ECommerce Platforms: Magento vs Shopify – [An Infographic]

July 24, 2018 By Tuhina

Establish an online store is a difficult process that includes numerous expensive decisions that may potentially influence your business negatively. Choosing the best possible eCommerce platform can be challenging. The present market offers you a large number of choices, one is superior to another.

So if you are debating between the best two ecommerce platfrom that is Magento and Shopify which one is best, look no further.

Here you will discover valuable information that will help you in your choice between the two stages platforms.

  • Shopify is a paid platform while Magento Community is a free, open-source software this implies that you can go wild with customizations and make exactly the kind of shop you require.
  • Shopify is a perfect for a common businessman who doesn’t want to mess up with complicated codes. On the other hand, Magento is more suitable for large businesses.
  • Magento comes with a expert look and well-organized categories. It offers the top-quality eCommerce performance and lots of options to help you in building your ideal online store.
  • There are lots of options for application and add-ons both in Magento Extension Store, and Shopify app store. But Magento is a winner here with a number of its extensions having more than 5000.

Just take a look at the following infographic that compares the important aspects of Magento and Shopify e commerce platforms –

In conclusion, Magento is a free and powerful platform, insures versatility and proficient admin management of customers, orders and products. Shopify will guarantee that you have a friendly and moderate administrator panel.

Thus, when it comes to choosing between Magento and Shopify, it’s not that difficult for us to help diagnose which is a better fit quickly.


Maximizing Magento Performance – [An Infographic]

June 20, 2018 By Tuhina

Performance plays an important role in the success of eCommerce stores. Conversion rates completely depends on how quick or slow your site is. Even milliseconds matter! Online business page speed is important. Nobody likes slow checkouts. In gernel a product page that takes more than 3s to load is irritating.

Slow stores make low sales! For Magento stores, Magento Performance Optimizing is one of the essential factors to lead your work more successful. Online store’s slow performance may be a basic factor in your customer’s purchasing choice.

Optimization of any Magento store is a must. Both desktop and mobile visitors prefer quick online stores which provide pleasant user experience. Slow stores make low sales. Therefore, each Magento store entrepreneur should concern about site speed.

If you need to keep customers stay longer with you if you bring the remarkable experience during the time they spent on your site. In this way, a perfect online store is the one which is more friendly with visitors as it increasing conversion rate as well as optimizing the revenue become easier and easier.

Check out infographic by “nexcess” below will give you some tips to maximizing Magento performance.

Do you think it is so irritating if your customers need to browse through five similar pages at your website? Of course, they will be never patient to wait for the delay.Thus invest in Magento performance optimization as soon as possible.



[Infographics]: WooCommerce Versus Magento

March 28, 2018 By Anu

Commerce industry is the quickest developing and overstuffed with powerful platforms like WooCommerce and Magento. These two are  the most famous e-commerce solutions in the currently available in the market. At the point when assembled, they all collectively run in excess of 2.5 M online stores!

Sharing an Infographic by nimbusthemes below to make the right choice.


WooCommerce Versus Magento: Final Choice

There isn’t definite answer what is the best platform to run your e-store. We examined the supreme pioneers in eCommerce, with respect to features and innovation. Your decision should rely on your budget, business size, and final objectives.Every one of them is perfect for various vendors.

Magento is a superior alternative to large enterprises or organizations that manage stores for the benefit of their customers. It is additionally the best decision for B2B organizations.

WooCommerce is flawless to little or fair size organizations and reasonable even to no tech-rats. It is likewise an incredible decision to dealers who as of now run WP destinations.

T-Shirt Design Studio

oCodewire T-Shirt Design Studio Extension Demo : Video

March 30, 2016 By admin

With Ocodewire T-shirt design studio we made it very easy to design t-shirt using your own Ocodewire Designer Extension. If you want to increase the customer interest and to make your store better from others you just need to provide this amazing feature to your customers. By using this extension your customer will be able to make changes in the products such as adding colours, text, upload images, upload clip art and add number and name on that product. On the other hand, as an admin you also have the permission to set the price of any text, clip art, images, name and numbers. You can upload the designs patterns for a particular product as preference.

If you have any confusion, how to start with it, we are sharing a Demo video for the same. Have a look.

Top Questions to Ask before you Pick a T-shirt design Studio Extension?

1. Do I really need this tool?

Nowadays everybody is integrating t-shirt design software into their online stores doesn’t mean you need to do it too. First, you need to decide will it be going to help for your business? There is a probability that you are targeting a demographic that is also interested in designing it’s own T-shirts, Then it will be a wise choice too use oCodewire T-Shirt Design Studio Extension.

2. Can you make the necessary investment?

If you want too limit to a specific budget, you need to make sure you can actually afford this software.

3. How do I find a tshirt design studio tool?

You need to make sure that the software has the entire user and admin oriented features that you want from it. To find software that helps users to design their T-shirts is not difficult. Just enter the phrase ‘T-shirt design software’ in Google, and you will be presented with lots of options. You need to make a list of the companies whose design software you like, and test their demo versions. Make your choice based on which one of the software pieces was the most comfortable to work with and offered the most comprehensive range of features.

