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Facebook vs.Twitter Marketing: Which is Best for Ecommerce Business?

June 14, 2018 By Tuhina

When you are going to promote your online business on social media site the first thing that’ll come to your mind is either Facebook or Twitter.These two are the most popular social media platforms to promote your business. Facebook and Twitter both are the top social media site in the business world.

Choosing the right social media is the success key for your business. Facebook and Twitter deliver information in very different ways, and although there is some audience/user crossover, they serve two very different marketing needs.

While promoting your business on social platform, it’s important to understand B2B trends to enhance proficiency for your organization.

Here is the Infographic by “DSIM” that explains the comparison between Facebook and Twitter platform offers to the marketers.

Best reason to Facebook:
– It has a large number of users
– There is no texting limit
– It gives the personal touch to your business
– Gather More Leads
– Reach a Targeted Audience
– Lower Your Marketing Expenses

Best reason to Twitter:
– Analysis customers
– Create brand awareness
– Marketing of new products
– Fast way to get the message out
– Resource for tracking online trends
– Great networking tool

So, both Facebook and Twitter marketing will influence your leads and sales but understand these differences will help you to use both of them more effectively. Keep these differences in mind in order to choose the right marketing strategy that makes the most sense for your audience and your brand.

Instagram Advertsing

The Beginner’s Guide to Advertising on Instagram

March 25, 2016 By admin

Whereas Twitter has around 320m monthly active users, Instagram has more than 400m active users. It’s a huge number. But this is not the only reason that makes Instagram such an enticing marketing channel. It is the user engagement that a brand receives on it, which makes it so popular.

If you’re a small brand and post anything on social media, it feels like you’re talking to void. Rarely, someone will respond. You are left with no likes, no comments, no-retweets. But this is not the case with Instagram. No matter how small your audience is, your posts still receive at least a few comments and likes — especially when you are using relevant hashtags in your post.

According to a recent study by Forrester, Instagram gets more user engagement than any other social media platform, leaving Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ much behind.

Instagram Advertsing

An Introduction to Instagram Advertising

Instagram advertising is relatively new. Recently, it has added new features. In the past, there was an option: sponsored post. It means if you wanted to advertise anything on Instagram, you could do it by approaching an Instagram user privately and ask him to share your post/ad on their account. Though, it was an effective and efficient method to drive sales and traffic to your website, but had some limitations:

  1. Required reaching out and negotiating
  2. Often expensive
  3. Limited target audience
  4. No accountability or recourse, if they didn’t deliver

Even now, the concept of sponsored posts hasn’t gone completely out the window. If someone is promoting your product, drives traffic and carries benefits for you, it adds a trust factor to your business, provides social proof and of course, once you have built user trust, people are more likely to buy something from you. Secondly, you need not control the influencer audience, there is no need to limit your target audience.

How to Create Your First Instagram Ad

Let’s look into exactly how you can create your first ad on Instagram.

Step 1 – Linking Instagram Account to Your Facebook Page:

  1. The first thing you need to do is link your account to your Facebook page. You just have to do it only once.
  2. Visit the Settings on your Facebook page and click on “Instagram Ads”.
  3. Next, click “Add an Account” and fill in your Instagram login credentials.
  4. If you don’t have an Instagram account still, you can also create one now.
  5. When you’re finished, click “Confirm”.

Step 2 – Create a Campaign

  1. Now that you’ve linked your Instagram account to your Facebook page, it’s time to head over to the
  2. Ads Manager and create your first campaign.
  3. You can also use the Power editor, if you are comfortable. You can create ads there.
  4. In the Ads Manager, click on “+ Create Campaign” near the top left corner of the screen.

Step 3 – Create Your Ad Set

  1. It’s time to create your Ad, once you’ve chosen an objective.
  2. You can customize it by controlling your audience who can see your ads, and how much money you wish to spend.

Step 4 – Repeat!

It is difficult in the beginning. But, once you’ve created your first ad on Instagram, it’ll be much easier and fun the second time around. In the meantime, use Ads Manager to keep track of how your first ad is performing.

If you’ve already started advertising on Instagram, share your experiences and tips in the comments section below!

Advantages of social media and Website for Business

Advantages of Social Media and Website for Your Business- An Infographic

March 10, 2016 By admin

Advantages of social media and Website for Business

Social Media networks are the leading platforms for businesses of all sizes, because these are the easiest and effective networks to promote a brand online. You can freely use these platforms or find paid advertising options specifically for your brands, if you want to reach more audience. On the other hand, if you have a business and don’t have a website, it’s not going to make any sense. It’s almost as if your business doesn’t exist. In this modern epoch, individuals and companies are on the Internet for all types of information. What do you think why people visit any site? Simple. Find information. And the most important thing if you’re into the business world, your information/data is critical.

Take a look at the advantages of Social-media and Website outlined in this infographic by Best web hosting Geek to learn more about how to use soial media and website effectively for your business.

 Advantages of social media and Website for Business

Hopefully, it is clear from the infographic that Social Media can be a powerful business tool. If you include Social media in your business strategy, there will be a lot of opportunities and benefits like increase in revenue, brand development and more. Same is the case with Website – it will help you develop a better relationship and long term clients for your business.

Omni Channel, The Retail Revolution

February 21, 2015 By admin

With change in technology, the channels to harness customers have also changed, resulting in a completely new approach to market products. Today, consumers increasingly use digital technologies and devices at every step of their buying journey. Smart retailers have exploited this consumer behavior by marketing their product through Omni channels.

What exactly is an omni-channel marketing?

Omni-channel marketing targets seamless consumer experiences across all available marketing channels such as e-commerce, social networks, cataloguers, radio and television, conventional brick-and-mortar or any other channel through which you tap a consumer.

The pivotal point of omni-channel is to embrace an inbound approach, placing consumer preferences at the core of every strategic decision instead of just throwing the brand at them. Moreover, the end goal is a successful one-to-one relationship constantly boosted by successive brand-consumer interactions.

The principal move here is to blur the boundaries between different channels and build a comprehensive strategy that is built on various sources of consumer choice data. Retailers might realize it sooner that it is not often their in-house strategies or promotions attracting consumers, therefore the brilliance lies in leveraging third party.

There are several strategies to provide a more cohesive shopping experience. Here we draw light on top four ways to embrace Omni-Channel retailing:-



As technology becomes more robust, it gives a boost to business by offering comprehensive, personalized shopping experience. The in-stores of e-commerce websites help customers to know product in a better manner. Lets say a consumer is buying a dress an online store.

The online platform should give the consumer a holistic information about the availability of size, colour and shape if it’s a dress, a detailed configuration if its an electronic product etc. In detail a consumer gets information about buying history, clothing size and color, product descriptions, images, exciting offers and much more. This permits retailers to deliver comprehensive product guides to each individual consumer.

Mobile Application

The consumer prefers personalized shopping experience. It becomes very easy to access information through a single touch on the phone, building a positive brand name and this practice only showcases what they want rather than giving a generic sales pitch. Mobile Apps offers a holistic knowledge about in-store & e-commerce sales and events to the customers as they shop.

Social Media

Peer-to-peer communication is the most powerful method to sell a product. Brands using social communities are stepping out of the traditional advertising model and allowing customers to help build the brand name through their own discussions and recommendations.

Social Media networks play a big role in providing an omni channel shopping experience as it lures more consumers to the store. Social media based on location like Foursquare and Facebook allow businesses to use social channels to market products to local customers. These websites engage mobile users to interact with their friends via “check-ins,” showing who has stopped where and their comments.

Reviews and Testimonials

Review and testimonials on the websites, social media and other areas turn out to be a powerful indirect advertising tool. Review is a source through which a customer access information regarding the quality of the product. Moreover, it also helps strengthening customers decision to buy a product. Reviews and detailed product information presented while shopping creates a comprehensive buying experience that can help drive sales.

So, the retail world is experiencing a revolution in the manner of marketing products with new strategies focusing towards a record breaking profit. If you are still out of the Omni channel marketing start leveraging it now to gain the maximum surplus.


The e­Commerce Trends For The Upcoming Year 2015

December 29, 2014 By admin

If we look 15 years back when e-Commerce had a dawn in the world, we will see a phenomenal record breaking rise every year since then. This year again it broke all the previous records and with the closing year it is adding limitless dollars to the amount. Although with the time many trends emerged and were used as exceptional arsenals in the e-commerce market but, today e-Commerce market is exploiting every possible means to reach new heights. For this awaited new year of 2015, people are estimating that the e-Commerce trends which will boost the sales to a new stature.

eCommerce Trends

Here are the e-Commerce trends which will dominate the year 2015:

1. M-Commerce or Mobile Commerce-
This retail outlet in the consumers pocket will be the most effective e-Commerce trend for the upcoming year 2015. According to a study done by comScore, Mobile commerce has seen a rapid growth of 47% from the previous year. This explosive record breaking growth proclaims the dominance of M-commerce over the conventional marketing trends. Since, the number of Samrtphone users has accelerated at a lightening speed the trend of m-commerce won’t shiver by the augment of any other trends in terms of marketing or promotion. Moreover, with such a large audience at a single platform of mobile, the number of mobile responsive website is increasing. More and more retailers are shifting towards promotion through mobile phones by optimizing their websites for the mobile users.

Mobile commerce can act as a catalyst to generate enormous sale for the year 2015.


2. Social Commerce-
Social Commerce is the powerhouse to kindle online sale. It saw an incredible growth in the year 2014 and added a gigantic chunk of cash to the e-Commerce world. This year the social commerce grew three times the rate of entire e-commerce last year. Along with that top 500 retailers on the web make $2.69 billion from social shopping.

Social Media
With the snowball surge of social media users the social commerce is the leading trends of marketing arsenals. Intelligent retailers will employee social network to tailor product and service offerings. As almost all the users on social networking website turn to their friends on Twitter, Facebook (F-commerce), Pinterest for recommendation, social selling will be an important part of the 2015 resolution listed by the e-Commerce companies.

3. Speed and Accuracy in Shipping
The driving force to grow the e-Commerce sales will be shipping for the year 2015. As faster and cheaper shipping adds to the likability of an online store in the notion of a consumers. If it is a new strategy for you, keep your margins in your mind, analyse your competitors and then negotiate for the best price. This will increase the popularity of your brand and add customers confidence in your product. Another good option can be of Free shipping on return.

With progressive proposals on net by companies of exiting offers of shipping, the shipping trend is an ascending vogue among the e-Commerce companies.

4. Marketing through Content-
The year 2015 will again will again represent content as the king of online marketing trends. As this year it was one of the main sources to get new leads which is an essential necessity to boost sales. A research opines that about 86 percent of B2C companies use content marketing. Although it will become more important for the companies to drive in traffic by appealing them with informative and vibrant content.


Articles, blog posts, attractive images and videos will continue driving traffic to the e-Commerce websites on the web. As, the companies which generate an active blog post receive 67 percent more leads per month.

The new year is at our door step with great opportunities and hopes to touch new heights. Employment of the right promotional tools in your online store will create win situation for you. Moreover, with the positive aspirations retailers are investing in the prominent marketing trends which are in the fashion and are adding unending dollars to the pocket of big online stores. Hopefully the year 2015 will see some of the great record breaking online sales with the implementation of these marketing trends.

Lesser- Known Methods to Make the Magento Store More Social

December 23, 2014 By admin

The onset of the Internet era increased the process of sales and purchases. As everyday a huge array of customers are joining this league, the retailers have not let any stone unturned to woo the customers. Every necessary effort is put by each retailer to increase the traffic on his website. Magento is one of the top most flexible open source e-Commerce platform which let you target your desired audience with its amazing extension and features. Used by the top brands in the world today, Magento is a blessing for the digital world. The correct effort in the right direction through Magento let you turn your store more social to draw in better social traffic transforming a visitor into a customer. The underlying points will  be helpful to make your store more social for better social traffic:

1. Create distinctive content- Content plays a vital role to attract customers to your Magneto website. To make your Magento store more social, create interesting and fresh content. Exhibiting good and attractive content through blog posts and articles will invoke a boost in the confidence of the visitor to your Magento store. Also regularly update your blog answering questions of customers. The fine presentation through the modes: blog post, articles, videos,images, etc. should give a reason to the visitors to visit and recommend it further.  An attractive and decent content strikes the interests of the reader and  force them to take an action which is profitable for your online bussines.

2. An alluring title and sub title for your website- An appealing title can embark a flood of traffic to your Magento store. The title of the page must include the key words and describe the product. For example, the title “Puma light weight shoes” brings more traffic from google search rather than just “Puma Shoes”. To acquire more traffic on your online store,create a page  title which is more descriptive and attractive.


3. Social Media Marketing through your Magnto store- Any Social Media website is the prime method to reach your desired audience. With such a huge array of unending audience social media offer a wide scope to make your product go viral through the web.

Another method to make your website more social for better social traffic is by creating a Social Stream on your Magento store and displaying your social updates or activities on your Magento store. This is an excellent way to present your social presence through offers / discounts / custom reviews.

4. Present Product Users- Offer your consumers the opportunity to share their thoughts on the services or product which they have purchased. This will yield in dual benefits: promote your brand and build confidence in the visitors who read these testimonials, resulting in solid conversion rates. Extension such as Community testimonial extension enables you to promote your brand through the testimonials of your customers.

