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10 Best Practices Optimization Tips for your CMS Website

January 12, 2016 By admin

If you fancy staying in business for good then you need to comprehend and comply with boring tech words such as file names, keywords, alt tags, and many other similar sounding words. If proper attention isn’t given to these words then you may be out of the business very soon. After all, what business sense does it make to have an epic website for your business which is hard to find on the web?

CMS websites

Keeping in mind the significance of search optimization, 10 best practices optimization tips are mentioned in this article.

  1. Keyword highlights
    One of the best ways to get noticed by the World Wide Web is through unique and superior quality of content on your website. All other types of optimization are effective only when the website content is written strategically. Of course, the content should also be understandable and easy to comprehend. Use the keywords meticulously.
  2. Search engine optimized themes
    The more code you have in creating the layout and design of your website, expect less content and keyword density. For Google ranking, you need fast performing themes since the performance of a website is one of two hundred criteria that technically determine your website ranking.
  3. Sitemap in XML Format
    Creating a sitemap in XML format is not at all a daunting task especially with WordPress and plugins like Google XML Sitemaps. You can also check other useful tools, too, such as Webmaster Central and Website Optimizer.
  4. Permalinks
    It is a good idea to use shorter permalinks, including keywords. Moreover, use comprehensible permalinks. Make note of that only the first four words in a permalink are relevant, and the remaining succeeding words in the permalinks are not relevant.
  5. Image files
    Even the images on the website are significant for ranking purpose. Google will consider the images displayed on the website while drawing calculations for ranking. Google displays images too along with the texts on its search pages. Always have a relevant file name to an image. For instance, if you have an image of Eifel Tower, instead of DSC88790.jpg use Eifel Tower Paris.jpg. Do not forget or ignore to use the alt tag and title tag for all your images as they too play a pivotal role in search rankings.
  6. Exchanging back links
    In order to improve search rankings for your website, exchange back links with other high authority websites. In addition, link between pages within the website but do it wisely. Do not overdo it by linking every other page with each other.
  7. Say no to Flash
    Flash is remarkably insignificant for search engines. Search engines do not see and value Flash. Use Word Press.
  8. Social Networks
    It is a good idea to promote your posts on social networks. But, of course, do not over promote yourself and also promote other posts and websites. Social mediums should be used very strategically as they have the power to either create heaven or hell for you. Look for Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and, similar popular mediums.
  9. Avoid black hat technique
    Google will surely catch you if you try to play tricks with them. You will be heavily punished if you play games with them. Therefore, it is advisable to not be sneaky with them by employing black hat techniques or mirror html sites.
  10. Highlighting keywords
    Speaking of content writing, highlighting keywords on the website will help in improving search rankings of your website. Use h1-h6 for highlighting headings and subtitles of particular articles or informative sentences. Keep it less and simple though.


With the objective of having a better search ranking of your website, you should always follow the best SEO practices. A good SEO practice will help you generate more interest to your site, which will lead to revenue generation.


Top 7 Pinterest Hacks for Your Online Store

Top 7 Pinterest Hacks for Your Online Store

August 5, 2015 By admin

Conveying your message visually means making a greater impact on people. Similarly, when you use stunning visuals to promote your online store you entice the customers to buy from you.

Top 7 Pinterest Hacks for Your Online Store

As a fact more and more brands are now utilizing the dynamics of visual content to communicate with their customers. Pinterest, the popular photo sharing website has approximately 72.8 million users across the globe according to the latest reports. The site intensifies the visual effect of delivering information through eye-catching images and videos displayed on the bulletin board style arrangement.

Marketers using Pinterest as a medium to reach their prospects have observed huge return in terms of readers, leads and customers. But the success depends on how smartly you use Pinterest and the kind of strategies you adopt. Listed below are top hacks to render that success for your online store.

Verify e-commerce site for Pinterest.
If you are using Pinterest for your website, verify it to prevent any copycat fraud. It is likely that people may create a lookalike e-commerce site, sell lookalike products and you may not be aware about it. Pinterest gives confidence to consumer that the right person has the control of the account.

