10 ways to keep your readers hooked on your blog

October 14, 2015 By admin

Blogs are the most important tool used to attract traffic towards website as well as new customers to website. An engaging blog not only builds reputation, but can catapult into business profit by increasing the visibility of the website. Blogs are the need for eCommerce sites

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 5.56.55 PM

Take a stroll through the manners you can get the readers truly hooked to your blog:

1. Keep your content relevant to your target audience: If an article is not related to your audience, they won’t read your blog. Some may read it, but they won’t come back when they see it’s a one-time post.

2. Blog comments: Comments help in bringing readers come back to see the replies. Reply every comment and also ask questions on the blog. It encourages readers to revisit the blog.

3. Integrate Multimedia:  Multimedia gets more attention than words. Multimedia is much better than just the plain content. Multimedia catches attention of readers and keeps them on your blog longer. The visitors may or may not read your thousand word blog, but they love to watch videos or listen audios of the same blog.

4. Build link to the other part of blog:  Offer visitors a place to go after reading your blog, but do ensure that the page is related to your blog. For instance, a visitor reads a blog, after that clicks on the given link and reaches the other page where they find a related article. Out here, they may share their ideas and ask questions regarding the blog.

5. Blog Design: A good blog design can catch readers attention easily and instantly. If a blog is unattractive, difficult to read, readers turn off from the blog. Make sure that your blog is clean, easy to understand and well-structured.

6. Co-operate with your readers: Help your readers by replying to them on comments or emails. You can also write a blog regarding their problems. Build a good relation with your visitors. It helps build good reputation and readers will come back to your blog.

7. Add links to your blog: Interlink old blog with a new blog. This will help readers to know more about your blog. But make sure the blog you are interlinking with must be related to the new blog.

8. Navigation between posts: Include navigation option at the bottom of the blog. It should be easy for the readers to visit the other blog without going back to the main page.

9. Make use of plugins: When a visitor is done with reading a blog, you expect them to move to the other post. A reader will not come to know about other blogs just like that, so do this for the readers by installing post plugins. It helps readers to access another blog with one simple click. 

10. Offer variety: They say variety is the spice of life. So keeping this in mind, create different types of content: videos, infographics, lists/checklists, case studies, customer success stories and so much more and see how they get hooked.

These are the points which helps in keeping readers on your blog and make them come back. But the most important factor is quality content. It makes your blog popular and increase visitors to your blog.

Top 7 Pinterest Hacks for Your Online Store

Top 7 Pinterest Hacks for Your Online Store

August 5, 2015 By admin

Conveying your message visually means making a greater impact on people. Similarly, when you use stunning visuals to promote your online store you entice the customers to buy from you.

Top 7 Pinterest Hacks for Your Online Store

As a fact more and more brands are now utilizing the dynamics of visual content to communicate with their customers. Pinterest, the popular photo sharing website has approximately 72.8 million users across the globe according to the latest reports. The site intensifies the visual effect of delivering information through eye-catching images and videos displayed on the bulletin board style arrangement.

Marketers using Pinterest as a medium to reach their prospects have observed huge return in terms of readers, leads and customers. But the success depends on how smartly you use Pinterest and the kind of strategies you adopt. Listed below are top hacks to render that success for your online store.

Verify e-commerce site for Pinterest.
If you are using Pinterest for your website, verify it to prevent any copycat fraud. It is likely that people may create a lookalike e-commerce site, sell lookalike products and you may not be aware about it. Pinterest gives confidence to consumer that the right person has the control of the account.

Create appealing Visual Content
Everybody loves beautiful pictures and the story it conveys. The chief way to get viral pins is through stunningly beautiful pictures. A study shows that pins with sensible colors like red and an entirely covered background with very less white spaces got repinned more often.

Create Instructograph
People generally like things which help them to solve certain problems or things that offers them information. A beautifully decked up pin is not sufficient, it should solve the main purpose. It should be a correct combination of Instructions and Graphics i.e. Instructographics. Instructographics are the information given in the form of infographics.

Bait and Switch Your Pictures and Videos
With the help of bait you don’t have to utilize the same videos and photos your online website product page has used. Pinterest offers amazing features through which you can exhibit stunning product shots that takes back to your online store product page. Most of the “A” listed companies use this trick to attract people to their store. Moreover, you don’t need too much hardwork for this; you just have to change the URL in the source box.

Use Rich Product Pins
One of the most unique and interesting feature of Pinterest is its rich pin validator. It adds a security layer to counter fraudsters. It offers extra information which is linked to the content on the online website such as the information about price and availability. By when the content or the information on your online store changes all the rich pins containing information also changes automatically.

Mobile Friendly website
Way back in 2013, larger chunk of Pinterest traffic was coming through mobile phones and not desktops or laptops. The reason behind this shift was that more people were using net through mobile phones than through any other device. Moreover, the Mobile-commerce has a bright future. To know more about mobile commerce read Mobile Commerce: The future of E-commerce .

Pin Regularly
As e-commerce market works 24/7, consistent pinning throughout the day keeps your store highlighted on web. To get some great results pin 10-15 times a day. In case you are too busy and cannot keep pining constantly after a definite period. You can use various Pinterest scheduling tools.

Increase loyalty

6 Reason’s Why Customer Loyalty Programs Will Help Your Online Store

August 1, 2015 By admin

As per a survey you have to put in 10 times more effort to obtain a new customer than to sell to an existing one. Indeed, existing customers spend 67% more on your products than a new visitor. Therefore following a loyalty program is always a sales booster for your store.

Customer loyalty

A loyalty program harnesses your sales by awarding customers who buy from your store regularly. 38% of the market believes that their biggest obstacle for 2015 is to increase customer retention and acquisition (sources- Teradata). This strategy is certainly targeted to get more sales from existing customers and builds a trustworthy online store. Moreover, it acts as a magnet that attracts new customers to your store.

According to a survey done by Neilsen, “the probability for 84% of the global consumer visit an online store turns positive when they see a loyalty program.”

To get an in depth knowledge of how customer loyalty programs help your online store, have a look into these six reasons listed below.

Loyalty Programs are Pocket Friendly
A generic notion is that whatever produces more profit is most of the time too expensive. The good news is that it is not applicable in the case of loyalty program.

Pursuing a new customer can be 7 times more expensive than obtaining an existing one. Therefore, the resources that are used in the loyalty program will probably be less expensive than finding a new one. Not to miss out, depending on the scope of your reward program, the tiny expenses you do is surpassed by the considerable generated business result.

Enhances Your Reputation
As an online firm your every move builds and diminishes your reputation. When you offer your clients something to stick around after purchase, the customer feels that they are taken care off and valued.

Increase loyalty

Therefore, when you start a loyalty program for your customer you not only retain the old ones but also entice the new ones to join this league. This will also augment the positive word of mouth in the market for your online store or brand.

Using Attractive Awards for more Eyeballs
The loyalty program is the most favored by marketers and retailers because they are efficient enough to improve customer retention for a particular operation. Now, when it comes to customers part they admire it for added incentives while making a purchase. As the points increases, it turns out to be beneficial for both customers and retailer. Thus, allowing the retailer to have an access of larger portion of the customers’ wallets.

Offers Market Research
When you regulate a loyalty program, you conduct a research to retrieve information regarding the customers behavior in context of the loyalty program. Through this program that you use that sort of incentive which stimulates the desire of your customers and the rewards.

This enables you to have a clear idea, regarding which specific reward will be most admired. Moreover, with the data you can attach the most pursued reward to a particular product and increase your sales profits.

Sizable loyalty landscape
The volume of loyalty program and its members in Canada is itself 120 million and in US it amounts to 2 billion members. With the amount of marketplace penetration, it is estimated that the probability of every visitor who visits your site is a member of at least one loyalty program. This way millions of people are collecting loyalty rewards and most of them are taking it for more than one. Therefore, by providing an array of programs to choose from, it’s possible that you’ll strike at least one of the programs that they’re participating in.