5. Allow Social Sharing- An easy method always encourages a user to perform a task. Allow your visitors to like, comment and share your content or pages on social sites. You can employee extensions like Magento Social Media Sharing Extension which enables you to add the social sharing button on your website.

social media

A Magento store which is a lot more social can easily en-capture massive amount of social traffic. As some of the best leading brands in the world use Magento today and are doing great in their business. The only need is the enforcement of the best techniques and strategies in the right direction as they did. The above discussed tacts will make your Magento store turn more social for better social traffic and will offer highly increased ROI.

Secrets to grow your e-Commerce Business during peak time

November 8, 2014 By admin

peak timeAccording to the research of eMarketer, peak season of e-Commerce last year manifested a record high of $46.55 billion. The number is expected to touch new heights this year.

The holiday season that is the month of November and December is the peak time when the upward trend in e-Commerce sales is seen.  This is the time when consumer expenditure  reaches one of the highest points in the year and some retailers make up to 40% of their yearly income in this season. In fact, it is the most appropriate period to implement your  smart strategies for boosting conversion.

Is your e-Commerce site all set for the peak time rush? To find out and learn how you can drive more traffic to your online business and increase sales this holiday season, checkout these seven tips:

1. Make sure your site is responsive-
The performance of your website will play a major role in the sale, a one-second delay in the performance of your website may turn the consumers’ mood from favourable to displeasing.
“According to a Harris Poll, 44 percent of shoppers would cancel their online purchase mid-way during the final checkout process due to website delays and 89 percent of adult U.S. shoppers would simply stop shopping at an online store as a result of a poor website experience,” says Kavitha Mariappan, director, Product Marketing  at Riverbed.
Executing web content optimization and reliable traffic management tools will enhance the performance and reduce web page load time. A swift and responsive website makes it more probable that the user will explore your site fully.

2. Secure your site-
Secure your site from getting hacked. Make your website administration and back-end secure by using two factor authentication. Also monitor the validity and expiration date of Secure Socket Layer (SSL). SSL provides the required cryptographic security needed for the security of your customer communications.

These precautionary measures will cater an easy and effective handling of the website by the customers once the holiday traffic begins.

3. Plan and execute-
The peak time demands an additional attention to inventory planning. A solid analysis and prophecy of what the product will sell more is required. Moreover, you should make sure that you grant sufficient lead time and factored vendor delay into the equation. The delayed arrival of goods puts added pressure on your back-end operations.

4. Exploit social media sites-
Allure your customers with exciting offers and encourage them to share favourite products from your website across their social networks by integrating social media [Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+]. You can influence search results by indexing content from varied social sites in a different  tab on the search page.


Moreover, you can lure customers by targetting visually pleasing websites, “Pinterest’s Pin It button is e-Commerce gold,” says Apu Gupta, CEO of Curalate, a marketing and analytics platform for Pinterest and Instagram. “Adding the button can drive substantial traffic directly to your product pages, increasing revenue,” he says.

5. Roll out customers support channels-
The holiday season will blister buzzing customers who will demand a swift access of your support. The peak time shoppers generally have numerous queries when they are ready to make purchases. For this you would require a good customer support team to ensure enough coverage.
A third party support could be a great help to manage your needs.

6. Attract customers by exciting Offers-
Attract your customers by offering incentives for early orders and free shipping. In addition, you can also facilitate customers to track shipping by notifying them about the current delivery status. Also, evaluate your return policy to ensure that it is latest. Moreover, you can give it a “feel good” tone so that customers feel confident while making purchases from you.

7. Simplify Checkout option-
To make the buying cycle simpler for your customers, implement a guest checkout or simpler checkout option during peak time. This will remove customer stress and reduce bounce rate.

the best social media for online business

Infographic: How to Choose the Best Social Media Platform For A Business

September 12, 2014 By admin


How to Choose the Best Social Media Platform for Your Ecommerce Business


Why social media is important for eCommerce business ?
In 2013 Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest generated 75% of all social media referred sales.

# 90% of purchases are made in parallel with social media influence.
# 67% spends more for online purchases upon social media recommendations.
# 40% purchase an item after sharing it on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.
# 3.2 average unique visitor per share in social media tools.


1. Facebook could be best- aim is to reach new people to increase your potential customers.
2. The popularity of Facebook among youth has decreased.
3. 70% of the adult Facebook users actively continues using it.
4. Facebook is still the most popular platform with 1.3 billion user around the World.
5. It has 955 millions of monthly active users and 543 millions of mobile users.
6. Best for reaching larger customer masses.
7. 39% of Facebook users will “Like” a brand in order to research a product.

