10 Tips for a Great Ecommerce Website To Maximize Your Business Success

June 14, 2018 By Tuhina

Today, people love the accommodation of ordering online. It saves their time and a trip to go to the local store, making e-commerce an adaptable solution for both businesses and buyers. But if an eCommerce site is poorly built, or not clear about its pricing and strategies, or doesn’t offer a customized service to the customer, they back off.

An attractive site design greatly contributes to effectively promote your products and services. It disposes of the need of entrepreneurs to run costly marketing campaigns or to make a trip starting with one area then onto the next to promote your products.

The infographic by “Brightpearl” below will give you some tips for the great e-commerce website.

Here are few benefits of Great E-commerce Website:

Good website design is the best marketing tools as it makes a good first impression
Increase more chances of your business getting found in the search engines result page.
Scale your business accordingly, allowing you to add more lines, add more payment options

Do you want to increase your sales? First, know your audience. Then explore unique and core aspects of successful eCommerce sites.

How to keep customers happy and generate repeat customers

October 10, 2015 By admin

The ultimate goal of every business is to provide exceptional services to its customers and to win their loyalty so that they come back the next time. A business cannot solely depend on the new customers. The success depends largely on the repeat customers as well. You need to impress them with your services and customer handling tactics, so that they don’t look for other options.  So let us take a closer look at the strategies which can convert a new customer into a repeat one.


1. Stop referring your customers to others.

This is the most annoying experience for a customer. Passing a customer from one employee to another just because you don’t have a solution to his problem, ends up with your customer losing the trust he had in you. See what you can do to solve the issue, and if you find it difficult, then refer him to the right person who can definitely resolve the problem.

2. Add personal touch to your services

Treating them just as your customers will not help you connect with them. Consider them as individual, and give them the importance as one. They will realize their importance for your business and will appreciate your courtesies towards them.

3. Be empathetic towards negative feedback

Acknowledge the feedback given by your customers as it is the only way to understand the fields you are doing well in and those which need to be worked upon. Be concerned about what is troubling the customers and learn to take the responsibility of the mistakes. Apologize for the wrong that happens so that your customers always have faith in you that you care about their problems.Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 6.11.58 PM

4. Respond well to your customers

Every customer wants a quick response from the other end. So make sure you never delay answering them. Whenever they report an issue, apologize and start by offering them with appropriate solutions. If the process is time consuming for your customers, they will avoid getting back to you. So, they should not be kept waiting for too long.

5. Surprise your customers frequently

Everyone loves gifts. Even our customers are not an exception to this. So keep your customers delighted with gifts and discounts so that they just can’t resist themselves from coming back to you every time. You can use a point system for your customers or grant them coupons based on their involvement in your business.

6. Optimize social media

Stay connected with your customers on social media and keep updating them with the latest news. They would be happy to hear about any new developments in your business and will feel directly connected with you. Make sure you are consistent with your posts on social networking sites.


Your current customers are an asset to your company. It is always beneficial to spend most of your time and energy on retaining your old customers rather than attracting new ones, as the old ones are well acquainted with your products and services and play a key role in determining the success of your business.

Why should you use Social Media for Online Businesses?

October 3, 2015 By admin

In earlier times, online businesses would use traditional forms of advertising such as television and radio in order to create their brand awareness. However, with the advent of social media platforms, these same online businesses are now beginning to share their stories and demonstrate their expertise on various social media platforms, at very low costs.


As compared to social mediums, direct mails and other similar forms of marketing do not lure online businesses anymore. However, social mediums too should be used wisely and effectively to accrue positive outcomes in businesses.

Let’s run through a couple of fundamental reasons to help you understand the need of incorporating social mediums in marketing plans of online businesses.

1. Helps in increasing brand awareness

According to Adroit Digital, 75 per cent of online Americans found product information on social media quite influencing in their shopping behaviors. In another similar research done by eMarketer shows 33 per cent of consumers citing social network as a key way to discover new brands, products and services. Besides having so many advantages for using social media, the most conspicuous advantage would be allowing online businesses to introduce their products to people over the internet. Social mediums are perfect channels for online businesses to create worldwide presence to customers who stay online.