Big firms give big loyalty
The world of loyalty program has several other programs from where customers can choose over, while customer picks one, he overturns others. Therefore, it becomes necessary that the loyalty program should be crafted after learning about the customers behavior. Read more about customers behavior and psychology here. However, when you offer your visitors with points from the world’s biggest program you can easily leverage the loyalty build by others.

SEO Tips

6 Search Engine Optimization Tips For Magento Website

May 15, 2015 By admin

A recent report says that for 96% search engine, features are important for purchasing a product and for this 40% of site’s internal search-engine is used.

SEO Tips

Magento is a highly notable e-commerce solution which is designed to be search engine friendly by default. Apparently, you don’t need to do much to enhance the on-page SEO of a Magento website.

However, if you still want to increase the visibility of your online store, there are numerous techniques, which can be applied by a website admin. These techniques enhances the site’s visibility by encouraging good search engine ranking.

Here are 6 tips for optimizing SEO techniques in Magento, to make sure that the consumers find the right page in your store, while they are searching for an item.

1) Optimize URL
One of the most important way’s to increase the website ranking is by optimizing URL’s. You just have to adjust the default version to make it more SEO friendly. Canonical URLs need to be checked so that your store is not penalized for duplicate content.

How to do we optimize URLs?
Almost all the steps related to this process can be carried out in Magento’s backend → System → Configuration and set the relative values for web
Catalog including Canonical Meta Tag for Categories and Categories Path.
Tip – Avoid too lengthy URLs. Keep them relevant and short.

2) Page Optimization
Magento’s backend provides opportunities to customize numerous features for the pages created by CMS. Optimize the following areas to acquire maximum SEO benefits:

How do we optimize pages?
Category Optimization- In your site’s backend manage “Catalog → Manage Categories” set up a meta description, page title and URL key for every category.

Product Optimization- To set the same meta variables for each of the products, pay attention to how your images are handled. By default the images are named in your product title, but through navigation to the “images” tab under every “product information” section will be able to give a unique ALT tag and title tags.
Headings – If you are using one of the default versions of Magento, be cautious as it can be detrimental for your website.

3) Direct Navigation Menu
Having a default layered navigation kills your SEO. Whenever new filers are applied new URLs are issued which replicate the authentic category page, thereby creating issues with the SEO. Moreover, when you have number of pages without content accessibility, the search engines leaves a website susceptible to Google’s Panda updates.

How do we counter these issues created by layered navigation?
Big data-rich drop-down menus and footers are in hot trend, but they bring along a big drawback. Excess information makes your page look shabby and not at all appealing. In case your navigation makes up 70% of the content on your page, then search engine will take it as your pages has only 30% plagiarism free content.

Tip – Too many links in the header or footer increase the number of links on your page. This can exhibit your site as a link farm. Do take a note of it and use only a relevant amount.

4) Page Load Speed Optimization 

Why is it necessary to keep a check on the performance of your Magento store? To make the big story short, the loading speed of your page is an important factor for a visitor to stay on your website. By increasing the speed of your Magento store you can bring more search leads to your store.

How to increase the page loading speed of your website?
To overcome these issues you can optimize your Magento store through Magento default Meta tags optimization or by creating Google Sitemaps.

Tip – Various tools like Add Google Webmaster Tool , Aim for speed, etc., let you configure your site generation settings.

5) Template Optimization
Heavy templates create numerous issues.

How do we optimize templates?
You can counter template related issues by using lightweight template as the base of your template. Optimized Blank Template- SEO has a lot of scope for development. A blank Magento SEO Theme is developed for your ease, keeping in mind the dependency of the core Magento Blank Theme.

Tip – Clean up the excess usage of headings. Avoid the usage of header in the sides of the columns.

6. Go for Proper Coding
As the templates do not contain clean and optimized code it is recommended to move JavaScript and CSS to an external file. This is how users can cache the files on the first load and the search engines won’t waste time downloading them. Speed is a big factor if you are aiming to gain more traffic. Therefore, optimize it accordingly so that you meet the requirements.