Create appealing Visual Content
Everybody loves beautiful pictures and the story it conveys. The chief way to get viral pins is through stunningly beautiful pictures. A study shows that pins with sensible colors like red and an entirely covered background with very less white spaces got repinned more often.

Create Instructograph
People generally like things which help them to solve certain problems or things that offers them information. A beautifully decked up pin is not sufficient, it should solve the main purpose. It should be a correct combination of Instructions and Graphics i.e. Instructographics. Instructographics are the information given in the form of infographics.

Bait and Switch Your Pictures and Videos
With the help of bait you don’t have to utilize the same videos and photos your online website product page has used. Pinterest offers amazing features through which you can exhibit stunning product shots that takes back to your online store product page. Most of the “A” listed companies use this trick to attract people to their store. Moreover, you don’t need too much hardwork for this; you just have to change the URL in the source box.

Use Rich Product Pins
One of the most unique and interesting feature of Pinterest is its rich pin validator. It adds a security layer to counter fraudsters. It offers extra information which is linked to the content on the online website such as the information about price and availability. By when the content or the information on your online store changes all the rich pins containing information also changes automatically.

Mobile Friendly website
Way back in 2013, larger chunk of Pinterest traffic was coming through mobile phones and not desktops or laptops. The reason behind this shift was that more people were using net through mobile phones than through any other device. Moreover, the Mobile-commerce has a bright future. To know more about mobile commerce read Mobile Commerce: The future of E-commerce .

Pin Regularly
As e-commerce market works 24/7, consistent pinning throughout the day keeps your store highlighted on web. To get some great results pin 10-15 times a day. In case you are too busy and cannot keep pining constantly after a definite period. You can use various Pinterest scheduling tools.

E-commerce Mistakes That Could Be Killing Your Store

January 5, 2015 By admin

Every e-Commerce store retailer invests an enormous amount of time and capital to be the top-seller for his online product. This is the common prevailing market trend. Although, with continuous effort certain stores generate sales. The rest struggle in the creeping mode and eventually die out. The cardinal reason for this is the inclusion of loopholes- “consumer turn offs” in the store due to implementation of wrong strategies. Moreover, these flaws turn severe when they are overlooked and ignored. Here are six e-Commerce mistakes that could be killing your store.


Mistake 1- A complicated website-
Some e-commerce store exert visitors to fill endless complicated forms, unwanted logins and other hurdles which impel a visitor to leave the website very early. Apparently it is the foremost reason for the visitor to turn off. A simple website drives a user to stay on the site for a long. This fundamental cognition creates a benchmark declaring “A simple e-Commerce website a successful e-Commerce website.”

Mistake 2- Ponderous website-
A website which is overloaded with content than its normal capacity advance in a slow pace. This lack of instant gratification drives the visitor to leave the website. However, research proves that by increasing the loading time of your website from 8 seconds to 2 seconds, the average conversion rate accelerates upto 74%.

Mistake 3- Too much exertion on sale-
Ideally targeting all sections of the product and services turn things intricate, instead focusing to sell fewer items to a selected group of customers can help you to build a strong  brand. Ultimately it will even aid you to promote your online store more effectively.

Mistake 4- Complicated checkout-
A complex and poor checkout system in an e-Commerce escort the abandonment of the website by the consumer. Apparently, this foster a negative effect on the sales. Furthermore, people who are not regular shoppers tend to make silly mistakes and complicated checkout makes the situation more grave. To prevent this from occurring, you can design a login page which is simple and works smoothly.

Mistake 5- Too much spamming- 
Flooding your customers inbox with emails several times a day is not a good plan. As these mails get deleted without even getting read or it goes strait to the spam. It presents you as a hopeless and  desperate retailer. Moreover, it creates a negative perception in the customer’s mind. A string of introductory emails can be an effective strategy for your business, once this is accomplished limit your emails to once a week.

Mistake 6- Not Having a Content Plan-
Marketing through the right content strategy gives an organic and social traffic to the website. Good content is the prime tool to attract the desired audience. A website where content is not strategically planned and published tends to produce heavy losses. It is the very first element which is seen by the visitor and if he get impressed this results into an action favored towards our profit. However the content marketing strategy should be directed keeping in mind the ideal customer necessity rather than the product itself.

The face of your online business is your e-Commerce website.  Hence, it should be the most promising, countering all the consumer turn offs and proposing a wide range of consumer turn on. As a website which offers countless benefits and minimal complexities turn out to be consumer amiable. Apparently the recognition and amendments of these flaws from your e-Commerce website will escort an acceleration business sale.

The e­Commerce Trends For The Upcoming Year 2015

December 29, 2014 By admin

If we look 15 years back when e-Commerce had a dawn in the world, we will see a phenomenal record breaking rise every year since then. This year again it broke all the previous records and with the closing year it is adding limitless dollars to the amount. Although with the time many trends emerged and were used as exceptional arsenals in the e-commerce market but, today e-Commerce market is exploiting every possible means to reach new heights. For this awaited new year of 2015, people are estimating that the e-Commerce trends which will boost the sales to a new stature.

eCommerce Trends

Here are the e-Commerce trends which will dominate the year 2015:

1. M-Commerce or Mobile Commerce-
This retail outlet in the consumers pocket will be the most effective e-Commerce trend for the upcoming year 2015. According to a study done by comScore, Mobile commerce has seen a rapid growth of 47% from the previous year. This explosive record breaking growth proclaims the dominance of M-commerce over the conventional marketing trends. Since, the number of Samrtphone users has accelerated at a lightening speed the trend of m-commerce won’t shiver by the augment of any other trends in terms of marketing or promotion. Moreover, with such a large audience at a single platform of mobile, the number of mobile responsive website is increasing. More and more retailers are shifting towards promotion through mobile phones by optimizing their websites for the mobile users.

Mobile commerce can act as a catalyst to generate enormous sale for the year 2015.


2. Social Commerce-
Social Commerce is the powerhouse to kindle online sale. It saw an incredible growth in the year 2014 and added a gigantic chunk of cash to the e-Commerce world. This year the social commerce grew three times the rate of entire e-commerce last year. Along with that top 500 retailers on the web make $2.69 billion from social shopping.

Social Media
With the snowball surge of social media users the social commerce is the leading trends of marketing arsenals. Intelligent retailers will employee social network to tailor product and service offerings. As almost all the users on social networking website turn to their friends on Twitter, Facebook (F-commerce), Pinterest for recommendation, social selling will be an important part of the 2015 resolution listed by the e-Commerce companies.

3. Speed and Accuracy in Shipping
The driving force to grow the e-Commerce sales will be shipping for the year 2015. As faster and cheaper shipping adds to the likability of an online store in the notion of a consumers. If it is a new strategy for you, keep your margins in your mind, analyse your competitors and then negotiate for the best price. This will increase the popularity of your brand and add customers confidence in your product. Another good option can be of Free shipping on return.

With progressive proposals on net by companies of exiting offers of shipping, the shipping trend is an ascending vogue among the e-Commerce companies.

4. Marketing through Content-
The year 2015 will again will again represent content as the king of online marketing trends. As this year it was one of the main sources to get new leads which is an essential necessity to boost sales. A research opines that about 86 percent of B2C companies use content marketing. Although it will become more important for the companies to drive in traffic by appealing them with informative and vibrant content.


Articles, blog posts, attractive images and videos will continue driving traffic to the e-Commerce websites on the web. As, the companies which generate an active blog post receive 67 percent more leads per month.

The new year is at our door step with great opportunities and hopes to touch new heights. Employment of the right promotional tools in your online store will create win situation for you. Moreover, with the positive aspirations retailers are investing in the prominent marketing trends which are in the fashion and are adding unending dollars to the pocket of big online stores. Hopefully the year 2015 will see some of the great record breaking online sales with the implementation of these marketing trends.


How Magento can do wonders for your online business?

December 24, 2014 By admin

The Internet Retailer 2014 Top 500 Guide states that Magneto is one of the leading open source service providers in the world today. This prominent e-Commerce platform equips you with the arsenal to achieve all your business goals. It acts as a catalyst which simplifies the technical complexities and boost the strength of your website to increase the conversion rates.


With the unrivaled ability to manage your content, Magento has made a new record this year by increasing its percentage by 16.5% from the last year. Furthermore, according to Google the keyword Magento is the most searched word than “e-Commerce”. This versatile e-commerce solution has ample of advantages, here is an overview how Magneto can do wonders for your online business:

1. SEO Friendly- Magneto  the king of e-Commerce can easily counter various issues  facilitating phenomenal optimization for the e-Commerce websites. It shuns the regular long URL’s showing multiple categories and subcategories. This simplifies the formation of the search engine friendly URL structures by making it compact. Duplicate content, page traffic, indexing, landing page, etc. are efficiently managed for a website developed on Magento. Moreover, it enriches the SEO features which can be utilized to make a great difference, by assimilating organic traffic and reducing the costs of digital marketing.

2. Extensive range of features- Magento is equipped with enormous features and functionalities which provides complete control and flexibility over the management, presentation and functionality of the content on the e-Commerce website. It comes loaded with the features which smoothen layered navigation, favorites, multi store feature, email list, product comparison, wish lists, advanced search, grouped product and content management system.

3. User-friendly admin- Magneto theme structure design is entirely customizable which means that you can easily shape your store the way you want. Because a more user friendly admin dashboard will consume less time on website editing /updating and more time will be easily invested in the core competence. This will make things simpler and yield phenomenally improved conversion rates.

4. Flexibility- Magento is a flexible e-Commerce platform which can be utilized on the basis of edition, depending upon the requirements, size and budget of your business. In that context ‘Magento Enterprise’ works for big and medium business, “Magento Go” is good for small business. With an unending array of themes and templates Magento does wonders for your online business. The flexibility of Magento will allow you to quickly sell a completely different product with the relative ease. This will attract your customer to purchase from your Magento store.

5. Multiple Store Management- One of the unique feature of Magento is its multiple store management feature. Through it you can create multiple websites by using a single installation. The same installation allows multiple store to function from the same admin panel.

6. Mobile use- Several reports proclaim the dominance of mobile commerce over other marketing techniques. The platform of Magento is fully armed to robustly work on the mobile phone platform. Moreover, it enhances the user’s experience to a great extend which draw in more and more traffic to your website through the platform of Smartphones.

A choice of more than 200,000 retailers including top brands: Samsung, Ford, Fox Connect, Lenovo, Olympus, Men’s Health, Vizio, Christian Louboutin, Nike and Nestle Nespresso contemplates Magento as the cardinal arsenal to reach their targeted business goals. The king of e-Commerce, Magento does wonders for the retailers who use it in the right way in their online stores.

How can your e­Commerce website boost sales?

December 4, 2014 By admin


The ascend in the online promotion has augmented the accelerated sale from the same means. Promotion of the products through an e­ -Commerce platform has become a lucrative arsenal which is used by every online retailer. The latest statics reckon that by 2016, the world of retail market will spend more than half of its cash on the web. Countless online stores relishes huge profits every day. These e-Commerce store have taken customers into such confidence building proximity that their conviction to the store makes them desperately await for the fresh releases and massively purchase when the store is open. What can make you the most ultimate? Is a prime question which may tyrannize you over and over again.

Here are eight tips to escalate your e­Commerce sales:

1. Search engine optimization
According to a Google report 57% of Internet users search the net for the purchase of goods and services. Apparently,boosting your websites pre­shopping position in the search engine rankings becomes the most triumphant strategies to attract customers to your website.

