Infographic: Why & How to use Video Marketing for Ecommerce Business?

October 8, 2014 By admin

Why & How to use Video Marketing for ecommerce business?


Many business owners already used the video’s for their business success & succeed to achieve targets. It’s really surprising fact that the retailers who are using video to describe their product, sell more than who don’t. If you are not using video on your website so, it’s not too late. You can still make your business more profitable with the videos.

We can’t ignore the written product description because it is the most important & great way to describe the product, but the video is the only medium which grab customers & their interest on the product and encourage them to purchase that product from your store. Have a look on the below facts about video marketing.


  • -> 85% customers, more likely to make a purchase after watching a product video.
  • -> 90% online business owner said they find video helpful to improve customer interest to buy product from their store.
  • -> 53% customers said that YouTube video influenced them to purchase at least once from that store.
  • -> Retailers said that the emails consisting video, increases the click-through-rates by 200% to 300%.


I hope these points are sufficient to you to decide why video marketing is important for your online business. If not, so let’s discuss about the benefits.


Benefits of Video Marketing:

Save Visitors Time & Efforts: The visitors find the videos are easier to understand as well as helpful to save their time. Video’s save their time to understand the complex & unclear written points.

Improve The Trust Factors Among The Visitors : The testimonial is an important features on website to increase the visitors trust. The vistors like that website where they will see the video testimonial. As well motivate them to share your product with others.

Drive More Traffic: It is the best way to engage visitors & engage them long lasting. Everyone loves to watch video rather than to read a written product description.

Engage Customers / Decrease Bounce Rate: People spend more time on the website, if they find their videos.

Above, you have read about the videos benefits & facts in an online business. But, don’t forget that online videos are only helpful, if you learn how to use it.


Tips to Use Video for Marketing:

Keep Your Customers in Mind: Always focus on your customers & their interests while creating a video. Find out how video is helpful to them & why they watch that video.

Make It Personal: The customers praise that store & believe to purchase from the store where they get the personal touch in conversation. Whenever you are going to create a video always address your customers in that.

Be Meaningful and Informative: For better sales result, never promote your site or products only. It’s affecting your marketing goals, so it’s better to give the tips to use the product ( if any) & show the advanced features of the product.

Create How To Video: There are more than 70% users who prefer How-to video rather than any other.

Keep Video Simple & Short: Sometime visitors don’t have much time, so they prefer short video as compare to long.

Use Annotations: By adding annotations, it’s easy to increase the customer curiosity on the video. More than 90% people check the next video.


Rule To Create A Video: Must follow this rule to create a video:

A- Attention:
I- Interest
D- Desire
C- Conviction
A- Action

Make a trustworthy website

Infographic: Various Ways To Build A Trustworthy Website

October 4, 2014 By admin


You know how to make a website. Great! But, did you know how to make your website more trustworthy and relevant. Making a website is not a big task in these days, the main task is how to increase the trust of your readers, customers regarding your website. If you don’t  have such things, then you will not be able to get traffic. Generally, After a certain time there are panda and penguin updates, so be aware about that. Don’t over-optimized content, keyword stuff, then the chances of being penalized increase.

But it is not necessary that only these points matter. The main thing is if your website is trustworthy and relevant to search engine then no need to worry about any algorithm update. “TRUST” matters a lot than other small steps.

We just need to take care of small points about which we already know, but still ignored by us. We think about large steps sometime which are the reason of being penalized. Here we have some points which make your website stand out in the crowd and more trustworthy for users also. Check these few steps and check the results:

Trustworthy Domain: At very first, during the process of making website this strikes in our mind that from where we can buy domain, how it should be, for how long I should buy, so that I will able to get profit. For this, I like to suggest that buy domain at-least for 2years and your detail must be public i.e who-is. Then you can easily get a customer’s trust as they are able to see your information. Nothing is hidden, and proper information is there means you are real not fake. More domain time because you also need time to build your website and introduce to the world, then you will start getting peoples’ interest.

Company Details: As in previous, when you are going to sell something, your visitors/buyers want to know about you and your business. So, be attentive and provide correct information regarding your contact number, physical address, email and all. Remember, never try to use answering machines during working hours. It may be a cause of bad impact on your reputation. Try to show people trust faces, stories, videos on your contact page.

Generate Backlinks from Trustworthy Sites: Backlinking is the kind of link received by your site from another site. Your website quality also depends upon it. The topic is if you have a link from Google trusty sites, then they are beneficial for you, but if you take link from the spammed site, then in future it will be a cause of making your website down. Just remember that submit links to quality sites not to each and every without checking its quality.

On-Page Optimization: As we know that on-page is the main part of the website. It is the main section in building Google’s trust regarding your website. Check the meta description of every page and avoid using excess plagiarism for your website. Make sure you link to trusted sites and also try to link back to trusted and authority sites like .org and .edu .

Authority Backlinks: Higher the authority of the page and domain, then the backlink from that is also beneficial. As you have a more high page and domain authority links than you are also going to get more trust value then other.

Build Your Reputation: Reputation is also acting as the main part of the website. As, it is necessary to build interest of customer’s regarding your website. Also, add your various social followings. Good reviews generate more customers and it also represents the quality of your products/services. Show how many customers you have, during start, it is also valuable. Show testimonials for your website.

High Quality Product Pages: When customer use to visit your website to buy something, then the main target is images. From where the customer check the products and just making trust on them, one use to order the product. So, images should be of high quality to increase conversion rate. Mainly the reason behind the poor conversion is badly designed product pages. Try to provide images from various angles, one image isn’t enough.

Quality of Content: Quality, Quality and Quality………… Everywhere quality is required, either you are writing content, making backlinks or performing any task. Then the question arises that Why is it so necessary?

For, best website, best SEO and high results, you must have to pay high attention regarding these minor concepts. Unique content is the first requirement, but it is also necessary that your content has a quality. Make it short and attractive. It should not be like you have one topic and you write 700 words, but nothing is clear there about your product and services. Write precise and make it informative. So, always try to write quality content for your website because if your website provide good and relevant information then Google will surely like it. Just remember trust value is increased by humans, write for humans, it will automatically generate trust for search engines.

Clearly Mention Your Policies: It is plus point when you make your policies accessible to your customers. Every company/business has their own policies. Make it clear and available to users. Display every information regarding buying, shipping, return policy and if any other. Instead of displaying it during checkout, be sure everything is clear before make an order.

Make a Trusty Checkout Page: At the end, when your visitor going to convert into customer. Your checkout page must be that kind of reliable so that not any visitor goes back. Make it short and brief that every information is displayed in that one step.

SSL Certificate Website: Most of the customers are very sensitive, and want to know that their information is secure. If you are SSL certified then it will be beneficial for you. It will help you to protect sensitive data like credit, debit card numbers and also personal information of customers. It assures your customers that you are trustworthy. While all sites don’t require SSL certificate, but for eCommerce sites, you need it. Because, as a merchant, you have a lot of responsibilities- protect the information you collect from customers. If someone gets access to your customer’s credit information just because you don’t care about their personal information. Then it will cause severe shock. Just be careful about securing their information. Try to get an SSL certificate for your payment page, which also build customer’s trust for your website.

featured images- blog_post-_various_way_to_use_content

Various Ways to Reutilize Your Previous Content

September 16, 2014 By admin

Content is the main part of the advertisement. Everyone know about the benefits of unique and informative content very well. In today’s trend what we do is just create a content and use it once and after that nothing. Its like huge wastage of your content. You hire people for this and pay large amount for that. So, I think we have to utilize that content properly which give us profit of same level, what we spent on it. Here, I’m not talking to use post same content in various website, but we can use it in different ways which also protect us from duplicacy of data.

There are also few companies which are totally depend upon content, mean to say content marketing. After understanding their needs, its good process to start reposting your content in different form. By doing this you can easily create your customers interest in your posts. Just to start utilizing your content. Make your content life double and help to maintain your budget also.

As content creation is also time consuming task. For small firms having small staff, it is necessary to take step which will be beneficial in all ways. Thing to remember how to handle that one by using different ways which will also increase firm’s visibility, credibility also reinforcing your brand.

After following just a few steps you can :

  • # Able to generate new content easily
  • # Take more from your current content
  • # Provide your readers about which they are looking for


Here, are few steps which will help you to increase the durability of your current content. These will help you in many ways:


1. Use Content In Different Formats

Before changing your current content to another one check the preference of audience. Need to analyse what is the current requirement. Then don’t to be afraid to take same topics and repurpose them into another formats. It can be changed into slide share presentation, video and also an infographic. Your customers or we can say readers will read the information in the format that suits them best.

  • # Create blog posts and article: In someones words: “Converting a listicle into a series of individual pieces of content
  • # Create a presentation
  • # Build an infographic
  • # Create a pinterest instructographic
  • # Refresh and republish old posts
  • # Re-promote to social media
  • # Try to create an e-Book
  • # Create a video series

2. Use According to Variety Of Audience

No of visitors use to come to our website. Everyone have there own way to read your content. After this we can say, you can transform your blog post into a guide, pdf and other to download it. The more in depth format of a webinar will likely attract engagement from individuals who have a interest in your services.

3. Check You List

If your content post as a blog format is more popular, then post try to reuse it differently. Like just take ideas from that and in another format make points or try to explain them in other way.

4. Try To Revise Your Content

Most of content of website never checked by visitors. They just searched for there query and then leave it. So, make some plans to show that hidden posts, content public. Means resuse same at same place just revise readers that some other information is also there.


Benefits Of Repurposing Content

Re-purposing content is the need of time because then you will be able to save precious time and make strategies to increase productivity. Someone describes in his words : “Create less, promote more

The main advantages of reposting content are like:

  • # Some part of previous content is like which generate good opportunities to target number of keywords. So we can take that content and use it to get quality backlinks for our website.
  • # Number of content/posts are there which act as a hidden to readers because of some reasons. So, make it visible to every type of customer by reusing it. Try to reuse it for different mediums that allows you to meet audience.
  • # Gain authority like after posting your content on different places related to some topic, which will help you to raise profile in the industry.



the best social media for online business

Infographic: How to Choose the Best Social Media Platform For A Business

September 12, 2014 By admin


How to Choose the Best Social Media Platform for Your Ecommerce Business


Why social media is important for eCommerce business ?
In 2013 Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest generated 75% of all social media referred sales.

# 90% of purchases are made in parallel with social media influence.
# 67% spends more for online purchases upon social media recommendations.
# 40% purchase an item after sharing it on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.
# 3.2 average unique visitor per share in social media tools.


1. Facebook could be best- aim is to reach new people to increase your potential customers.
2. The popularity of Facebook among youth has decreased.
3. 70% of the adult Facebook users actively continues using it.
4. Facebook is still the most popular platform with 1.3 billion user around the World.
5. It has 955 millions of monthly active users and 543 millions of mobile users.
6. Best for reaching larger customer masses.
7. 39% of Facebook users will “Like” a brand in order to research a product.

How to get benefits with Facebook
a) Use creative cover photos.
b) Create direct links to your products.
c) Use brief on posts and updates.
d) Keep posting 1-2 content on daily basis without annoying them.
e) Share posts during out of working hours.


1. LinkedIn could be to share for business world or create business contacts.
2. The users of LinkedIn have high income and high education level.
3. LinkedIn is one of the most important channels for the sell-side b2b e-commerce sites.

How to get benefits with LinkedIn

a) Create a company page.
b) Building Business Networks.


1. Visual content is so important for eCommerce sites.
2. Direct the users by sharing the high quality photos and prices of your products.
3. The Pinterest is having more female user than male.
3. If your target audience is female.
4. There are about 5,00,000 Pinterest business accounts and 70 million Pinterest users in the world.

How to get benefits with Pinterest

a) Create a business account.
b) Categorize “boards” by your products.
c) Regularly updated new pins, contents and photos.
d) Connect your Pinterest account with other social media networks.
e) Add product URL links to your pins.
f) Use detailed and high-quality photos, videos.
g) Talk about recently and create pins and boards focusing on these trends.


1. Twitter could be best if your target is to reach both female and male customers especially young people.
2. Twitter draw young people’s interest and provides much more interaction in comparison to Facebook.
3. If you primarily need to contact with your customers,it would be effective to use Twitter actively.

How to get benefits with Twitter

a) Add company information, location and web address in a Twitter account.
b) Add Twitter button on the website.
c) Avoid using cliche and stock phrases.
d) Ask followers for their ideas.
e) Tweet about popular and trending topics.
f) Retweet positive tweets.
g) Create clever Twitter campaigns.


1. Google+ is the better choice for display advertising because it has superior CPC performance & improved ad targeting options.

2. It is the most popular media to share your content with Google.



How to create an effective landing page

Infographic: How to Create an Effective Landing Page

June 30, 2014 By admin

Make your website more productive & to increase the sales rate by creating an attractive landing page on site. Learn the tips to build a landing page, rules to create a landing page, mistakes while creating landing page etc.

landing page is the page a visitor arrives at on your website after clicking an ad (for example, a Google text ad or display ad). A landing page is a web page that allows you to capture a visitor’s information through a lead form.

Tips to create an effective landing page

































































































Before Building a Landing Page

  • Make strategy to determine goals: Have a clear goal in mind and define the purpose of the landing page and where and how it is going to be used.
  • Find your competitors
  • Concentrate on your audience & their requirements
  • Make landing page design simple and clean?

 Tips To Build A Landing Page:

  • Clear call to action
  • Use eye-catching headlines– Ensure the visitor immediately what the page is about
  • Use clear & relevant images – Include videos, graphs, tables or other media forms, etc.
  • Follow- up with thank you page
  • Use Social channels– Include social channels so that the customers know they can reach you directly with any questions
  • Use brand’s colors and logo at the top of the eCommerce website landing page
  • Social proof: Testimonials can make a huge difference when it comes to conversions
  • Human photos on a website definitely have positive impact on visitor’s first impression of trustworthiness
  • Should include a simple and visible Shipping and Returns policy

Use CONVERTS Rule to Create a Landing page:

C= Clear Call to Action
O= Offer
N= Narrow Focus
V= VIA: Very Important Attributes
E= Effective Headline
R= Resolution-Savvy Layout
T= Tidy Visuals
S= Social Proof

Common Landing Page Mistakes:

  • Invisble Call-to-action – Build a button that stands out clearly; use a bold color that’s different from the background
  • Overcrowding
  • Poor written headlines
  • Lack of clarity
  • Not following A/B testing
  • lack credibility
  • Not optimized for mobile devices( image)
  • Don’t follow the customer thought sequence
  • Use trust badges we trust
  • High page loading speed

Fact About a Landing Page:

Every three visits to leading eCommerce websites came from either a tablet or smartphone last year – Growth of 50% over 2012’s figures.



Best Way to Convert PSD to Magento

April 22, 2014 By admin

What is Magento?

Magento is a feature-rich eCommerce platform built on an open source technology that enables to run an online store. It offers countless products and categories for which you have to run the Magento shop on a dedicated server to keep your website faster. Magento is the most demanding shopping cart among all the eCommerce platforms available.

What is PSD?

Besides the Large Document Format, PSD is the default file format, that supports all the photoshop features. Unlike web images, it has many layers. Also, while saving a PSD, it offers the option to set a preference to maximize file compatibility.

PSD to Magento conversion is one of the best and premium conversion service provided by our oCodewire experts.


How the Process Takes Place?

PSD to Magento conversion

Basically, the process takes place in five simple steps. Here, we go:

Step 1:  Make Your Designs Strong & Intense

When opting for PSD to Magento conversion, make sure your designs to be very strong and intense so that you could stand in the market and create a very strong impact on your audience.

Make structure as simple as possible but effective using suitable color combinations and graphics.


Step 2: Slicing of PSD Designs

Now, the actual step comes as here you have to do the slicing of PSD designs as per the requirements. Slicing is considered as one of the major step in PSD to Magento conversion. Besides this, save different sliced elements as separate image files for the coding stage.


Step 3: Convert PSD to HTML / XHTML CSS

After completing the slicing of PSD designs, now comes the conversion process. In this step, all the coding is done to convert the slicing elements into HTML / XHTML and CSS. It is considered as the primary step in PSD to Magento Conversion.


Step 4: Magento Integration

After conversion, the next step demands integration of HTML / XHTML themes/templates into Magento CMS. Take this step properly and wisely as this step requires development of all the directories and sub-directories  that are essential to work your online store without any issues.


Step 5: Testing and QA

After integration of HTML and CSS files into Magento theme, now put your online store on the testing process so that you can assure whether your store is running smoothly or not like loading faster, quality assurance etc.

So, this is how the process of converting PSD to Magento takes place.