Social Stream Magento Extension

oCodewire Social Stream Magento Extension Demo: Video

March 15, 2016 By admin

Here we are back with the demo guide to the Social Stream Magento Extension. Hope our previous demos have helped you in downloading and installing the extensions. So let’s start with what is “Social Stream Magento Extension”? By using this extension, you can share the latest social media updates in the form of a stream on the Left/Right Sidebar or on the CMS page in your Magento Store. With this extension, you can also display the latest social media sites and the deals, offers and product information, if any. Social Stream Magento Extension is managed from the admin panel, you just need to enable it and fill your credentials to display the Tweets, Facebook posts, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, Flickr and Tumblr activities on your Magento eCommerce store. The only three steps you need to do are – purchase, download and install. For installing, you can use magento connect or FTP method.

Here is a video to help you in the step-by-step installation of the extension:

Best features of Social Stream Magento extension:

  1. Admin Panel has full control
  2. No need to edit codes
  3. Display social post with the posting time or day
  4. Option to select left /right bar
  5. An option to share the social post on multiple social media sites
  6. 100% open source

Hope you liked it! Leave your comments below:


magento multi vendor extension

Multi Vendor Marketplace Magento® Extension Demo : Video

March 4, 2016 By admin

Multi vendor magento extension provides you the functionality to convert your magento store into a marketplace. This enables the vendors to promote their products from a single store. The best thing about it is that a customer can easily buy from any number of vendors at the same time. Admin has full control over the vendors and vendor products.
magento multi vendor extension
Let’s start with the First step of installation – how to install this extension once you have purchased and downloaded the extension.

1. Go to admin panel>system>Magento connect > Magento connect manager
2. Login with the user name and password you have
3. Go to extensions> Choose file from your system
4. Upload the file> package> choose file and upload it
5. Return to admin
6. You will get the option of MVM Marketplace
7. Go to front end> Register > Give personal information
8. If you want to become vendor then tick on Yes if no then on No
9. Once you have registered go to MVM Marketplace
10. Manage vendors>you can check the status of your account

If you have any confusion regarding the right options (there are many more you will come across) while installing the extension, watch the video.

OCodewire One Page Checkout Extension Demo

OCodewire One Page Checkout Extension Demo – Video

February 17, 2016 By admin

Magento Ocodewire one page check out extension makes checkout process easier for the customers. This extension reduces the hassle of long and multiple steps checkout.

To clear any confusion, here is a video to learn installation of oCodewire One Page Extension in detail.

You can also follow these simple steps to install One Page Checkout Extension:

Step 1: Unzip the Zip archive on your computer.

Step 2: Use FTP client to transfer all the folders in the ZIP directly to your Magento root.

Step 3: Login to your Magento Admin panel.

Step 4: Go to the system and click on the Magento Connect manager.

Step 5: Enter your Magento username and password for the Magento connect Manager. Under the direct package file upload section, click on the file button.

Step 6: Select the file and click upload.

Step 7: Click on return to admin.

Step 8: Go to the system and clear your cache through the Magento admin. Logout and login again, and navigate to the system. Now you will see one page checkout extension under the sales tab.

Step 9: Activate one page checkout and configure.

Step 10: At the end check the working of extension.


Magento Guruincsite Infection : Malware affecting your store

October 20, 2015 By admin

Dear Customers / Magento Store owner,

We have noticed a recent spurt in client websites being affected by malwares and hence Google banning the website and browsers showing warning. This type of malware infection was seen affecting only the php or wordpress sites in the past. Upon thorough inspection and working around couple sites we came to know about a new Magento security exploit that is currently being tracked as “Guruincsite Infection.” As of the time of this writing, Google has already identified and blacklisted 7,000 sites and we expect this number to continue to increase as more infections occur.


The attack exploits a flaw in the Magmi Magento extension that allows the remote attacker to inject malicious iframes for “guruincsite[.]com” into the site. The malicious code is normally injected into the design/footer/absolute_footer of the core_config_data database table.

If you currently use the Magmi extension, we strongly recommend removing it immediately or locking it down to IP-based authentication. If you are not sure if you use Magmi or if you are not sure how you should lock it down, please let our support staff know immediately and we would be happy to assist you.

oCodewire Magento Team

email message

Is your Magento website patched against the new Shoplift Bug?

April 24, 2015 By admin

The Magento E-commerce platform, used by numerous online retailers was recently is news for a critical vulnerability.

The security firm Check Point had discovered a massive security flaw in Magento that could have given attackers access to customer’s information and scope of massive data theft. This vulnerability allowed the hackers to work on PHP codes on the web server of the store and divert the platfrom’s security process, giving hackers the administrative access to the system.

The issue was present in Magento’s core. This meant any website that is running on old or default version of Enterprise and Community edition is vulnerable, unless patched with latest security updates. 
Magento had notified its registered users against this latest security and also sent security patches that were to be updated asap.

Ebay, the owner of Magento E-commerce platform was informed about the vulnerability by Check Point some time back in January this year. However the full disclosure was only made by Check Point on April 22, 2015 after Magento had sufficient time to notify its users and send them updated security patches.

Shahar Tal, Check Point’s Malware and Vulnerability Research Manager was quoted saying through a press realease, “The vulnerability we uncovered represents a significant threat not to just one store, but to all of the retail brands that use the Magento platform for their online stores.”

Magento had notified and emailed the security update to all registered accounts. In case you’re using Magento Community or Enterprise Edition you’re open to remote code execution. Therefore, you’re recommended to get the security patched updated at the earliest.

Here’s a snippet of the email message send by Magento regarding the security update.
email message

Experience Developer

7 Major Factors to Consider While Hiring a Magento Developer

April 16, 2015 By admin

“What factors should I consider while choosing the best Magento Developers?” The question is more likely to be in your thoughts, if making a remarkable Magento website is your chief objective.

Online shopping is in trend and people are utilizing the technology to the maximum, satisfying their needs and living a comfortable lifestyle. The trend has resulted into the emergence of numerous e-commerce website.

Everyday, millions of people are heading towards the online stores to get their desired item and services without going to any virtual store. Retailers are using every possible strategy to provide a high quality shopping experience to their customers. Perhaps, to receive heavy ROI from your website you need to have a complete hold over the website.

Magento Developers

If you have chosen Magento, you are on the right track. As, you have the best open source platform to get all your objectives fulfilled. Nevertheless, picking the right Magento developer can be a crucial decision making act. Here is what you can consider making the decision a success driving step.

Ten factors to consider before choosing Magento developer:

Factor 1- Experience

Experience and knowledge of the developer are the most important factor which determines the development of a dynamic website.

Assure yourself that the developer you are hiring has enough work experience and adequate knowledge about the platform. As the standard of the e-commerce store depends on these specifications. For this, analyze the portfolio of the company or the developer, consider going through the feedbacks and testimonials from their previous clients.

Experience Developer

It is very important that the company you are going to choose has done quality work before. If it is a promising company it will certainly have success stories: customer testimonials, reviews and case studies. You can easily get this information on their website or else you can ask for it from the company. Consider these points to get a quality developer hired for your work.

• Effective communication between the stakeholders and developers.
• On time delivery of the project.
• How effectively, they managed things?
• Response of the former customer (good/bad)

Factor 2- Portfolio Speaks
The portfolio of the company or the developer speaks a lot. It tells us about the company’s commitment to the clients, number of projects delivered and so on so forth. To make the the large picture small, it gives us a clear idea about the working style of the developer.

A good development team will have a good resource team with enough backup resources. Do find the number of developers in the company. Also remember the main key elements behind the success of the website development is the methodologies and process used in it. Therefore, ensure that the company uses the right methodology and process.

Factor 3- Development Support
Post development support is an important aspect to ensure that bugs and issues are solved before your e-commerce solution goes live on the internet. Post-development process becomes necessary so that customers don’t suffer. Here are the reasons why you need post development support:

• Better performance of the e-commerce solution
• Integrating the solution with a business application.
• Addition of features and functionality for new user requirements.
• Improving reliability and efficiency of the solution.
• Third party integration and customization

So make sure the Magento development company has a strong support mechanism. is one such Magento solution provider who provides a high quality and on time Magento support.

Factor 4- Communication mechanism
It is essential that the developers and retailers communicate in an effective manner. This has to go right from the start till the final delivery. Especially in the case of offshore development projects.

Here are some methods which can be considered in case of communication:
• Video and audio conferencing
• Chat tools
• Sharing Application
• State of art infrastructure
• No lingual biasness

Factor 5- High end resources
As, I have mentioned before, high quality resources: enough number of designers and developers are a must for the good productivity of your project. Along with that what matters is premium quality internet speed 24*7, backup for power and effective mode of well versed communication medium.

Factor 6- Safety and security
With numerous benefits to fetch us unending profits, doing online business can come with several cyber crimes: particularly in the form of attacking your website. Therefore, is necessary to assure that the developer or the agency you are hiring is well versed all the security measures. Moreover, Magento gets continuously updated, so it is necessary that your developer keeps up cutting edge knowledge about the protection updates.

Factor 7- Pricing
It is needful, that you get what you have paid for. While you are searching the most suitable company, you may come across several companies who will make your website at low rates. But, in this case the quality of the website may suffer drastically. Therefore, do enough research before approving your final developer. Paying a little extra for a great website is never a bad deal.

Creating a Magento based e-commerce solution is not an easy task. It needs in-depth technical expertise. In addition, overlooking the cut-throat competition in the e-commerce world may agitate your online business.

Nobody can afford a low quality website which is a liability rather than an asset. Therefore, hire a development partner who is capable of delivering much more than desired result, someone who manages your project effectively to ensure your success. If you have any questions, feel free to talk to us.