Hot e-Commerce Trends to Bloom This Year

Hot E-commerce Trends to Bloom This Year: An Infographic

April 2, 2016 By admin

With the changing technology, E-commerce is becoming the most preferred platform for marketers for marketing and promoting their brands/ products. E-commerce platform can ideally be used for shopping purposes. The number of users making purchases online continues to increase. The online stores help to enrich the marketing of the stores by extending the number of viewers who are on your site or considering your online store. There are many ways you can promote your products and boost your sales. Here is how:

Hot e-Commerce Trends to Bloom This Year

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Christmas Sale

Quick ways to boost sales on your Magento store during Christmas

December 9, 2014 By admin

Christmas Sale

Christmas season is the time when the market buzz with customers purchasing goods and services. Even this year, the upcoming Christmas season is a great opportunity for the retailers to make enormous profits through sales in their Magento store. According to the this year the e-Commerce sales during Christmas season are expected to amount 72.41 billion U.S. Dollars. This figure is a record rise of 16.6 percent from the last year stats. To make the most out of this holiday season, you need to make the Christmas shopping experience special in your Magento store. Here are six quick ways to boost sales in your Magento store during this Christmas season:

1. Give your website a festive touch
Holiday season is the right time to pimp up your Magento store with flashy seasonal images and videos to create a festive ambiance. To woo the customer you can organize an image design contest and can use social media to publicize it. This will drive a huge traffic on your website and it will get easier to transform them into customers. Moreover, you can increase the presence of your online store on the web during the Christmas time by displaying adverts.

2. Employee holiday season keywords to boost search results
Maximizing the website ranking is another great tact to draw more sale during the festive season. For this you can use PrestaShop to download the natural ranking white paper or you can set up a  Google Adwords campaign for the Christmas season. Through Google campaign your website will appear in Google sponsored links and thus you will become more noticeable on the web. Customizing your keywords to the most searched word during the time of Christmas will help you to get in front of the desired audience. Holiday season specific keyword phrases like, “Women’s Christmas dresses” or “Christmas colorful gifts” rather than “dresses” or “gifts.”

Moreover, if your store is a year old, you can have a check on the keywords used last year.

3. Discounts and Offers
Discounts fancy visitors to turn customers. Chiefly during holiday season it is easy to attract customers through an exciting discount coupon. Moreover, you can also use scratch-and-win tickets, a reward Christmas shopper discounts or a game winner discount coupons to engage customers interest. Free gift rapping service attract more customers as this saves their potential time. Rapping gifts in an attractive and innovative manner will turn customers to buy more from your online store.

4. Charitable Scheme
Christmas is the time to give and take gifts. Working like a Santa presenting gifts through a charitable campaign will give your business double boost. It will encapture customers attention through emotional factors and inspire them to buy more from your Magento store with a thought structure that a particular percentage will go to the charity.

5. Free shipping or delivery
When a customer notice something beneficial, it creates a positive impression about the retailers Magento store. The customers think that retailer  focuses on customers welfare. Free shipping or delivery acts in this particular direction and boost sales rate and ROI. Festive season is the time when delivery on time is a pain. Therefore, by displaying customers delivery time on your Magento store you can win their confidence.

6. Remember your old customers
The key strategy to achieve victory in your business sales during this season should be to know your definite targets and plan according to it. Target your new customer but don’t forget your old customers. Gifting cards to the old customers is a good way to build confidence and foster great sales. It even encourages them to recommend it further to new customers.

Apparently, a well outlined Christmas campaign will contrive phenomenal sales for an online store. If you’ve not applied these techniques in the past, start a new tradition this Christmas season by employing these tips and accomplish your business goals.

How can your e­Commerce website boost sales?

December 4, 2014 By admin


The ascend in the online promotion has augmented the accelerated sale from the same means. Promotion of the products through an e­ -Commerce platform has become a lucrative arsenal which is used by every online retailer. The latest statics reckon that by 2016, the world of retail market will spend more than half of its cash on the web. Countless online stores relishes huge profits every day. These e-Commerce store have taken customers into such confidence building proximity that their conviction to the store makes them desperately await for the fresh releases and massively purchase when the store is open. What can make you the most ultimate? Is a prime question which may tyrannize you over and over again.

Here are eight tips to escalate your e­Commerce sales:

1. Search engine optimization
According to a Google report 57% of Internet users search the net for the purchase of goods and services. Apparently,boosting your websites pre­shopping position in the search engine rankings becomes the most triumphant strategies to attract customers to your website.