Magento SEO gives complete power to your website to come forts on the search-engines. To have a clear overview with any further Magento related issues feel free to contact us :

Online Shopping

The Future of Online Shopping, A Shocking Forecast

May 9, 2015 By admin

According to a report by “” B2C e-commerce sales worldwide will reach a whooping 2345 billion US dollars by 2018. It was just 1471 billion US dollars last year.

Online shopping has spread around the world. Regardless of numerous reasons, online shopping is what people do frequently. Due to this the GDP rate of the world is increasing.

Online Shopping

Another report by Statista shows, B2C e-commerce accounted for 0.92% of the global GDP in 2013. It is forecasted to rise to 1.61% globally by 2018.

Huge success for online shopping has created a grave situation for physical stores. It is believed that in the coming times shopping will completely turn digital. Here’s why…

Physical Shops Are Closing
It’s possible that you have witnessed the closing down of shops in and around your area. It is also entirely possible for you to see the slow transition from physical stores to e-commerce stores.

Today, modern businesses start as online venture and then opt for physical store. Take for example, my friend who is a budding costume designer, features her clothes through her online outlet and doesn’t own any physical store. However, she is prospering with a substantial profit and looking forward to have a physical store in the near future.

Moreover, physical stores are becoming as a medium to woo customers online. That’s where Omni channel marketing comes into play and has changed the marketing scenario entirely.

Online shoppers are rising every hour
The other side says that online marketing is prospering with big online retail brands like eBay, Amazon, Birch box and similar online marketplace.
• The share of total online retail has changed drastically over the years. It has risen from 5% in 2009 to 10% in 2014, as written in
• The total number of online shoppers in 2014 was 196.6 million.
• According to a blog post published in Business Insider, 18 to 34 is the age demographic who are spending more on online shopping in a year. This batch spends about $ 2,000 annually on E-Commerce.

Why is online shopping growing so acutely?
One of the chief reasons why online shopping has prospered is because it offers you full comfort. It lets you buy from your desk itself. No physical store gives that amount of comfort to let you get what you want with just a few clicks.

Online shopping provides retailers a weapon to track their prospective visitors and obtain consumer data. Through this data they get the following information:
• The definite location where the majority of the customers are located.
• How these customers reached their page.
• What kind of websites they visit.
• How quickly they go through the shopping process.

With this kind of information, any online store can change the business strategies to draw in more visitors and cater to their needs better. However, for a physical store it may turn quite tough to acquire such kind of exclusive data.

It is hard to predict where consumerism will reach in next 10 years from now. Although the signs are quite positive to assure that the online shopping is certainly the future.

Lesser- Known Methods to Make the Magento Store More Social

December 23, 2014 By admin

The onset of the Internet era increased the process of sales and purchases. As everyday a huge array of customers are joining this league, the retailers have not let any stone unturned to woo the customers. Every necessary effort is put by each retailer to increase the traffic on his website. Magento is one of the top most flexible open source e-Commerce platform which let you target your desired audience with its amazing extension and features. Used by the top brands in the world today, Magento is a blessing for the digital world. The correct effort in the right direction through Magento let you turn your store more social to draw in better social traffic transforming a visitor into a customer. The underlying points will  be helpful to make your store more social for better social traffic:

1. Create distinctive content- Content plays a vital role to attract customers to your Magneto website. To make your Magento store more social, create interesting and fresh content. Exhibiting good and attractive content through blog posts and articles will invoke a boost in the confidence of the visitor to your Magento store. Also regularly update your blog answering questions of customers. The fine presentation through the modes: blog post, articles, videos,images, etc. should give a reason to the visitors to visit and recommend it further.  An attractive and decent content strikes the interests of the reader and  force them to take an action which is profitable for your online bussines.

2. An alluring title and sub title for your website- An appealing title can embark a flood of traffic to your Magento store. The title of the page must include the key words and describe the product. For example, the title “Puma light weight shoes” brings more traffic from google search rather than just “Puma Shoes”. To acquire more traffic on your online store,create a page  title which is more descriptive and attractive.


3. Social Media Marketing through your Magnto store- Any Social Media website is the prime method to reach your desired audience. With such a huge array of unending audience social media offer a wide scope to make your product go viral through the web.

Another method to make your website more social for better social traffic is by creating a Social Stream on your Magento store and displaying your social updates or activities on your Magento store. This is an excellent way to present your social presence through offers / discounts / custom reviews.

4. Present Product Users- Offer your consumers the opportunity to share their thoughts on the services or product which they have purchased. This will yield in dual benefits: promote your brand and build confidence in the visitors who read these testimonials, resulting in solid conversion rates. Extension such as Community testimonial extension enables you to promote your brand through the testimonials of your customers.

5. Allow Social Sharing- An easy method always encourages a user to perform a task. Allow your visitors to like, comment and share your content or pages on social sites. You can employee extensions like Magento Social Media Sharing Extension which enables you to add the social sharing button on your website.

social media

A Magento store which is a lot more social can easily en-capture massive amount of social traffic. As some of the best leading brands in the world use Magento today and are doing great in their business. The only need is the enforcement of the best techniques and strategies in the right direction as they did. The above discussed tacts will make your Magento store turn more social for better social traffic and will offer highly increased ROI.

Christmas Sale

Quick ways to boost sales on your Magento store during Christmas

December 9, 2014 By admin

Christmas Sale

Christmas season is the time when the market buzz with customers purchasing goods and services. Even this year, the upcoming Christmas season is a great opportunity for the retailers to make enormous profits through sales in their Magento store. According to the this year the e-Commerce sales during Christmas season are expected to amount 72.41 billion U.S. Dollars. This figure is a record rise of 16.6 percent from the last year stats. To make the most out of this holiday season, you need to make the Christmas shopping experience special in your Magento store. Here are six quick ways to boost sales in your Magento store during this Christmas season:

1. Give your website a festive touch
Holiday season is the right time to pimp up your Magento store with flashy seasonal images and videos to create a festive ambiance. To woo the customer you can organize an image design contest and can use social media to publicize it. This will drive a huge traffic on your website and it will get easier to transform them into customers. Moreover, you can increase the presence of your online store on the web during the Christmas time by displaying adverts.

2. Employee holiday season keywords to boost search results
Maximizing the website ranking is another great tact to draw more sale during the festive season. For this you can use PrestaShop to download the natural ranking white paper or you can set up a  Google Adwords campaign for the Christmas season. Through Google campaign your website will appear in Google sponsored links and thus you will become more noticeable on the web. Customizing your keywords to the most searched word during the time of Christmas will help you to get in front of the desired audience. Holiday season specific keyword phrases like, “Women’s Christmas dresses” or “Christmas colorful gifts” rather than “dresses” or “gifts.”

Moreover, if your store is a year old, you can have a check on the keywords used last year.

3. Discounts and Offers
Discounts fancy visitors to turn customers. Chiefly during holiday season it is easy to attract customers through an exciting discount coupon. Moreover, you can also use scratch-and-win tickets, a reward Christmas shopper discounts or a game winner discount coupons to engage customers interest. Free gift rapping service attract more customers as this saves their potential time. Rapping gifts in an attractive and innovative manner will turn customers to buy more from your online store.

4. Charitable Scheme
Christmas is the time to give and take gifts. Working like a Santa presenting gifts through a charitable campaign will give your business double boost. It will encapture customers attention through emotional factors and inspire them to buy more from your Magento store with a thought structure that a particular percentage will go to the charity.

5. Free shipping or delivery
When a customer notice something beneficial, it creates a positive impression about the retailers Magento store. The customers think that retailer  focuses on customers welfare. Free shipping or delivery acts in this particular direction and boost sales rate and ROI. Festive season is the time when delivery on time is a pain. Therefore, by displaying customers delivery time on your Magento store you can win their confidence.

6. Remember your old customers
The key strategy to achieve victory in your business sales during this season should be to know your definite targets and plan according to it. Target your new customer but don’t forget your old customers. Gifting cards to the old customers is a good way to build confidence and foster great sales. It even encourages them to recommend it further to new customers.

Apparently, a well outlined Christmas campaign will contrive phenomenal sales for an online store. If you’ve not applied these techniques in the past, start a new tradition this Christmas season by employing these tips and accomplish your business goals.

Secrets to grow your e-Commerce Business during peak time

November 8, 2014 By admin

peak timeAccording to the research of eMarketer, peak season of e-Commerce last year manifested a record high of $46.55 billion. The number is expected to touch new heights this year.

The holiday season that is the month of November and December is the peak time when the upward trend in e-Commerce sales is seen.  This is the time when consumer expenditure  reaches one of the highest points in the year and some retailers make up to 40% of their yearly income in this season. In fact, it is the most appropriate period to implement your  smart strategies for boosting conversion.

Is your e-Commerce site all set for the peak time rush? To find out and learn how you can drive more traffic to your online business and increase sales this holiday season, checkout these seven tips:

1. Make sure your site is responsive-
The performance of your website will play a major role in the sale, a one-second delay in the performance of your website may turn the consumers’ mood from favourable to displeasing.
“According to a Harris Poll, 44 percent of shoppers would cancel their online purchase mid-way during the final checkout process due to website delays and 89 percent of adult U.S. shoppers would simply stop shopping at an online store as a result of a poor website experience,” says Kavitha Mariappan, director, Product Marketing  at Riverbed.
Executing web content optimization and reliable traffic management tools will enhance the performance and reduce web page load time. A swift and responsive website makes it more probable that the user will explore your site fully.

2. Secure your site-
Secure your site from getting hacked. Make your website administration and back-end secure by using two factor authentication. Also monitor the validity and expiration date of Secure Socket Layer (SSL). SSL provides the required cryptographic security needed for the security of your customer communications.

These precautionary measures will cater an easy and effective handling of the website by the customers once the holiday traffic begins.

3. Plan and execute-
The peak time demands an additional attention to inventory planning. A solid analysis and prophecy of what the product will sell more is required. Moreover, you should make sure that you grant sufficient lead time and factored vendor delay into the equation. The delayed arrival of goods puts added pressure on your back-end operations.

4. Exploit social media sites-
Allure your customers with exciting offers and encourage them to share favourite products from your website across their social networks by integrating social media [Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+]. You can influence search results by indexing content from varied social sites in a different  tab on the search page.


Moreover, you can lure customers by targetting visually pleasing websites, “Pinterest’s Pin It button is e-Commerce gold,” says Apu Gupta, CEO of Curalate, a marketing and analytics platform for Pinterest and Instagram. “Adding the button can drive substantial traffic directly to your product pages, increasing revenue,” he says.

5. Roll out customers support channels-
The holiday season will blister buzzing customers who will demand a swift access of your support. The peak time shoppers generally have numerous queries when they are ready to make purchases. For this you would require a good customer support team to ensure enough coverage.
A third party support could be a great help to manage your needs.

6. Attract customers by exciting Offers-
Attract your customers by offering incentives for early orders and free shipping. In addition, you can also facilitate customers to track shipping by notifying them about the current delivery status. Also, evaluate your return policy to ensure that it is latest. Moreover, you can give it a “feel good” tone so that customers feel confident while making purchases from you.

7. Simplify Checkout option-
To make the buying cycle simpler for your customers, implement a guest checkout or simpler checkout option during peak time. This will remove customer stress and reduce bounce rate.

important factors to attract visitors

Infographic: Important Factors To Attract Customers

September 8, 2014 By admin



Reaching customers should always be your number one priority. It is essential to getting leads and sales. So, for that you have to establish interest and trust before people will buy from your store. From this point of view there are few factors which help you to improve your customer interaction and increase sale also like :

A Beautiful Store : A store’s website is its representation. That is why it has to be attractive and professional. Visitor use to visit your website again if they found it creative, useful and informative.

