Hot e-Commerce Trends to Bloom This Year

Hot E-commerce Trends to Bloom This Year: An Infographic

April 2, 2016 By admin

With the changing technology, E-commerce is becoming the most preferred platform for marketers for marketing and promoting their brands/ products. E-commerce platform can ideally be used for shopping purposes. The number of users making purchases online continues to increase. The online stores help to enrich the marketing of the stores by extending the number of viewers who are on your site or considering your online store. There are many ways you can promote your products and boost your sales. Here is how:

Hot e-Commerce Trends to Bloom This Year

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Infographic: Follow Six Steps And Take Your Business To Great Heights

October 21, 2014 By admin


The latest statics opine that by 2016, the world retail market will spend more than half of its currency on the web. This process encompasses numerous online marketing techniques by almost every business firm to achieve targeted heights. As the competition is composed of complex process you need to weild in certain real workable strategies. Here are six ways which will encapture unending traffic on your website and will take your business reach new ravishing records.

1. Amalgamate Smartphones and promotion- The forecast of mobile taking over the desktop by the end of the year, as 5 out of every 6th consumers today shop online and 75% of the folks in the world take their phones to their washrooms. Exploit mobile in the best form to reach out to your audience.

2. Employ Blogs, generate traffic- Today blogs influence 63% more purchases in the retail market than the magazine. Moreover, it gives 97% more lead to your website if it’s indexed. Implantation of constant attractive and informative blogs will make things work for you.

3. Articles with pictures Infographics and Videos- The ideal nature of the human is to read what strikes their for visual pleasure. The sources prove that about 95% of the articles viewed everyday are the ones with the appealing pictures. SEO using interesting videos gets 53 times more first page search results than the traditional techniques. Another interest provoking attraction can be in the form of infographics, the compact content with more pictorial representation of it enlarges the traffic to 12% more than the ones who don’t use it.

4. Social media sites- Social media being the prime buzz among every age group procures 46% users to do online purchase every day. Hence, the introduction of interesting posts on your social media pages will definitely increase your ROI.

5. Email marketing- The average return on every $1 spent on mail marketing is $44.25 and the world wide web has about 3.9 billion email accounts around the globe. This huge array of audience is the best option to reach your suitable consumers.

6. Nourish your leads- Your SEO expert must have achieved definite leads after constant efforts, but 79% of the leads in the online marketing world doesn’t transform into sale. The reason is lack of continuous nourishment in the form of attractive content, remember that more than 47% purchase are obtained by finely nourishing your leads.

The right techniques of online marketing and E- commerce can take your business to great heights. Therefore, hire an expert to boost your entire promotional activity on the internet as an amateur will not be aware about the tiny key concerns necessary for the online marketing.

Make a trustworthy website

Infographic: Various Ways To Build A Trustworthy Website

October 4, 2014 By admin


You know how to make a website. Great! But, did you know how to make your website more trustworthy and relevant. Making a website is not a big task in these days, the main task is how to increase the trust of your readers, customers regarding your website. If you don’t  have such things, then you will not be able to get traffic. Generally, After a certain time there are panda and penguin updates, so be aware about that. Don’t over-optimized content, keyword stuff, then the chances of being penalized increase.

But it is not necessary that only these points matter. The main thing is if your website is trustworthy and relevant to search engine then no need to worry about any algorithm update. “TRUST” matters a lot than other small steps.

We just need to take care of small points about which we already know, but still ignored by us. We think about large steps sometime which are the reason of being penalized. Here we have some points which make your website stand out in the crowd and more trustworthy for users also. Check these few steps and check the results:

Trustworthy Domain: At very first, during the process of making website this strikes in our mind that from where we can buy domain, how it should be, for how long I should buy, so that I will able to get profit. For this, I like to suggest that buy domain at-least for 2years and your detail must be public i.e who-is. Then you can easily get a customer’s trust as they are able to see your information. Nothing is hidden, and proper information is there means you are real not fake. More domain time because you also need time to build your website and introduce to the world, then you will start getting peoples’ interest.

Company Details: As in previous, when you are going to sell something, your visitors/buyers want to know about you and your business. So, be attentive and provide correct information regarding your contact number, physical address, email and all. Remember, never try to use answering machines during working hours. It may be a cause of bad impact on your reputation. Try to show people trust faces, stories, videos on your contact page.

Generate Backlinks from Trustworthy Sites: Backlinking is the kind of link received by your site from another site. Your website quality also depends upon it. The topic is if you have a link from Google trusty sites, then they are beneficial for you, but if you take link from the spammed site, then in future it will be a cause of making your website down. Just remember that submit links to quality sites not to each and every without checking its quality.

On-Page Optimization: As we know that on-page is the main part of the website. It is the main section in building Google’s trust regarding your website. Check the meta description of every page and avoid using excess plagiarism for your website. Make sure you link to trusted sites and also try to link back to trusted and authority sites like .org and .edu .

Authority Backlinks: Higher the authority of the page and domain, then the backlink from that is also beneficial. As you have a more high page and domain authority links than you are also going to get more trust value then other.

Build Your Reputation: Reputation is also acting as the main part of the website. As, it is necessary to build interest of customer’s regarding your website. Also, add your various social followings. Good reviews generate more customers and it also represents the quality of your products/services. Show how many customers you have, during start, it is also valuable. Show testimonials for your website.

High Quality Product Pages: When customer use to visit your website to buy something, then the main target is images. From where the customer check the products and just making trust on them, one use to order the product. So, images should be of high quality to increase conversion rate. Mainly the reason behind the poor conversion is badly designed product pages. Try to provide images from various angles, one image isn’t enough.

Quality of Content: Quality, Quality and Quality………… Everywhere quality is required, either you are writing content, making backlinks or performing any task. Then the question arises that Why is it so necessary?

For, best website, best SEO and high results, you must have to pay high attention regarding these minor concepts. Unique content is the first requirement, but it is also necessary that your content has a quality. Make it short and attractive. It should not be like you have one topic and you write 700 words, but nothing is clear there about your product and services. Write precise and make it informative. So, always try to write quality content for your website because if your website provide good and relevant information then Google will surely like it. Just remember trust value is increased by humans, write for humans, it will automatically generate trust for search engines.

Clearly Mention Your Policies: It is plus point when you make your policies accessible to your customers. Every company/business has their own policies. Make it clear and available to users. Display every information regarding buying, shipping, return policy and if any other. Instead of displaying it during checkout, be sure everything is clear before make an order.

Make a Trusty Checkout Page: At the end, when your visitor going to convert into customer. Your checkout page must be that kind of reliable so that not any visitor goes back. Make it short and brief that every information is displayed in that one step.

SSL Certificate Website: Most of the customers are very sensitive, and want to know that their information is secure. If you are SSL certified then it will be beneficial for you. It will help you to protect sensitive data like credit, debit card numbers and also personal information of customers. It assures your customers that you are trustworthy. While all sites don’t require SSL certificate, but for eCommerce sites, you need it. Because, as a merchant, you have a lot of responsibilities- protect the information you collect from customers. If someone gets access to your customer’s credit information just because you don’t care about their personal information. Then it will cause severe shock. Just be careful about securing their information. Try to get an SSL certificate for your payment page, which also build customer’s trust for your website.