2. Beneficial when social mediums integrate with ecommerce business website

Ecommerce websites can make an enormous impact on their customers by integrating their websites with popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The Magento developers would strive hard to integrate the entire social media bundle with the ecommerce website of a particular online business. Bulk integration helps in effectively generating leads and converting them to sales for the online shop. Such integrations help online businesses to remain socially active and invariably present in lives of their customers.

3. Paid advertising

Only gigantic companies have the budgets to take their social media marketing plan to a different level by advertising on social mediums. However, even if you aren’t  big multinational online business, and still have the money to advertise then, by all means, go ahead and advertise your business on Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, or promoted tweets that is linked back to a product page. Paid advertising is a useful tool in improving website traffic, provided you target the ads correctly.

4. Have your online store presence even on social media platforms

It is a brilliant idea to increase your online reach by having a shopping cart directly, let’s say, on your Facebook Page. This will help your customers to shop immediately or at least add items to the cart to shop later, without leaving Facebook. Even WordPress blog has the facility of promoting products similarly. A good part of it is that these tools are mobile-responsive and adaptable to almost all devices, which can help customers have seamless shopping experience.

In order to fetch impeccable shopping experiences to your customers (new and potential) you must depend on social media to a greater extent, and it will help your online business to reach a broader spectrum of consumers.

Optimizing Customer Satisfaction for your E-commerce Site

September 14, 2015 By admin

The success of an e-commerce site is measured by the number of happy customers it has. The main motive behind all the coupons, festive discounts and attractive offers is to lure maximum customers to an e-commerce site. The customers will choose an e-commerce site based on their first time experience they have with the site. A slight amount of inconvenience may lead to losing customers to other competitors which may be offering better customer friendly features.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers generally have second thoughts while using an e-commerce site due to the risks involved in e-transactions. Making these transactions reliable and secure would make them more confident in using these sites. Improving the site performance , sending personalized emails, introducing live chats , easy checkouts are some ways that can make e-commerce sites simple and handy for the customers.

Customer satisfaction plays a pivotal role in the success of any business which, once achieved, can be optimized for the benefit of the e-commerce site as discussed below.

1.) Assess your own results: The performance of an e-commerce site can be easily ascertained by the level of its customer satisfaction. An increase in the number of delightful customers shows the progress of the site and ensures that the site is functioning well as per the demands of the customers.

2.) Build your name: A happy customer is the most valued asset for an e-commerce site. Any site can strengthen its hold in the market if it has strong support from its customers. So it becomes highly essential to take very good care of the customer requirements.

3.) Word of Mouth: This marketing technique can be considered as one of the most trusted ones as far as attracting youngsters is concerned. They believe what they hear. Good remarks about anything from the peers motivate the youngsters to give it a try themselves. Much in the same way, pleasing remarks about any e-commerce site would push them to experience it themselves and they would want to be happy customers too.

4.) Using loyalty to your advantage: Once a site gains the loyalty of the customers, it does not need to worry about losing its customers to other competitors due to reasons related to prices of the products. A survey indicates that customers do not mind paying more price for the products if they are contented with a particular site. So paying more price is not an issue for the customers, their own satisfaction with the services provided by an e-commerce site is.

5.) Company gets to know the areas which need to be worked upon: Any decline in customer satisfaction indicates that the site is lagging somewhere. A short survey can reveal the weak points of the site and immediate handling of such errors can be done to ensure that the same reason does not become a cause of concern in future.

Keeping customer satisfaction as priority would yield higher profits for any e-commerce site. It is a small price paid, to get larger benefits.

Magento-A Vital e-Commerce Software Tool

Magento: A Vital E-commerce Software Tool for your Web Store

September 5, 2015 By admin

Drooling over many e-commerce software tools can be a daunting process for many of us. It is, however, one of the key most decisions to be made before building your online web store.

It is imperative for e-commerce store owners to create a visually appealing web store for its surfers. Not only should the website be aesthetically appealing to the eyes, but should also be functional. Compromising on either of these aspects will make you lose your customer immediately.

In this article, we will be focusing on Magento – a prominent open source platform!

Magento-A Vital e-Commerce Software Tool

Here are 3 ways in which Magento will help your E-commerce store.

1. Offers magnificent tools for site navigation
Site navigation plays a pivotal role in helping the users to navigate the information of your web page. Magento, is an open source ecommerce software, which means you can easily add, edit and change several navigation facilities with ease.

With these extensions, a small or medium size business can play around with their navigation tools on the site. Features such as multiple store views, enable/disable items, add additional layouts and plug-ins, and insert templates as per your liking.

If you are looking for help in managing your site navigation then there is a lot of help available online, and also the Magento community is large and helpful.

2. Get an improved organic traffic
Magento platform was built keeping in mind the SEO efficiency as well, which means your products and services will have fair chance to appear on search engines such as Google and others. When you decide to employ Magento as your e-commerce designing tool, then your visibility on search platforms too increases. In addition, for those who know how to custom SEO implementations will be able to manage and customize SEO.

3. Community-oriented platform
The biggest advantage for Magento users is its big and widespread community. There are over 250,000 businesses worldwide that use Magento for all of their e-commerce needs. Magento is an open source platform, which means you will be able to share and use tools with other Magento users. Sharing helps community members when they don’t have the time and energy to build tools from scratch, and also when they don’t have the expertise to build tools.
Parting thoughts

Magento is built keeping in mind the needs of global times. With the help of Magento, you can create features such as multiple currency and multilingual languages on your e-commerce store. Moreover, you can also create and manage multiple e-commerce stores easily.

It’s definitely a lucrative e-commerce tool beneficial to online businesses.


How An Email Marketing Campaign Can Help Your E-commerce Store?

August 28, 2015 By admin

Regardless of the fact that e-mail marketing is not that appealing as a social networking medium, it has done fairly well over the years. Marketing Sherpa asserts that 91 percent of online buyers in US like receiving promotional emails from online stores. In fact, a recent survey done by the Direct Marketing Association says that email marketing is one of the most important marketing tactics to acquire maximum ROI.


Here are 9 reasons why you should start using email marketing for your e-commerce store now:-
Email Penetration –
How many times in a day do you check your email? There are above 3.2 billion email accounts across the globe today. From the total mass of online consumers, 95% of them use email as a medium to communicate and 91% of them check their emails daily.

Direct Reach – Email marketing offers direct one-to-one medium to communicate with customers. And it is not just about direct reach, you can also segment your customers based on their preferences to communicate better.

Pocket Friendly – There are numerous email marketing providers who offer free trials or compact free accounts. Even if you have to opt for paid service, go for it because the average price of sending an email comes out be very less.

Life cycle – Unlike posts on other social media networks, emails send through an email marketing campaign never dies. Email stays there in your inbox until you delete it. Simple, it requires an action to end and just can’t get faded by itself over the time. Moreover, the right quality of content marketing in the email highlights it and stimulates customers positive actions.

Return-on-Investment – Every $1 spent on email marketing gives an average of $44.25 in return. No doubt the social marketing has taken over a large part of the online marketing landscape, but we can’t overlook the power of email marketing in terms of return on investment.

Extra add on’s – Email marketing on an average has a good ROI. It has a set matrix on click rate, open rate, unsubscribes, growth, complaints and even track sales and revenue. This simple formula tells you the monetary value of your email subscriber:

ROI= (Gain from investment- Cost of investment)/Cost of Investment

Full Automation – Delivering automation makes things simpler for retailers. One major benefit would be scheduling deliveries in advance, also making sure that they reach the new contacts who signed between when the campaign was scheduled and the date of deliveries.

Prompt response – Users expect the web to be fast and prompt. So when you club your campaign with a prompt technology your customers receive your newsletter or product marketing mails immediately as soon as they sign-up to your list, thereby, improving your chance of making a sale.

Some other reasons-
• You can frequently communicate with your consumers.
• Using email removes all other overheads (which are there in the traditional promotions).
• You can easily track results.
• You can also use follow up emails to remind your consumers.


Magento Enterprise or Community? Choosing the Best

August 12, 2015 By admin

Magento, the power packed arsenal for your online conversion battles offers unending scalability to meet your desired needs. The platform offers two distinct edition i.e. Magento Enterprise and Magento Community. Their effectiveness depends on your requirements. However, if you’re thinking to create a Magento E-commerce website then choosing between the two becomes tough.


Let’s see which one is best for you through this comparison.

Enterprise Edition – Magento Enterprise Edition is a feature rich edition with enterprise capabilities and high end performance. It is a scalable E-commerce solution, which can be easily tailored to meet the unique needs. It helps you drive more traffic for better conversion and for better online revenue.

This edition was created to meet the requirements of bigger online stores and fill up for the limitations of community edition. The platform uses the base of free version. Furthermore, the premium version is absolutely backed by the Magento team. The edition extended by subscription comes with Service Level Agreement. The subscription also comes with extra features and scope for product enhancements.

Community Edition – The free Magento Community Edition is good for small and medium market merchants who need better control over their domain, leverage extensions and custom code to satisfy their customer’s requirements. It is free to download.

Small businesses are the leading users who benefit the most from this free edition. They can utilize the core feature and develop an online store to meet their requirement. This edition is ideal if you are a tech savvy merchant and interested to explore the flexibility of Magento Community Edition.

Now let’s get down to other differences

Functionality – Both Community and Enterprise edition have the same base. However the purchased version offers advanced features like managing customer segmentation with minimum marketing price, targeted offering, return management authorization and price permission. Moreover, enterprise version also has an enhanced CMS and catalog.

Performance – The majority of the Magento E-commerce platform users do not know that the free version runs faster than other softwares. The basic retailer’s requirement for their online store can be easily attained through this version. The businesses looking for extra features can always opt for the paid version. Certain enterprise features can be created by adding extensions to the free version. However, it is not recommended. The performance is always better with the paid version.

Security – The community version doesn’t have a highly secured payment bridge. But this a prerequisite for any e-commerce website with online money transactions happening frequently. The Magento enterprise edition is equipped with powerful security feature, which includes a PA-DSS payments bridge.

Cost – As we know the community edition is free of cost and anybody can make changes to the software to match their personal requirements. The paid version of Magento offers advanced features. Regardless of the fact that you need to loosen your pocket for the subscription fee, going with the paid version can give you faster ROIs. However, you can certainly use the multi-server and multi-year payment options.

Choosing the Right Edition – Choosing between Magneto community and enterprise edition can be a crucial step. You should consider going with several factors like functionality, performance, cost and security. The free version is certainly a rational choice. But for those looking into leveling up their businesses an investment in enterprise edition makes good sense. The decision has to be made keeping up the future prospects in mind, as every business begins to grow after sometime and the requirements change.


Integrate eBay and Amazon with Magento to double your success

June 5, 2015 By admin

Every retailer deploys all the possible strategic techniques to make the most out of his E-commerce website. When it comes to smart retailers they just don’t miss out multi-channelling their online store. And when it’s Magento, you have best of both the worlds. In short you have a ‘money making mine’ that has all the potential to double your conversion rates!


Channelling your Magento E-commerce store with other successful E-commerce sites such as eBay and Amazon is an exceptional way to get maximum sales. If you’re aiming to tap the power of established customer base, eBay and Amazon is a smart business move.

When you integrate your Magento store with Amazon and eBay you’ll notice an increase in your online sales. What you have to do is to just upload the products on their website and manage inventory, products and sales from your present Magento store easily.

The integration enables you to easily list your products on eBay or Amazon, thereby allowing you to manage your products from your website (stocks/products). It will work in a systematic way. Whatever changes are made on your website, will automatically get updated on Ebay and Amazon as an when you synchronize it.

Some of the great features of Magento integration with Ebay and Amazon are:
• Orders, customers, inventory and shipping can be managed from your Magento store
• You can easily select eBay or Amazon category in which you wants to promote your products
• Prices can be managed from Magento store
• Easy to upload Magento images to eBay and Amazon
• Once the product listings are done on eBay and Amazon, one can manage products from Magento store
• Wide options to promote products

If you are looking for sturdy solution and want your store to have eBay and Amazon integration, oCodewire is the right choice for you. Regardless of what store size you have, oCodewire equips you with powerful solution with the best technical support and services. If you would like to know more about eBay and Amazon integration with Magento feel free to talk to our team of developers.