Now once the targeted lead is achieved, the focus should shift to retain the leads by constantly nourishing them. As 79% of the online marketing leads don’t turn into sale. But, 47% purchase are acquired by finely nourishing your leads.

2 Use Smartphones and Tablets for promotion
The key to future success is adopting and optimizing your website to be used on Smartphones and Tablets. A recent report says that 4 out of 6 consumers use Smartphones to shop in the e­-Commerce market. For this reason, make your website responsive for platforms(Smartphones and Tablets).

3. Blog Posts
Build a strong connection with your targeted audience by providing them the right information about your products and services through blog posts. These attractive blog posts helps you to convert traffic into customers and leads. Various search engines like Bing, Yahoo and Google repeatedly after a period crawls your website looking for information by indexing it in their database. Now,every new blog which you post, adds a new URL to your website. Therefore, with every new blog entry you have a new channel to be found on these search engines.

4. Videos and Images
Visual pleasure is a major key tool, whatever appeal you visually will definitely evoke you to buy it. Hence a product introduced with amazing images and videos increases the chances of that product of getting purchased by the visitor. Creative videos with animated products shown in the likely looking manner, being used by the customers with their testimonials and experiences about the product adds a charming life into the product presentation. The product videos can be placed alongside an item on the website. Moreover, these videos can be shared on the social networking sites.

5. Social media sites
Social media has become an essential component in every individuals life today. Promotion through this channel will ultimately lead to provoke a huge array of people to land up on your page and do purchases. Attractive posts arouse customers to have a glimpse of your website and results in sale. Moreover, it exhibits discounts, new product range and offers in the most promising manner.

6. Remove dead ends
Work with a good strategy by eliminating dead ends which will give positive results for your website. Every page should be designed in such a manner that it takes the visitor to the right service and product. Provide the page with an explicit “continue shopping” featuring button. Moreover, you can implant additional products on either sides of the screen to make it more appealing.

7. Cross­-sell your products and services
Implement the art of Cross­sell to yield in more sales. This can be done on the basis of previously viewed items or something related to the product which customer is viewing. For example in the following image of Ocodewire. While the customer is viewing the T-Shirt Design Studio /Tool ­ HTML5 Supported Mobile Compatible extension for his e­-Commerce website, the customer is suggested other extension on the right side of the page through the cross sale process.


8. Focus on free offers
Focus to spread the name of your product; donate T-­shirt to the local high school and showcase your product in the local fair or expo. Give a call to your customer asking for response, relationship building with these people will in return promote your brand. Remember the excessive use of any of these strategies may turn the tables by generating spams which will be harmful for your website. So,execute these tact in the right way.

If a business has a strong presence it will definitely build credibility among its customers. Therefore attract your customers by using these proven techniques in the best manner and start achieving new heights in your business.

Boost your sale by providing world class services

November 26, 2014 By admin

Boost Sale

According to the recent reports by Nielsen N.V., there are 55% Smartphone and 52% Tablet users who stay at home and track the progress of their online orders. The busy make-up of our daily regime decreases the physical motion over places to satisfy our needs. While doing online shopping people embrace the extensive variety, convenience and low price availability of goods and services. But this doesn’t manifest that a consumer will simply buy anything from anybody online. An impeccable customer service is the fundamental necessity for customers satisfaction and retention. Here are six ways to provide world-class customer service:

1. Offer easy access to contact information
Offer your visitors different means to contact you, through email, chat, phone and asking customer service to call you by using the click-to-call feature and many more. Place your customer help option reachable and once you start helping them make it a customer friendly one, this won’t leave them disappointed and will add to the litany of building positive impression.

2. Look what customer desires
Transfer your focus from being a seller while writing the content of your website, write what customer desire for your product.  This strategy will attract the customer because he is getting what he wants. Furthermore it won’t waste your time in writing unwanted content.

3. Focus on customers’ opinion
Take feedbacks from the customers. Collecting compliments along with negative feedbacks will give you an idea about what customer dislikes are. Moreover, you can rectify these flaws and offer what customer desires to get them back as customers. So implant an anonymous feedback option on your website as a positive customer review drive the customers to buy it.

Customer satisfaction4. Accord Consistent Support
The chief way to give online support to your consumers is by providing multichannel support in consistency. The support given by the company should accord same answers and advice at every platform. The supporting team should have a broad idea about your products and services so that they can easily resolve problems. The customer confidence is gained when their problems are instantly tackled with ease. Moreover, a customer desires to get expert guidance with an amiable attitude, which will advance in strengthening relations.

