Multi-Vendor Magento Extension- Create Striking Marketplace Value

March 4, 2015 By admin

Magento- “The Killer Open Source Software” holds a big market in the e-commerce world today. It posses an armory of weapons in the form of extensions and themes, delivering a path to attract more and more customers to your online store. Thereby, escorting retailers to relish record-breaking profits repeatedly.


The extensions triggers focus to make more out of your e-commerce store. One such sturdy extension is the Multi-Vendor Extension which encompasses a motive to make your store a small market place that allows vendors to promote their products from a single store.

How about the big boys like eBay, Wallmart, Macy’s, Amazon…? All are striking examples of the online marketplace, offering limitless options to buy and sell products. This marketplace offers enormous reach and support to sellers at just one location, thereby creating a sense of trust both for customers and vendors.

Boost your Magento arsenal with a matchless/killer extension Multi-Vendor Extension

The extension enables the merchant’s (admin) to create their own store by adding any amount of vendors in it. Vendors have a separate admin area from where they can add, edit and sell the product. It holds a unique feature to let customers purchase their desired items from any number of vendors at a moment. Thus, creating a single platform of multi-vendor but one shopping cart for every customer.

The extension is loaded with features for everybody. When vendors start using the user-friendly “Vendor Portals”, they can:
• Manage their categories, products, etc.
• Create product categories and attributes
• Keep a check on the their dashboard ( Vendor Dashboard ) for orders.
• Check the Approved or Pending status on the Vendor Dashboard.
• Stock page for each vendor.
• Tag products such as featured, daily deal, new, etc. for buyers.

For Merchants(admin) the new market automatically orders:
• Customer Orders
• Vendor and Customers notification
• Multi-Vendor inventory
• Shipping
• Commissions
• Vendor Payments
• Set auto-approve products for the vendors you want.
• Create the various types of the Subscription Plan for the vendors.

Front-end Features:
• Vendor Sign up.
• All Vendors listing.
• Vendor Dashboard with latest orders, Total sales, Chart.
• Vendor can manage products (edit/add/delete).
• Products of three types- Simple, Virtual and Downloadable.
• Vendor profile and shop page management
• Vendor product collection.
• Payment Method for vendors.
• Feature Daily Deal product on Profile and shop page.
• Product Ratings and Feedback option.

With such good features and functionalities it leverages your online market place to intensify your sale. All by providing a flexible and configurable work flow. Therefore, streamlining the path to your success.

Read more about the features:

How Magento Multivendor Extension Helps You to Improve Your Marketplace Value

February 28, 2014 By admin

A big opportunity for the eCommerce Magento store owners. Yes! Now you can easily share your products & services among the people. Don’t get confused, just follow the post!!

To improve the eCommerce business popularity & product sales recently we have released a new Magento Multivendor Marketplace Extension. A multi-vendor marketplace, where the seller or partner may add & sell their products from a single store.

magento multivendor extension

Suppose you have a large empty space in any place, but you don’t have your own product to sell so you decide to use that space for business purpose. Now, it is the best option for you to start your business by contacting vendors around your area who want to sell their products. Start finding those vendors who are interested in your store, vendors may be from many fields. As a owner you decide to divide all departments into clothes, shoes, foods, accessories, stationery, books etc. Now, your store is full with variety of products along with vendors. Congrats!! Here is your new business where customers visit your store and purchase products from various vendors. You receive all payments from customers whatever they buy from your department store and then you share commissions among the vendors.

Like we discussed above, the Multivendor Marketplace Magento Extension helps you to create the online marketplace for different vendors. The vendors have separate admin area to manage their product, view their earning and the payout balance. With the help of our multivendor extension you can easily turn your store into a marketplace. The good thing about this extension is that you have complete control over all sales made by vendors and as an admin you will validate information, set the shipping and taxes, and be able to pull out reports for all vendors.

If you want to see the effect of this extension you may visit sites like eBay, Amazon. These sites have enormous reach and support of sellers from just one site. The extension not only empowers vendors but it also create the sense of trust between vendors and the marketplace.

The best feature of this extension is that you can easily accept or decline the seller account request. If you accept any seller request then seller can easily create, sort, & manage countless products with details via dashboard. To improve the store popularity, you have an option to display the latest & best seller for vendors on vendor shop page.

To check the demo & other information related to this extension, please visit: