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Is your Magento website patched against the new Shoplift Bug?

April 24, 2015 By admin

The Magento E-commerce platform, used by numerous online retailers was recently is news for a critical vulnerability.

The security firm Check Point had discovered a massive security flaw in Magento that could have given attackers access to customer’s information and scope of massive data theft. This vulnerability allowed the hackers to work on PHP codes on the web server of the store and divert the platfrom’s security process, giving hackers the administrative access to the system.

The issue was present in Magento’s core. This meant any website that is running on old or default version of Enterprise and Community edition is vulnerable, unless patched with latest security updates. 
Magento had notified its registered users against this latest security and also sent security patches that were to be updated asap.

Ebay, the owner of Magento E-commerce platform was informed about the vulnerability by Check Point some time back in January this year. However the full disclosure was only made by Check Point on April 22, 2015 after Magento had sufficient time to notify its users and send them updated security patches.

Shahar Tal, Check Point’s Malware and Vulnerability Research Manager was quoted saying through a press realease, “The vulnerability we uncovered represents a significant threat not to just one store, but to all of the retail brands that use the Magento platform for their online stores.”

Magento had notified and emailed the security update to all registered accounts. In case you’re using Magento Community or Enterprise Edition you’re open to remote code execution. Therefore, you’re recommended to get the security patched updated at the earliest.

Here’s a snippet of the email message send by Magento regarding the security update.
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Multi-Vendor Magento Extension- Create Striking Marketplace Value

March 4, 2015 By admin

Magento- “The Killer Open Source Software” holds a big market in the e-commerce world today. It posses an armory of weapons in the form of extensions and themes, delivering a path to attract more and more customers to your online store. Thereby, escorting retailers to relish record-breaking profits repeatedly.


The extensions triggers focus to make more out of your e-commerce store. One such sturdy extension is the Multi-Vendor Extension which encompasses a motive to make your store a small market place that allows vendors to promote their products from a single store.

How about the big boys like eBay, Wallmart, Macy’s, Amazon…? All are striking examples of the online marketplace, offering limitless options to buy and sell products. This marketplace offers enormous reach and support to sellers at just one location, thereby creating a sense of trust both for customers and vendors.

Boost your Magento arsenal with a matchless/killer extension Multi-Vendor Extension

The extension enables the merchant’s (admin) to create their own store by adding any amount of vendors in it. Vendors have a separate admin area from where they can add, edit and sell the product. It holds a unique feature to let customers purchase their desired items from any number of vendors at a moment. Thus, creating a single platform of multi-vendor but one shopping cart for every customer.

The extension is loaded with features for everybody. When vendors start using the user-friendly “Vendor Portals”, they can:
• Manage their categories, products, etc.
• Create product categories and attributes
• Keep a check on the their dashboard ( Vendor Dashboard ) for orders.
• Check the Approved or Pending status on the Vendor Dashboard.
• Stock page for each vendor.
• Tag products such as featured, daily deal, new, etc. for buyers.

For Merchants(admin) the new market automatically orders:
• Customer Orders
• Vendor and Customers notification
• Multi-Vendor inventory
• Shipping
• Commissions
• Vendor Payments
• Set auto-approve products for the vendors you want.
• Create the various types of the Subscription Plan for the vendors.

Front-end Features:
• Vendor Sign up.
• All Vendors listing.
• Vendor Dashboard with latest orders, Total sales, Chart.
• Vendor can manage products (edit/add/delete).
• Products of three types- Simple, Virtual and Downloadable.
• Vendor profile and shop page management
• Vendor product collection.
• Payment Method for vendors.
• Feature Daily Deal product on Profile and shop page.
• Product Ratings and Feedback option.

With such good features and functionalities it leverages your online market place to intensify your sale. All by providing a flexible and configurable work flow. Therefore, streamlining the path to your success.

Read more about the features:

Want to increase your sales exponentially, but how?

April 14, 2014 By admin

As we all know, check out process is the most irritating step while placing an order during online shopping. Why? Well, it is obvious that most of the times, customer do not have time to complete the whole checkout process, then the customer comes out of the store and hence, store owner loses its sale as well as customer. As a result, the owner has to face the loss. But it is saying that every problem has a solution. And here, comes the solution that is One Page Checkout extension.