Now once the targeted lead is achieved, the focus should shift to retain the leads by constantly nourishing them. As 79% of the online marketing leads don’t turn into sale. But, 47% purchase are acquired by finely nourishing your leads.

2 Use Smartphones and Tablets for promotion
The key to future success is adopting and optimizing your website to be used on Smartphones and Tablets. A recent report says that 4 out of 6 consumers use Smartphones to shop in the e­-Commerce market. For this reason, make your website responsive for platforms(Smartphones and Tablets).

3. Blog Posts
Build a strong connection with your targeted audience by providing them the right information about your products and services through blog posts. These attractive blog posts helps you to convert traffic into customers and leads. Various search engines like Bing, Yahoo and Google repeatedly after a period crawls your website looking for information by indexing it in their database. Now,every new blog which you post, adds a new URL to your website. Therefore, with every new blog entry you have a new channel to be found on these search engines.

4. Videos and Images
Visual pleasure is a major key tool, whatever appeal you visually will definitely evoke you to buy it. Hence a product introduced with amazing images and videos increases the chances of that product of getting purchased by the visitor. Creative videos with animated products shown in the likely looking manner, being used by the customers with their testimonials and experiences about the product adds a charming life into the product presentation. The product videos can be placed alongside an item on the website. Moreover, these videos can be shared on the social networking sites.

5. Social media sites
Social media has become an essential component in every individuals life today. Promotion through this channel will ultimately lead to provoke a huge array of people to land up on your page and do purchases. Attractive posts arouse customers to have a glimpse of your website and results in sale. Moreover, it exhibits discounts, new product range and offers in the most promising manner.

6. Remove dead ends
Work with a good strategy by eliminating dead ends which will give positive results for your website. Every page should be designed in such a manner that it takes the visitor to the right service and product. Provide the page with an explicit “continue shopping” featuring button. Moreover, you can implant additional products on either sides of the screen to make it more appealing.

7. Cross­-sell your products and services
Implement the art of Cross­sell to yield in more sales. This can be done on the basis of previously viewed items or something related to the product which customer is viewing. For example in the following image of Ocodewire. While the customer is viewing the T-Shirt Design Studio /Tool ­ HTML5 Supported Mobile Compatible extension for his e­-Commerce website, the customer is suggested other extension on the right side of the page through the cross sale process.


8. Focus on free offers
Focus to spread the name of your product; donate T-­shirt to the local high school and showcase your product in the local fair or expo. Give a call to your customer asking for response, relationship building with these people will in return promote your brand. Remember the excessive use of any of these strategies may turn the tables by generating spams which will be harmful for your website. So,execute these tact in the right way.

If a business has a strong presence it will definitely build credibility among its customers. Therefore attract your customers by using these proven techniques in the best manner and start achieving new heights in your business.

Infographic: Follow Six Steps And Take Your Business To Great Heights

October 21, 2014 By admin


The latest statics opine that by 2016, the world retail market will spend more than half of its currency on the web. This process encompasses numerous online marketing techniques by almost every business firm to achieve targeted heights. As the competition is composed of complex process you need to weild in certain real workable strategies. Here are six ways which will encapture unending traffic on your website and will take your business reach new ravishing records.

1. Amalgamate Smartphones and promotion- The forecast of mobile taking over the desktop by the end of the year, as 5 out of every 6th consumers today shop online and 75% of the folks in the world take their phones to their washrooms. Exploit mobile in the best form to reach out to your audience.

2. Employ Blogs, generate traffic- Today blogs influence 63% more purchases in the retail market than the magazine. Moreover, it gives 97% more lead to your website if it’s indexed. Implantation of constant attractive and informative blogs will make things work for you.

3. Articles with pictures Infographics and Videos- The ideal nature of the human is to read what strikes their for visual pleasure. The sources prove that about 95% of the articles viewed everyday are the ones with the appealing pictures. SEO using interesting videos gets 53 times more first page search results than the traditional techniques. Another interest provoking attraction can be in the form of infographics, the compact content with more pictorial representation of it enlarges the traffic to 12% more than the ones who don’t use it.

4. Social media sites- Social media being the prime buzz among every age group procures 46% users to do online purchase every day. Hence, the introduction of interesting posts on your social media pages will definitely increase your ROI.

5. Email marketing- The average return on every $1 spent on mail marketing is $44.25 and the world wide web has about 3.9 billion email accounts around the globe. This huge array of audience is the best option to reach your suitable consumers.

6. Nourish your leads- Your SEO expert must have achieved definite leads after constant efforts, but 79% of the leads in the online marketing world doesn’t transform into sale. The reason is lack of continuous nourishment in the form of attractive content, remember that more than 47% purchase are obtained by finely nourishing your leads.

The right techniques of online marketing and E- commerce can take your business to great heights. Therefore, hire an expert to boost your entire promotional activity on the internet as an amateur will not be aware about the tiny key concerns necessary for the online marketing.

the best social media for online business

Infographic: How to Choose the Best Social Media Platform For A Business

September 12, 2014 By admin


How to Choose the Best Social Media Platform for Your Ecommerce Business


Why social media is important for eCommerce business ?
In 2013 Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest generated 75% of all social media referred sales.

# 90% of purchases are made in parallel with social media influence.
# 67% spends more for online purchases upon social media recommendations.
# 40% purchase an item after sharing it on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.
# 3.2 average unique visitor per share in social media tools.


1. Facebook could be best- aim is to reach new people to increase your potential customers.
2. The popularity of Facebook among youth has decreased.
3. 70% of the adult Facebook users actively continues using it.
4. Facebook is still the most popular platform with 1.3 billion user around the World.
5. It has 955 millions of monthly active users and 543 millions of mobile users.
6. Best for reaching larger customer masses.
7. 39% of Facebook users will “Like” a brand in order to research a product.

How to get benefits with Facebook
a) Use creative cover photos.
b) Create direct links to your products.
c) Use brief on posts and updates.
d) Keep posting 1-2 content on daily basis without annoying them.
e) Share posts during out of working hours.


1. LinkedIn could be to share for business world or create business contacts.
2. The users of LinkedIn have high income and high education level.
3. LinkedIn is one of the most important channels for the sell-side b2b e-commerce sites.

How to get benefits with LinkedIn

a) Create a company page.
b) Building Business Networks.


1. Visual content is so important for eCommerce sites.
2. Direct the users by sharing the high quality photos and prices of your products.
3. The Pinterest is having more female user than male.
3. If your target audience is female.
4. There are about 5,00,000 Pinterest business accounts and 70 million Pinterest users in the world.

How to get benefits with Pinterest

a) Create a business account.
b) Categorize “boards” by your products.
c) Regularly updated new pins, contents and photos.
d) Connect your Pinterest account with other social media networks.
e) Add product URL links to your pins.
f) Use detailed and high-quality photos, videos.
g) Talk about recently and create pins and boards focusing on these trends.


1. Twitter could be best if your target is to reach both female and male customers especially young people.
2. Twitter draw young people’s interest and provides much more interaction in comparison to Facebook.
3. If you primarily need to contact with your customers,it would be effective to use Twitter actively.

How to get benefits with Twitter

a) Add company information, location and web address in a Twitter account.
b) Add Twitter button on the website.
c) Avoid using cliche and stock phrases.
d) Ask followers for their ideas.
e) Tweet about popular and trending topics.
f) Retweet positive tweets.
g) Create clever Twitter campaigns.


1. Google+ is the better choice for display advertising because it has superior CPC performance & improved ad targeting options.

2. It is the most popular media to share your content with Google.



important factors to attract visitors

Infographic: Important Factors To Attract Customers

September 8, 2014 By admin



Reaching customers should always be your number one priority. It is essential to getting leads and sales. So, for that you have to establish interest and trust before people will buy from your store. From this point of view there are few factors which help you to improve your customer interaction and increase sale also like :

A Beautiful Store : A store’s website is its representation. That is why it has to be attractive and professional. Visitor use to visit your website again if they found it creative, useful and informative.

Attractive Content : Consumers rely on trusted content to make purchase decisions 5X more today than they did five years ago. Because of these reasons Content is also known as a King in a website.

Clear Image : Website with images get 94% more total view and attract visitors of every age. Only image is the source for customer after watching it user make an order.

Sale & Discount : Attract visitors through sale and discount. Provide discount on more items so that visitor turns into customers. Also try to provide some attractive gifts.

Social Media : Easily attract customers through SMO, by posting images, videos, unique content related to your website. Through this only use able to know about new products and services in market.

Reliable Processing : There should be one page check out so that user done order process instead of leave it because of tough procedure.

Customer Care : Reply customer queries and interact in good way. Also, update user with new offers and products.

Product Sold Out : Deliver the order in proper way at exact time and take advantage.


  • Factors Affecting Purchase

There are various factors which affect purchase during on-line process. It’s necessary to maintain Quality of your products which automatically increase On-line reputation. Then your price factor and service also matters. If your service is good enough then only customer come back to take service again.

Content Marketing Stratgies

Infographic: Run A Successful Content Marketing with 3-Media Plan

July 28, 2014 By admin

content marketing strategies for an online business

Content marketing has become one of the key online marketing tools to help businesses promote themselves in a crowded digital market.

The Content Is A King For?

1) For Search Engine: Yes, don’t be surprise to hear that. Content is most important factor to rank any website in search engine. Mostly Google likes those website, which has a good content on the site. So, if you want to rank better in the search engine keep updating your content in the site

2) For Customers: It is very important to create a content for customers. Customer always search for the best product or service information on the site & select the store which has excellent & impressive product description. As well, people like to visit those website, which consist the informative & interesting content on site. If you want to increase the visitor traffic on site so write a unique & attractive content.

3) For Social Media: People like to share those content, which are interesting & eye-catching. Content is a way to interact with people & to attract the people on your or your brand side. If you have a great content so people like to share such content among their friends & followers, which definitely improve the click through rate & visitors traffic on your site.


Why Content Marketing is Important?

1) Increase the visitor traffic on site: If you have a great content on site, so it obvious people love to read your voice there. You can also post the blog links on the social media & if the blogs are relevant to users so they may share your content among the others. Content is the best source to get the traffic on the site.

2) Improve website rank in search engine: As we mentioned above, Google love the site which has unique content. You can also use the targeted phrases or keywords on your blog content to rank better.

3) Develop better customer relationship: The better product description & reliable information always build the customer trust on your product, service or business.

4) Make you business better than others: A unique content on site always make you better than others.


Content Marketing Platforms:

1) Blogging: It is the most popular platform in content marketing. Blogging is an easy way to connect or interact with the users or to grab the traffic on the site

2) Video: Video is the best way to represent your business among the others. People prefer to watch any video rather than to read something.

3) Social media: It is the best place to share the blog post or content.

4) Infographic: We can’t skip the infographic for a good business strategy.

5) eBooks: There are many people who learn from eBooks, if you have a good content on your eBook so they may subscribe your feeds & share your content among the others.


3-Media Plan in Content Marketing:

With the time, content marketing strategies is also changes. Now, people love to follow the 3-media plan for that. These medias are :

  • Owned Media
  • Paid Media
  • Earned Media


Fact about Content Marketing:

1) 70% of people would rather learn about a company via an article than an ad.

2) Only LinkedIn received a positive approval ranking in terms of effectiveness i.e 62%.

3) Interesting content is a top 3 reason people follow brands on social media.

4) 78% of consumers believe that organizations providing custom content are interested in building good relationships.

5) Blogs give websites 43% more indexed pages.

6) Blog give websites 97% more indexed links.

7) 90% of consumers find custom content useful.

8) 37% of marketers say blogs are the most valuable type of content marketing.

9) Companies with active blogs receive 97% more leads.

10) Articles with images get 94% more views.