Remember that forcing any kind of conversation on the consumer may create a hostile impression of the company. So, do whatever is customer like-able.

5. Use Images
Addition of attractive images makes your product more noticeable and real to your visitors.The right images with the right product description increases the chances of customers buying it. This will boost the credibility of your website among its customers.  Videos in the form of demo evoke the customer to purchase it, therefore use it like an arsenal for your website.

6. Offer Free Shipping
Free shipping option on your site definitely benefits customer to buy a product from your store.  A recent report says that 96% are more likely to shop on a site if its having a free shipping offer. To stay safe with your investment cost you can absorb the shipping cost in the product sale cost. Hence you will display the exact cost of the product according to the consumer, as what they see is the any amount which they pay. Moreover, free shipping is an option which drives the consumers to purchase more.

A favorable customer services erect the reputation of a company. A single bad comment can harm the image of the company. So, use the above strategies and take your business to new heights.

Secrets to grow your e-Commerce Business during peak time

November 8, 2014 By admin

peak timeAccording to the research of eMarketer, peak season of e-Commerce last year manifested a record high of $46.55 billion. The number is expected to touch new heights this year.

The holiday season that is the month of November and December is the peak time when the upward trend in e-Commerce sales is seen.  This is the time when consumer expenditure  reaches one of the highest points in the year and some retailers make up to 40% of their yearly income in this season. In fact, it is the most appropriate period to implement your  smart strategies for boosting conversion.

Is your e-Commerce site all set for the peak time rush? To find out and learn how you can drive more traffic to your online business and increase sales this holiday season, checkout these seven tips:

1. Make sure your site is responsive-
The performance of your website will play a major role in the sale, a one-second delay in the performance of your website may turn the consumers’ mood from favourable to displeasing.
“According to a Harris Poll, 44 percent of shoppers would cancel their online purchase mid-way during the final checkout process due to website delays and 89 percent of adult U.S. shoppers would simply stop shopping at an online store as a result of a poor website experience,” says Kavitha Mariappan, director, Product Marketing  at Riverbed.
Executing web content optimization and reliable traffic management tools will enhance the performance and reduce web page load time. A swift and responsive website makes it more probable that the user will explore your site fully.

2. Secure your site-
Secure your site from getting hacked. Make your website administration and back-end secure by using two factor authentication. Also monitor the validity and expiration date of Secure Socket Layer (SSL). SSL provides the required cryptographic security needed for the security of your customer communications.

These precautionary measures will cater an easy and effective handling of the website by the customers once the holiday traffic begins.

3. Plan and execute-
The peak time demands an additional attention to inventory planning. A solid analysis and prophecy of what the product will sell more is required. Moreover, you should make sure that you grant sufficient lead time and factored vendor delay into the equation. The delayed arrival of goods puts added pressure on your back-end operations.

4. Exploit social media sites-
Allure your customers with exciting offers and encourage them to share favourite products from your website across their social networks by integrating social media [Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+]. You can influence search results by indexing content from varied social sites in a different  tab on the search page.


Moreover, you can lure customers by targetting visually pleasing websites, “Pinterest’s Pin It button is e-Commerce gold,” says Apu Gupta, CEO of Curalate, a marketing and analytics platform for Pinterest and Instagram. “Adding the button can drive substantial traffic directly to your product pages, increasing revenue,” he says.

5. Roll out customers support channels-
The holiday season will blister buzzing customers who will demand a swift access of your support. The peak time shoppers generally have numerous queries when they are ready to make purchases. For this you would require a good customer support team to ensure enough coverage.
A third party support could be a great help to manage your needs.

6. Attract customers by exciting Offers-
Attract your customers by offering incentives for early orders and free shipping. In addition, you can also facilitate customers to track shipping by notifying them about the current delivery status. Also, evaluate your return policy to ensure that it is latest. Moreover, you can give it a “feel good” tone so that customers feel confident while making purchases from you.

7. Simplify Checkout option-
To make the buying cycle simpler for your customers, implement a guest checkout or simpler checkout option during peak time. This will remove customer stress and reduce bounce rate.

why to provide a live chat support in an online business

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Why Live Chat Support Is Important

July 16, 2014 By admin

Let us start with the live chat facts, you may not aware with this. There are more than 45% shopper who want an online customer service as a live chat. Adding live chat in the website not only increase customer trust on your site but also, you are able to improve the conversion rate. I know you guys are thinking about the contact details & all other features impact on the site. All are important in the site but, yes, it is also true that these details are not sufficient for your online business. A live chat service in your store help your customers to easily contact to you & ask any question as well clear their doubts frequently before a purchase. But, but, but don’t forget to include a live chat feature is sufficient for a customer, you must be active there to response your customers immediately.

7 Important Live Chat Facts:

Why live chat is important

1) 68% visitors are engage in live chat.

2) 63% prefer getting back to a website with live chat for repeat purchase.

3) 38% of online customers make their purchase while live chat.

4) Increase the conversion rate, more than 20%.

5) 63% of customers visit the site again for any other purchase.

6) 91% of all online shops offering contact via email or contact form.

7) Live chat has the highest satisfaction levels for any customer service channel, with 73%, compared with 61% for email and 44% for phone.


Why Live Chat Is Important In Any Online Business?


1) Engage more customer: It is a fact that there are more than 44% of visitor who prefer that store which provide the frequent service to their customers & reply quickly to the visitor queries. Most of the time, visitors want to know more about any product, but if any store is unable to provide such services they may leave the site quickly. The customer always prefers that store which provides the best customer services in their stores.

2) Improve the conversions rate & sales: Most of the visitors want to buy any product as soon as possible, but if you are not able to reply to their query when they needed so they may leave your site immediately & never come back there. So, it is very important to gain the conversion rate by providing quick chat service to the visitors.

3) Develop strong relationship with customers: If you provide the live chat service to your visitors & reply them quickly so they may take interest in your products & services. As well as you are able to build the stronger & healthy relation with your customers.

4) Ideal channel for interaction: If your company is dealing with foreign clients or customers so live chat is the ideal channel. It is because phone calls can be expensive & more time consuming while waiting on line. Most of the time you are unable to interact with the customer on the phone due to phone signal issues.

5) Cheap communication channel: Live chat is the cheapest source of communication. For a live chat, you don’t need to hire a large staff. Only a single person can handle all the chat or queries on the site easily.

6) Easily track the bounce rates: There are many chat support software which not only helps you to get in touch or chat with your customers, but also helpful to track your customer activity. Through this, you can easily get the idea about the low traffic or high bounce rate on the site.

7) Visitors stay more time in your site: It is one of the best ways to engage visitors on the site. Customers may wait a long time for your store to get the details about any product or service.

8) Get the amazing feedback by customers: A live chat improve the customer satisfaction level, hence most of the visitor give the positive feedback about your services or supports.


10 Quick Tips For Live Chat:


1) Create a professional chat team: It is the first steps while providing the chat services on your site. It is very important to provide the training to your chat team as well the full knowledge of products, product features & functionality so that they can easily interact with customers & reply them. If possible you may also provide them a cheat sheet or FAQs.

2) Don’t be robotic: People love to interact with generic person so it’s a bad impression on customers to answer them in a robotic manner.

3) Available anytime: Only just writing a live chat feature are not sufficient to build a strong business. You must be online every time. It is a good idea to hire a person or a team for this service.

4) Invite customers on live chat: Inviting customers to chat sessions is a beneficial or positive way to generate the customer interest on your site. As well, you may add the feature on your site so that the customers have the option of initiating chat sessions if they want.

5) Choose a right live chat package for your store.

6) Track the performance of your customers: Analyzing or tracking is the best strategy to build a solid clientele. It is a good idea to analyze the customer activity, their purchase time, visitors visit the site, replied to any query, etc.

7) Provide 24*7 live chat support: If you are targeting a different country audience so it is important to provide the 24*7 chat service.

8) Accept the chat request automatically: Always enable your site to add the chat request automatically because no one like to wait for anyone.

9) Add chat button or link on an email: It is a good way to improve to provide the live chat details to your customers. It helps customers to get the immediate reply in any query.

10) Don’t forget to send the thankful message: For any business success, it is important to satisfy your customer with your support or services. A thankful message on the last of any conversation improve the customer trust on you as well they may prefer to visit your site again.


In conclusion…

1) Live chat is the best channel to communicate with the customers or clients without any disturbance.

2) Live chat improve the conversion rate.

3) Live chat attract or get the customer interest on your products & services.

4) Live chat save your as well as customer time to wait for a reply.

5) The customer can easily get the product details.

6) The customer can multi-task on the site.


Infographic: Grow Your Online Sale With Customer Reviews

July 1, 2014 By admin

Collecting customer feedback has two possible outcomes for eCommerce stores. It will either massively improve customer satisfaction and drive increased revenue, or it will waste your’s and your customers’ time.

Customer reviews are known for driving sales.