Magento One Page Checkout Extension is basically designed to bring the most perfect and suitable tool for the Checkout page. According to survey, it is concluded that with one page checkout extension, sales increase gradually up to 60%. The bigger advantage of this extension is that One Page Checkout is easy to integrate and install on your Magento store.


Let us have a look on the features of One Step Checkout Extension:

1)  It simplifies the checkout process, i.e. from six steps on six pages to six steps on a single page. In other words, we can say checkout process on just one single page and you do not need to load/reload time and again.

2) This extension provides customer, a better experience and avoid customer with registration. Moreover, provides multiple options for registration.

3) It has many advantages like disables needless fields like company, fax etc. enables newsletter subscription and required approval of terms.

4) It is easily configurable in your Magento admin panel.

5) It is cross browser compatible and easily customized to fit your own design.

How One Page Checkout Extension fits your business

One page checkout extension in an every way fits in business, who owns an eCommerce online store. In fact, it is a necessity to install this extension on your online store to reduce redundant steps and to avoid the risk of losing product sales.

This extension is much more convenient than the traditional Magento checkout. One of the best feature of one page checkout extension is that shipping, payment method and order review will be auto-updated.

Add a Unique Functionality to your Australia Based Magento Store

April 1, 2014 By admin

Magento is the most powerful online eCommerce platform and plays a vital role in changing the face of eCommerce since forever. Without Magento extensions, Magento store is incomplete or we can say ecommerce store may be nothing. There are many extensions available for Magento store. One of them is Australia Post Domestic & International Shipping Extension.

Let’s have a look: 










Australia Post International Shipping Extension for Magento is the best ever extension available for eCommerce online stores. If you own a Magento website and want to sell your products internationally or for a particular country, then do not forget to include Australia Post Shipping Extension.

Basically, Australian Post Extension allows shop owners to integrate Australia Post Shipping Method to send parcels from their Magento store. Australia Post Shipping extension has a unique feature to integrate the Australia post international letter or parcel service in your store. It is the best feature ever used to improve your business sales and provision of best service to your customers. But do not forget to note the exact height, width, length & weight of the products for domestic shipping. Besides this, it is a user-friendly extension.

One of the best feature of this extension is that this extension is very simple to install and configure. After installing this extension, a new shipping method will be added automatically to the Magento backend. Australia Post is a premium shipping method which let you get shipping rates from Australia Post’s Shipping API which handles both domestic and international parcels.

Besides, the additional characteristic of this extension is that you just need to install the extension and define API key in the Admin, add the warehouse postcodes, select the countries you want this method to appear and all done and no layout overrides.

This extension is aimed to provide most of the functionality that is needed to function a Magento store in Australia. This extension gives live shipping rates for Australia Post shipping service for places all over the world.

Allow Your Customers to Bargain on the Product Price

March 5, 2014 By admin

Today, Magento is most popular among the eCommerce open sources because it is regularly launching/updating new Magento version & Magento extension. There are numerous Magento extensions in the market & all have unique features, which helps store owner to increase their business sales.

There are many eCommerce store but only few are able to increase the traffic on their website. It is because such stores provide the best services to their customers. If you are using Magento for your e-store & want to provide the unique services to your customers so, Price Bargain Extension is the best choice for you.


How it make your website better than others?

Provide bargain price to the customers

Whenever anyone going to purchase something they want to pay for that on the cheapest price & try to convince shopper to sell that product on lowest price. If you have eCommerce store & don’t have such functionality so it may lacking somewhere to get the high sales & visitor traffic.

Price Bargain Magento Extension is one of the solution which allow customer as well as admin to bargain on the price of any product. It’s main purpose is to provide the beneficial service to customers & allow them to bargain on the price of product. Through this extension customers can try different prices until they find the optimal price they can pay. As well admin can also suggest the best bargain price to their customers, which are beneficial to customer & owner.

How it Works?

