Checklist Points For Magento Website

8 overlooked “Go Live” Checklist Points For Magento Website

August 21, 2015 By admin

Making website live is the most crucial step in the entire process of development. You have given months in to the development of a website as countless hours of hard work – designing, coding, staging, editing, testing and retesting. After all these efforts and endeavors the website finally gets ready to “GO LIVE”.

Launching a new website is just like the finish line of a big race. You don’t want to lose the big race because of a small mistake. That’s why Magento oCodewire follows stringent protocols and testing practices to ensure that your websites go live without any hiccups.

Checklist Points For Magento Website

There are numerous things to be taken care of while making a Magento site live – here are top 8 most overlooked pointers that you need to check:

Configure Robots.txt file
When search engines are not allowed to crawl the website, it certainly affects your business. When making your website live, prevent search engines to crawl your backend or admin data. Allow it to be done only with the Robots.txt file. Enable your search engines to crawl only the front end data.

Disable unutilized modules
It is natural that your online store is going to use almost all the features offered by the Magento platform. But somehow you use only certain features, so it’s better that you enable only those features that you use. To disable unutilized websites features use the following step:-
Disable modules in System > Configuration > Advanced – For example, you disable Magento Newsletter Subscription if they use third party email marketing services. You may also want to disable Mage_Tag, Mage_Newsletter and Mage_Poll.

Remove all test orders, customers and products
Regardless of the fact that test orders don’t exist in any of the categories, search engine will search it and show it to the users if they are not deleted before launch. Assure that these things are removed before the launch. So, double check it!

Switch the payment gateways to live mode from test mode
If payment gateways are not working properly, it increases the chances of more customers abandoning their shopping carts, that to at a fast rate. Therefore, confirm that your payment gateway is ready to go live after testing. Make sure it is running smoothly and that error handling protocol is working correctly in live mode.

Ensure that the Cache is turned On
During the process of development, developers turn off the caching. But before taking your Magento website live ensure that caching is on.

Edit 404 error default page
One of the major overlooked point is the default 404 error page. The default page is unattractive showcasing an inside glimpse to the customers. Beside you certainly don’t want to lose the opportunities that can be leveraged through this page. Be sure that the design and copy of your 404 page represents your brand voice, gives a clear message and guides your visitors to what they are looking for.

Website Speed Optimization
The speed of your website counts as the basic necessity for a good Users Experience. So before making your website live don’t forget to optimize the speed of your website. Make the actual speed of your website fast by combining and compressing JS and CSS file. Also, don’t forget to optimize the images.

Define Emails Properly
Make sure that the store address on the web admin is proper and that the emails have been properly defined. In case the emails are not defined properly, it can create problems once the website becomes live. Also, look into the template, change them according to your store.

Store Configuration
Assure that the store has also configured the address of its physical location, if any.

Making a website live is the final task of the big game – so don’t leave any stone unturned – Nail it down at the right location.

E-commerce Mistakes That Could Be Killing Your Store

January 5, 2015 By admin

Every e-Commerce store retailer invests an enormous amount of time and capital to be the top-seller for his online product. This is the common prevailing market trend. Although, with continuous effort certain stores generate sales. The rest struggle in the creeping mode and eventually die out. The cardinal reason for this is the inclusion of loopholes- “consumer turn offs” in the store due to implementation of wrong strategies. Moreover, these flaws turn severe when they are overlooked and ignored. Here are six e-Commerce mistakes that could be killing your store.


Mistake 1- A complicated website-
Some e-commerce store exert visitors to fill endless complicated forms, unwanted logins and other hurdles which impel a visitor to leave the website very early. Apparently it is the foremost reason for the visitor to turn off. A simple website drives a user to stay on the site for a long. This fundamental cognition creates a benchmark declaring “A simple e-Commerce website a successful e-Commerce website.”

Mistake 2- Ponderous website-
A website which is overloaded with content than its normal capacity advance in a slow pace. This lack of instant gratification drives the visitor to leave the website. However, research proves that by increasing the loading time of your website from 8 seconds to 2 seconds, the average conversion rate accelerates upto 74%.

Mistake 3- Too much exertion on sale-
Ideally targeting all sections of the product and services turn things intricate, instead focusing to sell fewer items to a selected group of customers can help you to build a strong  brand. Ultimately it will even aid you to promote your online store more effectively.

Mistake 4- Complicated checkout-
A complex and poor checkout system in an e-Commerce escort the abandonment of the website by the consumer. Apparently, this foster a negative effect on the sales. Furthermore, people who are not regular shoppers tend to make silly mistakes and complicated checkout makes the situation more grave. To prevent this from occurring, you can design a login page which is simple and works smoothly.