Attractive Content : Consumers rely on trusted content to make purchase decisions 5X more today than they did five years ago. Because of these reasons Content is also known as a King in a website.

Clear Image : Website with images get 94% more total view and attract visitors of every age. Only image is the source for customer after watching it user make an order.

Sale & Discount : Attract visitors through sale and discount. Provide discount on more items so that visitor turns into customers. Also try to provide some attractive gifts.

Social Media : Easily attract customers through SMO, by posting images, videos, unique content related to your website. Through this only use able to know about new products and services in market.

Reliable Processing : There should be one page check out so that user done order process instead of leave it because of tough procedure.

Customer Care : Reply customer queries and interact in good way. Also, update user with new offers and products.

Product Sold Out : Deliver the order in proper way at exact time and take advantage.


  • Factors Affecting Purchase

There are various factors which affect purchase during on-line process. It’s necessary to maintain Quality of your products which automatically increase On-line reputation. Then your price factor and service also matters. If your service is good enough then only customer come back to take service again.

Content Marketing Stratgies

Infographic: Run A Successful Content Marketing with 3-Media Plan

July 28, 2014 By admin

content marketing strategies for an online business

Content marketing has become one of the key online marketing tools to help businesses promote themselves in a crowded digital market.

The Content Is A King For?

1) For Search Engine: Yes, don’t be surprise to hear that. Content is most important factor to rank any website in search engine. Mostly Google likes those website, which has a good content on the site. So, if you want to rank better in the search engine keep updating your content in the site

2) For Customers: It is very important to create a content for customers. Customer always search for the best product or service information on the site & select the store which has excellent & impressive product description. As well, people like to visit those website, which consist the informative & interesting content on site. If you want to increase the visitor traffic on site so write a unique & attractive content.

3) For Social Media: People like to share those content, which are interesting & eye-catching. Content is a way to interact with people & to attract the people on your or your brand side. If you have a great content so people like to share such content among their friends & followers, which definitely improve the click through rate & visitors traffic on your site.


Why Content Marketing is Important?

1) Increase the visitor traffic on site: If you have a great content on site, so it obvious people love to read your voice there. You can also post the blog links on the social media & if the blogs are relevant to users so they may share your content among the others. Content is the best source to get the traffic on the site.

2) Improve website rank in search engine: As we mentioned above, Google love the site which has unique content. You can also use the targeted phrases or keywords on your blog content to rank better.

3) Develop better customer relationship: The better product description & reliable information always build the customer trust on your product, service or business.

4) Make you business better than others: A unique content on site always make you better than others.


Content Marketing Platforms:

1) Blogging: It is the most popular platform in content marketing. Blogging is an easy way to connect or interact with the users or to grab the traffic on the site

2) Video: Video is the best way to represent your business among the others. People prefer to watch any video rather than to read something.

3) Social media: It is the best place to share the blog post or content.

4) Infographic: We can’t skip the infographic for a good business strategy.

5) eBooks: There are many people who learn from eBooks, if you have a good content on your eBook so they may subscribe your feeds & share your content among the others.


3-Media Plan in Content Marketing:

With the time, content marketing strategies is also changes. Now, people love to follow the 3-media plan for that. These medias are :

  • Owned Media
  • Paid Media
  • Earned Media


Fact about Content Marketing:

1) 70% of people would rather learn about a company via an article than an ad.

2) Only LinkedIn received a positive approval ranking in terms of effectiveness i.e 62%.

3) Interesting content is a top 3 reason people follow brands on social media.

4) 78% of consumers believe that organizations providing custom content are interested in building good relationships.

5) Blogs give websites 43% more indexed pages.

6) Blog give websites 97% more indexed links.

7) 90% of consumers find custom content useful.

8) 37% of marketers say blogs are the most valuable type of content marketing.

9) Companies with active blogs receive 97% more leads.

10) Articles with images get 94% more views.