 According to a 2012 Consumer Review Survey, 72% of consumers said that they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.
 Don’t delete negative reviews, 

~ Instead you should respond to them. Buyers should know that you always appreciate their opinions and you will use them to work on improving your products/services.

~ Negative comments give you pointers on what you need to improve in your products and your service.

Grow your online sale with customer reviews








































































1) 42% of people shopping online value good product descriptions and 16% won’t buy from a particular website because of poor ones.

2) On average, 90% of e-commerce customers spend $54 per order.

3) 85.57% of the participants stated that they read reviews often or very often before they purchase online.

11.54% stated that a single negative review was the reason for not buying and 18.27% stated that a single positive review was the reason for buying a product.

In the end it all comes down to trust. Customers will only buy from you if they trust you.

Want to increase your sales exponentially, but how?

April 14, 2014 By admin

As we all know, check out process is the most irritating step while placing an order during online shopping. Why? Well, it is obvious that most of the times, customer do not have time to complete the whole checkout process, then the customer comes out of the store and hence, store owner loses its sale as well as customer. As a result, the owner has to face the loss. But it is saying that every problem has a solution. And here, comes the solution that is One Page Checkout extension.

Magento One Page Checkout Extension is basically designed to bring the most perfect and suitable tool for the Checkout page. According to survey, it is concluded that with one page checkout extension, sales increase gradually up to 60%. The bigger advantage of this extension is that One Page Checkout is easy to integrate and install on your Magento store.


Let us have a look on the features of One Step Checkout Extension:

1)  It simplifies the checkout process, i.e. from six steps on six pages to six steps on a single page. In other words, we can say checkout process on just one single page and you do not need to load/reload time and again.

2) This extension provides customer, a better experience and avoid customer with registration. Moreover, provides multiple options for registration.

3) It has many advantages like disables needless fields like company, fax etc. enables newsletter subscription and required approval of terms.

4) It is easily configurable in your Magento admin panel.

5) It is cross browser compatible and easily customized to fit your own design.

How One Page Checkout Extension fits your business

One page checkout extension in an every way fits in business, who owns an eCommerce online store. In fact, it is a necessity to install this extension on your online store to reduce redundant steps and to avoid the risk of losing product sales.

This extension is much more convenient than the traditional Magento checkout. One of the best feature of one page checkout extension is that shipping, payment method and order review will be auto-updated.

6 Ways to Design Ecommerce Website to Improve Conversion Rate

March 26, 2014 By admin

Let’s start from the basic point that is how to attract customers?

If you really want to find this answer then think like a customer. Suppose you are a customer & you want to buy something but you have many store options so where you go first to buy the product. The answer is simple where you find the best product description, good services, take your little time, & many more.

Now, focus on how to create such website. Just follow the below steps.









Search Function

In any large store the most frustrating thing is to find something & for that go one page to another page. So, to resolve this issue search functionality is the best option that provide the best service to the customers. It helps visitors what they want or looking for in the shop.

If you are a store owner so it is the best tip you for to make a search box on the top of the pages so that your customers can easily get the product from your store as they want. It will perform in a better way if you add category wise search functionality box.

If you add this feature in your store, customers will definitely enjoy to visit your store & buy from your store.

Clear & Quality Images/Product Description

Clear & high quality images is the best source to attract visitors toward any online store because eCommerce means where you sell product via just presentation. Quality images means clear, large & attractive image. Product description is also very important because customer won’t get to see or touch the real thing until it’s been delivered.

So, start focusing on that point & upload the clear images on the site with full description.

Breadcrumb Navigation

Breadcrumb navigation provide the best service to the users & tell them about their order process as well as the purchase process. Also, it help customers to go back to the previous step and can easily edit any mistake. It increase the conversion rate & visitor traffic on store.

Buying Without the Need to Register

Have you know that, there are number of visitors who leave your store to see the long registration process. Customer can’t wait & waste their time to just filling a long form while purchasing &, which is unnecessary. It’s better to provide a guest users checkout option to the customers so that they can easily make their purchase successful without any registration.

Add Frequent Asked Question

Frequent asked question is the place where visitors ask question about the store or products & clarify their doubts. So, it is highly recommend to you to add this section in the store as well as participate on it. You can add the product related basic questions here.

Add User Reviews and Testimonials

Now question is why reviews & testimonial?

The answer is simple, it’s because to build the visitor trust & interest on your products. Whenever anyone visit your store & find there good feedback from the other users that will definitely motivate visitor to purchase from your store.