Mistake 5- Too much spamming- 
Flooding your customers inbox with emails several times a day is not a good plan. As these mails get deleted without even getting read or it goes strait to the spam. It presents you as a hopeless and  desperate retailer. Moreover, it creates a negative perception in the customer’s mind. A string of introductory emails can be an effective strategy for your business, once this is accomplished limit your emails to once a week.

Mistake 6- Not Having a Content Plan-
Marketing through the right content strategy gives an organic and social traffic to the website. Good content is the prime tool to attract the desired audience. A website where content is not strategically planned and published tends to produce heavy losses. It is the very first element which is seen by the visitor and if he get impressed this results into an action favored towards our profit. However the content marketing strategy should be directed keeping in mind the ideal customer necessity rather than the product itself.

The face of your online business is your e-Commerce website.  Hence, it should be the most promising, countering all the consumer turn offs and proposing a wide range of consumer turn on. As a website which offers countless benefits and minimal complexities turn out to be consumer amiable. Apparently the recognition and amendments of these flaws from your e-Commerce website will escort an acceleration business sale.

How can your e­Commerce website boost sales?

December 4, 2014 By admin


The ascend in the online promotion has augmented the accelerated sale from the same means. Promotion of the products through an e­ -Commerce platform has become a lucrative arsenal which is used by every online retailer. The latest statics reckon that by 2016, the world of retail market will spend more than half of its cash on the web. Countless online stores relishes huge profits every day. These e-Commerce store have taken customers into such confidence building proximity that their conviction to the store makes them desperately await for the fresh releases and massively purchase when the store is open. What can make you the most ultimate? Is a prime question which may tyrannize you over and over again.

Here are eight tips to escalate your e­Commerce sales:

1. Search engine optimization
According to a Google report 57% of Internet users search the net for the purchase of goods and services. Apparently,boosting your websites pre­shopping position in the search engine rankings becomes the most triumphant strategies to attract customers to your website.

Now once the targeted lead is achieved, the focus should shift to retain the leads by constantly nourishing them. As 79% of the online marketing leads don’t turn into sale. But, 47% purchase are acquired by finely nourishing your leads.

2 Use Smartphones and Tablets for promotion
The key to future success is adopting and optimizing your website to be used on Smartphones and Tablets. A recent report says that 4 out of 6 consumers use Smartphones to shop in the e­-Commerce market. For this reason, make your website responsive for platforms(Smartphones and Tablets).

3. Blog Posts
Build a strong connection with your targeted audience by providing them the right information about your products and services through blog posts. These attractive blog posts helps you to convert traffic into customers and leads. Various search engines like Bing, Yahoo and Google repeatedly after a period crawls your website looking for information by indexing it in their database. Now,every new blog which you post, adds a new URL to your website. Therefore, with every new blog entry you have a new channel to be found on these search engines.

4. Videos and Images
Visual pleasure is a major key tool, whatever appeal you visually will definitely evoke you to buy it. Hence a product introduced with amazing images and videos increases the chances of that product of getting purchased by the visitor. Creative videos with animated products shown in the likely looking manner, being used by the customers with their testimonials and experiences about the product adds a charming life into the product presentation. The product videos can be placed alongside an item on the website. Moreover, these videos can be shared on the social networking sites.

5. Social media sites
Social media has become an essential component in every individuals life today. Promotion through this channel will ultimately lead to provoke a huge array of people to land up on your page and do purchases. Attractive posts arouse customers to have a glimpse of your website and results in sale. Moreover, it exhibits discounts, new product range and offers in the most promising manner.

6. Remove dead ends
Work with a good strategy by eliminating dead ends which will give positive results for your website. Every page should be designed in such a manner that it takes the visitor to the right service and product. Provide the page with an explicit “continue shopping” featuring button. Moreover, you can implant additional products on either sides of the screen to make it more appealing.

7. Cross­-sell your products and services
Implement the art of Cross­sell to yield in more sales. This can be done on the basis of previously viewed items or something related to the product which customer is viewing. For example in the following image of Ocodewire. While the customer is viewing the T-Shirt Design Studio /Tool ­ HTML5 Supported Mobile Compatible extension for his e­-Commerce website, the customer is suggested other extension on the right side of the page through the cross sale process.


8. Focus on free offers
Focus to spread the name of your product; donate T-­shirt to the local high school and showcase your product in the local fair or expo. Give a call to your customer asking for response, relationship building with these people will in return promote your brand. Remember the excessive use of any of these strategies may turn the tables by generating spams which will be harmful for your website. So,execute these tact in the right way.

