Things you should follow before you start designing logo

October 30, 2017 By admin

Are you imaginative enough? Because to design a logo with aesthetic effect it is very essential that you are imaginative and creative at the same? Can you imagine the picture when you see a word? Creativity is the only thing that can help you to design something. So how can you be creative?




a) Become passionate about design:

You must be a passionate one to be the creative designer. Without passion you are nowhere of designing. So involvement can only make you passionate about designing.

b) Explore the ocean of design:












To become a designer you have to explore the world of designing. Ideas will come to your mind once you explore it. Minutely observe the designs and try to understand the concept behind them. Understanding the theme behind a design is the main essential before going to design.

c) Collect magazines:















Magazines will help you to roam around the designing world. See the designs in magazines and copy them. Make practice by changing the things in designs already have.

d) Explore design websites:

These are the websites where you will get ideas of thinking something new. Explore different themes and practice them to create a similar one. Again appy your own imagination in it. See how different you have made. Keep changing and improving the design.

e) Draw your imaginations:




It is the most important part you should be doing before going to be a logo designer. Get the theme of business or brand try to make a new design for it. If you are not happy improve it gradually.

f) Show to others:

This is the best way to know others opinions about your designs. Show your design to your friends or upload in Social media and ask people’s opinion and get the recommendations people offer to improve it. Again make chnages and take review. Once you got the best reviews you are half sucessful in designing an idea in your mind.

 g) Keep drawing and designing:

This is the only thing you make yourself perfect in designing. Design, design and design your imaginations always.


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