset to the website.
  • Some visitors simply use the shopping cart for the research- possibly to get an idea about how much will the entire purchase cost.
  • Another reason  for the abandonment is that the visitor must have filled his cart to get a discount coupon, thinking it will streamline his purchase.

Hefty investments for the promotion of the brands are useless if you don’t go by tracking your abandoned carts. Therefore, rectifying your abandonment mistakes and get more conversion rates. As more will be the conversion more will be the amount of ROI.


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