To take an advantage of this service, customer should have to create a personal account because it is reliable only for the logged in users. Customer can easily bargain on the product price & send a request to the admin/store owner from their account. Admin have right to accept, reject or suggest the new price to customers. If customer’s bargained price is reliable to the store then admin can accept the customer request & if not, admin may reject or suggest the new price to customer. Customer can see two fields in the product view page, when admin has enabled custom price option for that particular product.

Bargaining not only motivate customers to buy more but it also help store owner to attract new customers in their store. There are many more features in this extension, you can check it here:

Improve Business Sales with Daily Deals Magento Extension

March 3, 2014 By admin

Magento provides fast solutions with product groupings, layered navigation, multiple product categories and control over functionality. As well, it helps online merchant to increase their business sales & growth. Now question is that, how can you attract the customers toward your eCommerce store. Let’s talk about its solution.


Magento daily deals extension is the best choice for all type of eCommerce business. It helps to increase your business productivity as well as update your store products availability & attract those people who are seeking for discount packages such as for domestic products or for various events.

How it works?

Our Daily Deals Magento Extension help store owners to create and manage daily/multiple deals for their store. It has a feature which help to setup and administer daily promotion for products means through admin panel you can perform product management of the different products for daily deal display. As well manage the past, present and future deals, multiple specials and highlight the featured items. Clock countdown is the other great feature which help store owner to set the promotional time or countdown for the products deal on the daily, weekly or monthly bases.

How to attract customers?

As a customer, we always looking for the best offers in any store & we appreciate those store where we see the best deal easily. The daily deals Magento extension enable your store to display the best deals on the site so that customers frequently find the product on your site & get the sales more. It help customers to find the best deals & such experiences encourage them to come back in your store again and again.


How our Daily Deals Extension is different from others?

  • Easily create & manage deals for one or multiple products on the site
  • Show deals on multiple pages like daily deal page, product page, home page or on sidebar
  • Easily access full list of deals on single click
  • Easily schedule daily deals on regular bases
  • Show discount price on front page
  • Show count down timer on page to encourage customers to click & buy the product
  • Admin have over all control to manage store & products
  • Daily deal boxes on left/right slide bar & you can easily enable/disable these boxes


We have two different Daily Deals Magento Extensions. To know more about these extension & their discount prices, Visit:

How Magento Multivendor Extension Helps You to Improve Your Marketplace Value

February 28, 2014 By admin

A big opportunity for the eCommerce Magento store owners. Yes! Now you can easily share your products & services among the people. Don’t get confused, just follow the post!!

To improve the eCommerce business popularity & product sales recently we have released a new Magento Multivendor Marketplace Extension. A multi-vendor marketplace, where the seller or partner may add & sell their products from a single store.

magento multivendor extension

Suppose you have a large empty space in any place, but you don’t have your own product to sell so you decide to use that space for business purpose. Now, it is the best option for you to start your business by contacting vendors around your area who want to sell their products. Start finding those vendors who are interested in your store, vendors may be from many fields. As a owner you decide to divide all departments into clothes, shoes, foods, accessories, stationery, books etc. Now, your store is full with variety of products along with vendors. Congrats!! Here is your new business where customers visit your store and purchase products from various vendors. You receive all payments from customers whatever they buy from your department store and then you share commissions among the vendors.

Like we discussed above, the Multivendor Marketplace Magento Extension helps you to create the online marketplace for different vendors. The vendors have separate admin area to manage their product, view their earning and the payout balance. With the help of our multivendor extension you can easily turn your store into a marketplace. The good thing about this extension is that you have complete control over all sales made by vendors and as an admin you will validate information, set the shipping and taxes, and be able to pull out reports for all vendors.

If you want to see the effect of this extension you may visit sites like eBay, Amazon. These sites have enormous reach and support of sellers from just one site. The extension not only empowers vendors but it also create the sense of trust between vendors and the marketplace.

The best feature of this extension is that you can easily accept or decline the seller account request. If you accept any seller request then seller can easily create, sort, & manage countless products with details via dashboard. To improve the store popularity, you have an option to display the latest & best seller for vendors on vendor shop page.

To check the demo & other information related to this extension, please visit: