Magento-A Vital e-Commerce Software Tool

Magento: A Vital E-commerce Software Tool for your Web Store

September 5, 2015 By admin

Drooling over many e-commerce software tools can be a daunting process for many of us. It is, however, one of the key most decisions to be made before building your online web store.

It is imperative for e-commerce store owners to create a visually appealing web store for its surfers. Not only should the website be aesthetically appealing to the eyes, but should also be functional. Compromising on either of these aspects will make you lose your customer immediately.

In this article, we will be focusing on Magento – a prominent open source platform!

Magento-A Vital e-Commerce Software Tool

Here are 3 ways in which Magento will help your E-commerce store.

1. Offers magnificent tools for site navigation
Site navigation plays a pivotal role in helping the users to navigate the information of your web page. Magento, is an open source ecommerce software, which means you can easily add, edit and change several navigation facilities with ease.

With these extensions, a small or medium size business can play around with their navigation tools on the site. Features such as multiple store views, enable/disable items, add additional layouts and plug-ins, and insert templates as per your liking.

If you are looking for help in managing your site navigation then there is a lot of help available online, and also the Magento community is large and helpful.

2. Get an improved organic traffic
Magento platform was built keeping in mind the SEO efficiency as well, which means your products and services will have fair chance to appear on search engines such as Google and others. When you decide to employ Magento as your e-commerce designing tool, then your visibility on search platforms too increases. In addition, for those who know how to custom SEO implementations will be able to manage and customize SEO.

3. Community-oriented platform
The biggest advantage for Magento users is its big and widespread community. There are over 250,000 businesses worldwide that use Magento for all of their e-commerce needs. Magento is an open source platform, which means you will be able to share and use tools with other Magento users. Sharing helps community members when they don’t have the time and energy to build tools from scratch, and also when they don’t have the expertise to build tools.
Parting thoughts

Magento is built keeping in mind the needs of global times. With the help of Magento, you can create features such as multiple currency and multilingual languages on your e-commerce store. Moreover, you can also create and manage multiple e-commerce stores easily.

It’s definitely a lucrative e-commerce tool beneficial to online businesses.


Magento Enterprise or Community? Choosing the Best

August 12, 2015 By admin

Magento, the power packed arsenal for your online conversion battles offers unending scalability to meet your desired needs. The platform offers two distinct edition i.e. Magento Enterprise and Magento Community. Their effectiveness depends on your requirements. However, if you’re thinking to create a Magento E-commerce website then choosing between the two becomes tough.


Let’s see which one is best for you through this comparison.

Enterprise Edition – Magento Enterprise Edition is a feature rich edition with enterprise capabilities and high end performance. It is a scalable E-commerce solution, which can be easily tailored to meet the unique needs. It helps you drive more traffic for better conversion and for better online revenue.

This edition was created to meet the requirements of bigger online stores and fill up for the limitations of community edition. The platform uses the base of free version. Furthermore, the premium version is absolutely backed by the Magento team. The edition extended by subscription comes with Service Level Agreement. The subscription also comes with extra features and scope for product enhancements.

Community Edition – The free Magento Community Edition is good for small and medium market merchants who need better control over their domain, leverage extensions and custom code to satisfy their customer’s requirements. It is free to download.

Small businesses are the leading users who benefit the most from this free edition. They can utilize the core feature and develop an online store to meet their requirement. This edition is ideal if you are a tech savvy merchant and interested to explore the flexibility of Magento Community Edition.

Now let’s get down to other differences

Functionality – Both Community and Enterprise edition have the same base. However the purchased version offers advanced features like managing customer segmentation with minimum marketing price, targeted offering, return management authorization and price permission. Moreover, enterprise version also has an enhanced CMS and catalog.

Performance – The majority of the Magento E-commerce platform users do not know that the free version runs faster than other softwares. The basic retailer’s requirement for their online store can be easily attained through this version. The businesses looking for extra features can always opt for the paid version. Certain enterprise features can be created by adding extensions to the free version. However, it is not recommended. The performance is always better with the paid version.

Security – The community version doesn’t have a highly secured payment bridge. But this a prerequisite for any e-commerce website with online money transactions happening frequently. The Magento enterprise edition is equipped with powerful security feature, which includes a PA-DSS payments bridge.

Cost – As we know the community edition is free of cost and anybody can make changes to the software to match their personal requirements. The paid version of Magento offers advanced features. Regardless of the fact that you need to loosen your pocket for the subscription fee, going with the paid version can give you faster ROIs. However, you can certainly use the multi-server and multi-year payment options.

Choosing the Right Edition – Choosing between Magneto community and enterprise edition can be a crucial step. You should consider going with several factors like functionality, performance, cost and security. The free version is certainly a rational choice. But for those looking into leveling up their businesses an investment in enterprise edition makes good sense. The decision has to be made keeping up the future prospects in mind, as every business begins to grow after sometime and the requirements change.

B2B Ecommerce

How Magento is helping B2B E-Commerce Leverage Profit Margins

July 30, 2015 By admin

Business to Consumer (B2C) or Business to Business (B2B), you may be working with any one of the business approach, but e-Commerce remains the principal component of your marketing business.

B2B Ecommerce

One can’t oversee the truth that Magento e-Commerce solution has brought transformative changes in the manner B2C business has functioned and performed over the years. Today Magento is a big name in B2B due its segmentation options, unique catalogs and flexibility.

According to recent reports “In United States alone B2B E-Commerce was over two times the size of B2C.” As per the reports B2B was a whopping $780 billion and B2C at $325 billion, that’s just less than half.

You must be aware of how Magento can do wonders for your online business? The basic necessities of a B2B portal are same as that of B2C, such as:-

  • Invoice and order history
  • Information on order status and shipment
  • Live assistance in the form of customer care
  • Wishlist, favorite products and recommendations
  • Discounts and offers
  • Multiple images of the product, detailed specs, download able data sheets and manual and video tutorials
  • Invoicing and incomplete shipments
  • Easy and fast reordering feature

It is understandable that Magento supports all these areas in an online store. Now, let’s see other factors that Magento facilitates to build a unique B2B online store. This will surly enable you to leverage sizable profit margins. Here’s how…

Proper segmentation and absolute personalization
Proper segmentation makes things appropriate, thus making it easy for a visitor to find his/her desired item within seconds, stimulating a tiny purchase funnel. With the source of B2B e-Commerce store, suitable products are displayed in best of manner, encouraging user friendly experience.

The Magento Enterprise platform offers different tools that make it simple to present special product suggestions and content based on segmentation criteria.

Distinct Catalogs based on Consumer Groups
Magento has some kind of a traditional portal functionality. It can give access to some class of the sites based on a particular group.

This is how – Depending entirely on the affiliation upon login of the customers group, customer Q will have access to some products, however, Customer R may have access to an absolutely different set of products. These different catalogs enhance the consumer value and allow effective and intellectual guidance to users to purchase with distinctive interactions.

Smooth Integration with Third Party Apps and System
We all know Magento’s integrating capability with various softwares. This serves as the perfect way for B2B store to integrate with any third party apps or systems easily.

The APIs can be used by developers to connect different dots between back office apps and online store. The ERP environment can also be used for Magento integration and assist in easily dealing with complex Magento workflows which comprises of long string of properties for an approval system.


5 Magento Enterprise Features that Help Retailers To Sell Better

July 23, 2015 By admin

Magento in itself is a feature rich E-Commerce solution to fuel your success.


Magento Enterprise Edition is an important edition of Magento. It’s a single enterprise class E-Commerce platform that provides unconventional flexible features to increase your business on the online store. It enables you to integrate unparallel features set with world-class support and virtually unending flexibility at the fragment of price charged by other competitive platform.

To understand Enterprise edition in a better way, let’s list down some of its major advantages and see how these advantages have turned as the chief reason for retailers to reach out to the best Magento Development companies. Let’s see how Magento Enterprise Edition gives you full control of your online channel and what makes it different from others?

Here are few pointers :-
Cutting Edge Customer Segmentation and Targeting
One of the best feature! It enables you to target a particular group of customers with the assistance of comprehensive segmentation criteria. It can act as a major attribute to enhance your business revenue.