If a business has a strong presence it will definitely build credibility among its customers. Therefore attract your customers by using these proven techniques in the best manner and start achieving new heights in your business.

Do’s and Don’ts of an E-Commerce Web Design

May 19, 2014 By admin

As there are millions of eCommerce stores all over the internet. So, selling and buying products and services online has become the most popular business and competitive too. In fact, only by visiting at your website, visitor can come out with a conclusion whether to shop or not.

Customers always look for the reliability of your services and quality of the products. Still, store owners follow the criteria “the more, the better”, which could prove to be a good sign in terms of profit. But this should not be applicable while dealing with the web design. It must be like “the simpler the design, the better”, indeed.

Lets have a look on some Dos and Don’ts of an Ecommerce Web Design:

website design do's & don'ts

The Dos:

  • Providing online customer support and live chat, that too 24*7, helps in increasing or building customer confidence. Moreover, statistically it has been proven that when customers have a choice between two similar sites with similar services choose the website that offers 24*7 online customer support.

  • As you own an ecommerce online store that means selling and buying products online. So, make your services as easy as possible to buy your products and give access to Paypal, secure card payment systems, and easy shipping options that benefit you and your customer.

  • Always plan and design your website for your client base not for your business. Besides this, prefer branding and make sure the features are ones that are compatible with your user base.

  • Make sure your website design has a security certificate and the logo of the provider is also visible. Also build confidence among your clients that their financial information is safe.

  • Always keep your website design simple. Besides this, design and describe every caption, piece of content and product image to grab more customers and bring them one step closer to buy an item. As there is saying that simplicity is beautiful and attractive.


The Don’ts:

  • Don’t make your website so complex to put your audience in a trouble and thinking zone. This could lead to loss of sales. Moreover, colorful designs and graphics attracts more rather than whitespace and so, ignore it.

  • It is really important to keep testing your website time and again. Never get too comfortable easily and make sure that your website is being well accepted by your customers.

  • It is not necessarily important that if you are having an online ecommerce store, then selling and buying of products and services will take place itself. One has make efforts whether it is through social media, content marketing, email marketing and many more.

  • The most important thing is that if you do not have any knowledge, then do not try to do it yourself. In fact, hire a professional team of developers, designers and online marketers.



So, these are the dos and don’ts that need to be followed by a developer and designer while designing an eCommerce online store. Let me know your reviews, thoughts or any kind of experience in the comment box below.



6 Ways to Design Ecommerce Website to Improve Conversion Rate

March 26, 2014 By admin

Let’s start from the basic point that is how to attract customers?

If you really want to find this answer then think like a customer. Suppose you are a customer & you want to buy something but you have many store options so where you go first to buy the product. The answer is simple where you find the best product description, good services, take your little time, & many more.

Now, focus on how to create such website. Just follow the below steps.









Search Function

In any large store the most frustrating thing is to find something & for that go one page to another page. So, to resolve this issue search functionality is the best option that provide the best service to the customers. It helps visitors what they want or looking for in the shop.

If you are a store owner so it is the best tip you for to make a search box on the top of the pages so that your customers can easily get the product from your store as they want. It will perform in a better way if you add category wise search functionality box.

If you add this feature in your store, customers will definitely enjoy to visit your store & buy from your store.

Clear & Quality Images/Product Description

Clear & high quality images is the best source to attract visitors toward any online store because eCommerce means where you sell product via just presentation. Quality images means clear, large & attractive image. Product description is also very important because customer won’t get to see or touch the real thing until it’s been delivered.

So, start focusing on that point & upload the clear images on the site with full description.

Breadcrumb Navigation

Breadcrumb navigation provide the best service to the users & tell them about their order process as well as the purchase process. Also, it help customers to go back to the previous step and can easily edit any mistake. It increase the conversion rate & visitor traffic on store.

Buying Without the Need to Register

Have you know that, there are number of visitors who leave your store to see the long registration process. Customer can’t wait & waste their time to just filling a long form while purchasing &, which is unnecessary. It’s better to provide a guest users checkout option to the customers so that they can easily make their purchase successful without any registration.

Add Frequent Asked Question

Frequent asked question is the place where visitors ask question about the store or products & clarify their doubts. So, it is highly recommend to you to add this section in the store as well as participate on it. You can add the product related basic questions here.

Add User Reviews and Testimonials

Now question is why reviews & testimonial?

The answer is simple, it’s because to build the visitor trust & interest on your products. Whenever anyone visit your store & find there good feedback from the other users that will definitely motivate visitor to purchase from your store.