How to get benefits with Facebook
a) Use creative cover photos.
b) Create direct links to your products.
c) Use brief on posts and updates.
d) Keep posting 1-2 content on daily basis without annoying them.
e) Share posts during out of working hours.


1. LinkedIn could be to share for business world or create business contacts.
2. The users of LinkedIn have high income and high education level.
3. LinkedIn is one of the most important channels for the sell-side b2b e-commerce sites.

How to get benefits with LinkedIn

a) Create a company page.
b) Building Business Networks.


1. Visual content is so important for eCommerce sites.
2. Direct the users by sharing the high quality photos and prices of your products.
3. The Pinterest is having more female user than male.
3. If your target audience is female.
4. There are about 5,00,000 Pinterest business accounts and 70 million Pinterest users in the world.

How to get benefits with Pinterest

a) Create a business account.
b) Categorize “boards” by your products.
c) Regularly updated new pins, contents and photos.
d) Connect your Pinterest account with other social media networks.
e) Add product URL links to your pins.
f) Use detailed and high-quality photos, videos.
g) Talk about recently and create pins and boards focusing on these trends.


1. Twitter could be best if your target is to reach both female and male customers especially young people.
2. Twitter draw young people’s interest and provides much more interaction in comparison to Facebook.
3. If you primarily need to contact with your customers,it would be effective to use Twitter actively.

How to get benefits with Twitter

a) Add company information, location and web address in a Twitter account.
b) Add Twitter button on the website.
c) Avoid using cliche and stock phrases.
d) Ask followers for their ideas.
e) Tweet about popular and trending topics.
f) Retweet positive tweets.
g) Create clever Twitter campaigns.


1. Google+ is the better choice for display advertising because it has superior CPC performance & improved ad targeting options.

2. It is the most popular media to share your content with Google.



Secret Ways to Engage Visitors Online

March 19, 2014 By admin

As we know there are numbers of online stores so people have many options to select the best one. Suppose you are the owner of a store, now the point is that how can you make the unique strategy to engage more customers on your store. Strategies are important because you might sell the most demanding product, but if your way of presentation is wrong so it is very difficult to attract the customers toward your store. Also, optimizing the customers’ shopping experiences & create loyalty will help your business stay afloat and distinct among your competitors.

Engaging customers doesn’t mean to help them on finding any item in your store. People likes more your store, if you provide them better services & increase conversation. You can easily develop and maintain the profitable connections between the customer, the community, and the business. See how can you do this.








Interact with customers

It is an old & great methodology to improve the customer interest in your store. For that you need to find a way to communicate with customers directly. It helps you to understand, predict and adapt the individual customer needs in real time. Hence, you can create an excellent experiences & build closer relationships with your customers. Interacting with customers not only helps you to improve your business success, but also it brings the additional customers as well. For that you can use the chat feature, testimonial, social media & many more methods in your store.

Highlight the features

It means you have to attract visitor by just presentation. Highlight those features which are unique & better than others. As there are many competitors you have so you need to focus on that part which is not available to anyone. Customers always attract toward the uniqueness & the place where they find the product as they want. If we are talking about eCommerce store so people like services like one page checkout, easy steps to search something, easy cost calculation & many more which are user-friendly.

Highlight Review & Rating

How customer’s review & rating is beneficial for any store? Positive reviews always help visitor to find the best product & build the trust on the store. Sometime visitor haven’t any idea about the store so the review is the best way to decide the store products & services. Also, feedback could help eliminate the low rating products and focus instead on popular ones.

Social Media

social media




Nowdays social media is most powerful & popular equipment to interact with anyone. It is the source of free publicity for e-commerce shops. Offering the coupons in exchange of likes or tweets is the most interesting way to share the business among the people & attract the visitor in the store. For more popularity, participate on social networking websites and add an interactive element to your own company website where customers can communicate with you and each other.

Offers & Incentives





Everyone likes the discounts & gifts while purchasing anything. People first visit that store where they find the discounts on prices & gift hamper on purchase. For that you may provide the gifts to the first-time purchasers. Coupon is the another source of marketing, it helps you to attract new customers into your store because if you provide the coupon to your customers they may refer your products to others.

Attractive Content

Oh!! How can we forget this important point. Content is the king of any website through which you can easily describe about your company, your works, product etc to the people. The right content in the right place always help to engage the customer in the store. Before you even start writing content for your website, think about what your target audience wants. Content is a part of marketing strategy which helps you to generate organic interest. It is not only useful to engage the customers but also help the search engine to crawl the website & provide the positive result. So always try to use the relevant, well organized and unique content for each page of your website.