Full Page Caching
Fast speed is essential for an e-commerce website. Several researches have approved that with declining speed of the website there is a decline in the number of customers an online website makes.

Magento is created in such a way that it drastically slashes the page loading speed, makes it quick and enhances customers satisfaction. Similarly, Magento community edition is fast, but the bonus feature of full page caching in Enterprise edition enhances conversion rates and revenues by a large margin.

Solr Search
Search is one of the leading features of every e-Commerce experience. The Magento Enterprise Edition has an advanced feature of Solr search that enables execution of an advanced search technology that includes spell check, auto suggestions and faceted search. With the help of Solr search customers will be able to find precisely what they are looking for in a quick manner.

Loyalty generation with Rewards Points
Magento Enterprise edition has reward points that increase your ability by implementing unique programs that works to boost user experience and increase customer loyalty. You will be able to set up points to be given based on a broad range of transaction and customer actions. It also enables you to control balance, point allotment and expiration. Moreover, customers can save points according to their purchases.

Gift Registries
This is a special feature of Magento Enterprise Edition, which makes customer’s near and dear ones happy. The feature enables customers with the ability to create gifts and notify pears. Your family and friends will be able to purchase items from the registered gifts. It keeps a record of purchased items and the remaining items. Moreover, the customers can create gift registries and share it with others. As a customer you can add products to the registry and transfer it from wishlist to shopping cart.

Magento Enterprise Edition is a sales booster e-commerce solution! It offers ample of compelling features that act as a great tool for marketing, which not only influences your business goals, but also enhance customer experience.


Integrate eBay and Amazon with Magento to double your success

June 5, 2015 By admin

Every retailer deploys all the possible strategic techniques to make the most out of his E-commerce website. When it comes to smart retailers they just don’t miss out multi-channelling their online store. And when it’s Magento, you have best of both the worlds. In short you have a ‘money making mine’ that has all the potential to double your conversion rates!


Channelling your Magento E-commerce store with other successful E-commerce sites such as eBay and Amazon is an exceptional way to get maximum sales. If you’re aiming to tap the power of established customer base, eBay and Amazon is a smart business move.

When you integrate your Magento store with Amazon and eBay you’ll notice an increase in your online sales. What you have to do is to just upload the products on their website and manage inventory, products and sales from your present Magento store easily.

The integration enables you to easily list your products on eBay or Amazon, thereby allowing you to manage your products from your website (stocks/products). It will work in a systematic way. Whatever changes are made on your website, will automatically get updated on Ebay and Amazon as an when you synchronize it.

Some of the great features of Magento integration with Ebay and Amazon are:
• Orders, customers, inventory and shipping can be managed from your Magento store
• You can easily select eBay or Amazon category in which you wants to promote your products
• Prices can be managed from Magento store
• Easy to upload Magento images to eBay and Amazon
• Once the product listings are done on eBay and Amazon, one can manage products from Magento store
• Wide options to promote products

If you are looking for sturdy solution and want your store to have eBay and Amazon integration, oCodewire is the right choice for you. Regardless of what store size you have, oCodewire equips you with powerful solution with the best technical support and services. If you would like to know more about eBay and Amazon integration with Magento feel free to talk to our team of developers.

Experience Developer

7 Major Factors to Consider While Hiring a Magento Developer

April 16, 2015 By admin

“What factors should I consider while choosing the best Magento Developers?” The question is more likely to be in your thoughts, if making a remarkable Magento website is your chief objective.

Online shopping is in trend and people are utilizing the technology to the maximum, satisfying their needs and living a comfortable lifestyle. The trend has resulted into the emergence of numerous e-commerce website.

Everyday, millions of people are heading towards the online stores to get their desired item and services without going to any virtual store. Retailers are using every possible strategy to provide a high quality shopping experience to their customers. Perhaps, to receive heavy ROI from your website you need to have a complete hold over the website.

Magento Developers

If you have chosen Magento, you are on the right track. As, you have the best open source platform to get all your objectives fulfilled. Nevertheless, picking the right Magento developer can be a crucial decision making act. Here is what you can consider making the decision a success driving step.

Ten factors to consider before choosing Magento developer:

Factor 1- Experience

Experience and knowledge of the developer are the most important factor which determines the development of a dynamic website.

Assure yourself that the developer you are hiring has enough work experience and adequate knowledge about the platform. As the standard of the e-commerce store depends on these specifications. For this, analyze the portfolio of the company or the developer, consider going through the feedbacks and testimonials from their previous clients.

Experience Developer

It is very important that the company you are going to choose has done quality work before. If it is a promising company it will certainly have success stories: customer testimonials, reviews and case studies. You can easily get this information on their website or else you can ask for it from the company. Consider these points to get a quality developer hired for your work.

• Effective communication between the stakeholders and developers.
• On time delivery of the project.
• How effectively, they managed things?
• Response of the former customer (good/bad)

Factor 2- Portfolio Speaks
The portfolio of the company or the developer speaks a lot. It tells us about the company’s commitment to the clients, number of projects delivered and so on so forth. To make the the large picture small, it gives us a clear idea about the working style of the developer.

A good development team will have a good resource team with enough backup resources. Do find the number of developers in the company. Also remember the main key elements behind the success of the website development is the methodologies and process used in it. Therefore, ensure that the company uses the right methodology and process.

Factor 3- Development Support
Post development support is an important aspect to ensure that bugs and issues are solved before your e-commerce solution goes live on the internet. Post-development process becomes necessary so that customers don’t suffer. Here are the reasons why you need post development support:

• Better performance of the e-commerce solution
• Integrating the solution with a business application.
• Addition of features and functionality for new user requirements.
• Improving reliability and efficiency of the solution.
• Third party integration and customization

So make sure the Magento development company has a strong support mechanism. is one such Magento solution provider who provides a high quality and on time Magento support.

Factor 4- Communication mechanism
It is essential that the developers and retailers communicate in an effective manner. This has to go right from the start till the final delivery. Especially in the case of offshore development projects.

Here are some methods which can be considered in case of communication:
• Video and audio conferencing
• Chat tools
• Sharing Application
• State of art infrastructure
• No lingual biasness

Factor 5- High end resources
As, I have mentioned before, high quality resources: enough number of designers and developers are a must for the good productivity of your project. Along with that what matters is premium quality internet speed 24*7, backup for power and effective mode of well versed communication medium.

Factor 6- Safety and security
With numerous benefits to fetch us unending profits, doing online business can come with several cyber crimes: particularly in the form of attacking your website. Therefore, is necessary to assure that the developer or the agency you are hiring is well versed all the security measures. Moreover, Magento gets continuously updated, so it is necessary that your developer keeps up cutting edge knowledge about the protection updates.

Factor 7- Pricing
It is needful, that you get what you have paid for. While you are searching the most suitable company, you may come across several companies who will make your website at low rates. But, in this case the quality of the website may suffer drastically. Therefore, do enough research before approving your final developer. Paying a little extra for a great website is never a bad deal.

Creating a Magento based e-commerce solution is not an easy task. It needs in-depth technical expertise. In addition, overlooking the cut-throat competition in the e-commerce world may agitate your online business.

Nobody can afford a low quality website which is a liability rather than an asset. Therefore, hire a development partner who is capable of delivering much more than desired result, someone who manages your project effectively to ensure your success. If you have any questions, feel free to talk to us.

Performance of Magento Store

Why keep a check on the performance of your Magento store?

April 2, 2015 By admin

The time span a visitor spends on your website is ‘directly proportional’ to the performance of the website. If the performance sinks, the visitor time span decreases and if performance goes up, the visitors enjoy spending more time on your website.

To meet the necessity of a retailer to linger the visitors on your website for a longer period, performance acts as a major factor. It is quite obvious. Good performance means better user experience, which in turn builds a positive image in the eyes of a buyer to make a purchase from your store. This results in increased conversion rate. The continuation of the process, adds more and more people buying from your store and generating more business for you.

Performance of Magento Store

In case you own a Magento store, give yourself a pat on the shoulder. You have already walked the half way, as Magento is positioned on the top spot among open source E-commerce platforms.

But don’t make the mistake of thinking that your store will always perform sky-high since you are using Magento. You’re surely missing out something.

Magento in itself is a heavy CMS and runs slowly if right setting and configuration are not applied to.

How can you rectify few aspects of a Magento store performing badly?

Several techniques answer this question. Let’s discuss a few methods to increase the Magento page-load speed significantly.

Decrease file size of file transfers between webs server and browser: One of the best techniques to significantly enhance Magento store performance is to lessen the size of thee files transfer between browser and web server. In an absolute way you can do this in the following ways:

1. Compressing the CSS and JavaScript will save space of many bytes of data and decline downloading, parsing and execution time
2. Optimize Images by resizing them ( use only the required size, avoid big and extra sizes)
3. Enable GZIP compression
4. Instead of going for as full size, compress it by zipping it. Moreover, it increases your download speed

Reduce the amount of HTTP requests: Loading speed is considered as the most important factor in making the user-experience better. This reduces the number of HTTP requests and get handy with only the limited amount you need. There are a handful of methods available which will let you reduce the HTTP requests and upload a quality web page
1. Merging Javascript and CSS files
2. Combine images by using CSS sprites
3. Enabling the Apache KeepAlives to magnify the communication between browser and server
4. Use only those DOM elements which you require
5. YSlow assist you to design the complete layout with an excellent loading speed
6. Keep the CSS calls on the top and JavaScript calls on the bottom

Executing only the Required Caching Mechanisms: Enable all the caching mechanism from the Magento admin panel (System –> Cache Management). This is what can be done:
1. Improve the speed of the website by implement opcode cache mechanism. It decrease the load on non server when there are multiple request for the same page at the same time
2. Enable Memcache mechanism, as this helps in getting Magento’s heavy hits on your database by caching data away from it
3. Implement Redis, as it will discard the problems occurring while executing TwoLevels Cache Backend (i.e. to use Memcache together with the database). Moreover, it is contemplated as the most superior caching mechanisms for Magento
4. Varnish works as an HTTP accelerator: it acts as a load balancer. Therefore, use it to decrease the load time and reduce the response time
5. Use a content delivery network as it cuts down server load, by serving static content in the form of JavaScript files, CSS files and images through a network of servers informally located to your customer

Use Magento Panel to Optimize Performance:
1. Generally the Magento login mechanism is turned ON, turn it off from the admin panel
2. Turn on the Compilation to compile all the files of the magento installation, this will generate a sole include path to enhance the performance
3. By enabling flat categories and products, you can decrease the bottleneck performance of loading the product and category page

Magento performance optimization is an inestimable task and things may vary from developer to developer. These are just a handful of the points to improve the performance of your Magento store. However, if you want any support and advice, feel free to contact us, we can help you to enhance the performance of your store even better.

Tracking Your Customers: Magento and CRM Integration

March 21, 2015 By admin

Magento, the sturdy and flexible open source e-commerce platform is rapidly getting acclaimed, a result due the sizeable advantages it offers. You can exemplify this realm of advantages, by ruling down the stand-alone context and integrate it with a strong CRM.
tracking your customers
Before going further, let’s figure out what is a Magento and CRM integration ?

The integration empowers users to leverage more and more lucrative benefits, thereby streamlining the work. Today, majority of the CRMs offers integration with an external access to their database using an Application Programming Interface (API). This API allows the system(in our case Magento), to enter and make use of the services provided by the connected system. For instance, it allows Magento to have an access of certain data lead’s from the CRM system and thereby add it to a campaign.

An integration of Magento with CRM offers users an infrastructure and an interactive front-end at the same time.  It is a simple integration, which enables your brand to interact with customers through multiple channels.

Now you must be thinking what happens when we integrate Magento with CRM and what happens when we don’t do so. Here is what happens:

Non-integrated System

Usually, most of the touch points belong to different channels which are not integrated, and in such cases data has to be fed in manually to the CRM. This demands for a handsome investment in the form of time, which is generally wasted. Moreover, as the work done manually by labour force, results are prone to errors.

In a non-integrated system, marketers have to face tough time to keep up with the order volume for the sales increase. Along with that the amount of time infused to migrate data into the CRM from another location can cripple the business. Moreover, the situation may cause delay and increase the chances of data intricacy.

Magento Integration with CRM

When you integrate a Magento store with a CRM, the procedure enables your store to have a two directional or bi-directional synchronization. For example, when a customer places an online order from a Magento front-end, automatically the system updates the inventory of CRM. This result into an improves speed and accuracy of the data. However, bi-directional go far beyond these benefits.

Integration enables Magento to acquire data from different clouds such as sales, marketing, social network, customer service, human resources and others. This real time information on product prices, support, shipping, delivery and other key parameters. On the other hand, CRM can update itself in a near real time on critical parameters like sales volumes. It makes seamless transactions by keeping everyone in the loop and thereby improving decision making at all levels.

How can you Track your customers with Magento and CRM integration?

An Integration lends considerable insights about customers and their transactions. They forecast the potential possibilities and threats accurately. Take for example in a case where a customer who comes to your website and leaves it without doing any favorable purchase. There may be two reasons: first, the visitor came to your website to seek more information or the second is that he did not get what he wanted. Whichever be the reason, this insight allows marketers to choose relevant data from the CRM and engage with insights appropriately.

Now, when the sales are made, it not only sends an alert to the marketers immediately, but also provides critical information that enables them to make effective up-sell and cross-sell frequency. It allows the CRM system to interact with the marketing suite and vice versa. Along with that, it pinpoints the de-duplicate leads, which have already been registered earlier. However, this keeps the CRM system, database as clean as possible and ensures sales reps that have the most up-to-date data   on a lead.

How does Integration improves USER-EXPERIENCE considerably?

  1. A retail management platform who entirely integrates with Magento and the CRM suite, boost the CRM with the ability to extract data and documents from different departments, like goods received notes, purchase orders, packing status notes and much more. This provides a huge possibilities. Customers get latest & transparent status about the process of their service, orders, inquiries and requests.
  2. The integration let marketers pro-actively engage with customers. For example, when a customer logs in, the front end can get stored information regarding preferences and history from the CRM. This process will show an appropriate products bars, load customized settings, and much more.
  3. The integration specifies customer service. For instance, suppose a customer makes changes to her shipping address is gets shared automatically. Moreover, it gets automatically synchronized across the board, thereby, discarding any chance of mix-ups.
  4. It resolves the issues within the time frame and most of the time on proactive basis. For example when a customer abandons a shopping cart, the system of integrated gives data related to the customer from CRM in real time. This enables the marketer to interact with the customer on a customized basis, in near real time.

Thus CRM and Magento integration tracks the customers in an easy and effective manner.


Trusted steps to select the right Magento developer

November 19, 2014 By admin

E-Commerce business is growing at a lightning speed. Like a flooding tide people are utilizing the World Wide Web for their purchases. According to Alexa ranking Magento is used by 26% of the top 1 million websites across the globe. A Magento e-Commerce website is a comprehensive toolset enriched with rich features and flexibility to fuel your success.

Magento the e-Commerce platform is buzzing among the retailers because of its richness in functionality and “open source” nature. But your Magento website can only turn an asset once it is being maneuvered by the right minds. Selection of the right Magento developer is necessary for the development of a robust website.Here’s a quick overview of some of the points to be kept in mind while choosing the right company:

1. Company experience- It is advised to briefly examine company’s portfolio, level of proficiency, the availability of certified developers and their Magento partners.
2. Reviews- Analyze the reviews given by the previous customers in the form of testimonials and Magento community review for the company.
3. Services- Assess the services given by the company on a long term basis and do check whether the company charges fixed rates or works on hourly rates.
4. Other points- Obtain/acquire/have an idea of the company’s system of project communication, especially if the company is in another time zone and also about their project management tools.

A retailer generally makes his mind on estimation of the cost to be invested in development/ migration of his website. The estimated cost may vary as per the demands of the client. The pivotal aspect for every client to receive the best service at minimal investment rates. Here is the brief overview of the points to be kept in mind while determining the budget:

1. Standard project costs – The standard project cost will include:

  • Licensing costs
  • Hosting
  • Payment processing fees
  • Shipping
  • Marketing campaigns and many other costs of running an e-Commerce business

2. Specific/Particular project costs – While developing a specific project the cost depends on certain phases employed in the development process:

a) Planning- This first phase of development is also considered as the most demanding phase. Based on the analysis of the business goals and planning of the design, planning facilitates the beginning of development in a Magento website.
b) Design – The second phase has no definite completion duration. This phase depends on the selection between a responsive and ordinary design, and between generic theme and custom-built themes. Investment in custom themes may turn expensive in the short run, but they definitely attract customers.
c) Development – The third phase is based on individual requirements such as individual request, number of custom features and extensions as well as integrations planned out in the first phase.
d) Support and Optimization – The final phase strikes the onset of the working of your website. Since your store is constantly altered and growing, you will be needing support in terms of testing and optimization which will demand an extra release of budget from your side.

Selection of the company should be based on the quality services provided by a trusted company. Moreover, the services should deliver risk free support. So go for the right selection of the best decision to accelerate your business sales.

Magento – An Undeniable Choice For Your e-Commerce Website

November 1, 2014 By admin

Magento For e-Commerce WebsiteMagento is one of the most prominent and feature rich e-Commerce  software which extends an unmatched flexibility to manage your content. It provides an appealing look and functionality to your e-Commerce store. About 150,000 websites have adopted Magento as a viable e-commerce software. According to Alexa 1 Million Top sites examination, Magento CE has increased its share by 16.5% over the past one year.  Moreover, Google has revealed that the term “Magento” is searched more than the word “e-Commerce”.

Magento is the perfect platform for anybody who wants to develop an online store for his products or to reconfigure an already existing e-Commerce website. It enables you to achieve targeted leads through SEO-friendly websites, segregation of your customers, personalizing shopping with focused marketing of the product and recommendation for Up-sells and Cross-sells. Here are six reasons to choose Magento as a prominent tool to achieve your business targets:

1. Rich in Features and Functionality- Magento offers feature-rich e-Commerce platform  which access customers with complete flexibility and control over the presentation, content, and functionality of their e-Commerce websites. It offers a vast assembly of functionalities to make mobile apps, gift card functionality, CMS pages, configurable pricing, product bundles, multiple images per product, newsletter management, customer groups and advanced stock management.

2. Scalability- One of the most incredible feature of Magento is its scalability which allows both small and large retailers to grow considerably. The compatibility of Magento has escorted a substantial number of retailers to generate a turnover  of  more than 20 million Euros.

3. Integration- The extensible Application Programming Interface enables Magento to build a connection with all kinds of web and standalone applications available around the world. This allows an easy integration between Magento and any third-party application.

4. User Friendly-  A Magento expert design the e-Commerce website to showcase your products in the most promising forms. It embellishes your website by making it clutter free and a precise landing location for the appropriate customers by facilitating all their needs. It specifically offers those products which users are expected to like based on the data available about them through registration and cookies.

5. SEO Friendly- Magento avoids conventional lengthy URL’s staging multiple levels of subcategories. This auto creates  Search Engine Friendly (SEF) URL structures to be simplified and compact. Moreover, other SEO friendly features like Links in the Layered Navigation, Keywords, Descriptions, Sitemaps for search engine submission enhancing the capability of your e-Commerce website.

6. Extensive Community Support- Magento has a huge array of community support  in the form of professional Magento developers  who have developed a large number of extensions.This vast community support is one of  the most reliable platforms to get solutions for all kinds of Magento programming complexities .

Apparently, this is the reason why Magento is the best e-Commerce platform, a choice of more than 200,000 retailers in the world. Samsung, Ford, Fox Connect, Lenovo, Olympus, Men’s Health, Vizio, Christian Louboutin, Nike and Nestle Nespresso are among the famous brands who have adopted Magento as a means to reach their online business goals.