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Boost Your Ecommerce Sales Through Email Marketing – [An Infographic]

July 16, 2018 By Tuhina

In today’s customer-driven world, this level of communication is basic for any e-commerce organization that needs to deliver a great experience and grows revenue at the same time.

Email marketing is an extraordinary way to achieve a lot of individuals with low costs. Motivating individuals to join may turn out to be very difficult, but be patient, they will come. It is about the correct technique and timing. Drafting the ideal email that touches the pain point of your audience is an art.

The key to email marketing for e-commerce is that email is outstanding amongst other channels to speak with a customer.

Look at the infographic below, created by “Business2community” for more tips on how to build trust in your e-commerce business.


How to Do It?

1) Use a Killer Subject Line: Subject line is the main thing a man sees. It shouldn’t just be short and brief, yet in addition outline what’s inside the email.

2) Keep your Emails Short: The best practice is to keep them simple and to-the-point; simply make sure that your email content fills its need of passing on the message.

3) Include a CTA. Accept this underlying cooperation open door to motivate endorsers of the draw in with you on a more profound level – even if your target action is something as simple as following your brand’s social channels.

Ecommerce KPIs

Ultimate E-commerce KPIs Every Marketer Needs To See

April 24, 2018 By Tuhina

E-commerce business today is a wonderful experience. It has changed customary shopping to the point of being unrecognizable. It is such a great amount of superior to anything some other method for shopping that it has just pulled in a large number of e-commerce-lovers.

Today’s e-commerce marketers are being requested to drive execution, effect, and customer loyalty crosswise over complex customer ventures and a web of point solutions. With always purchasers shopping online and the pile of computerized information accessible, retail is in the middle of an information revolution that is changing the way e-commerce marketing works.

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are like turning points headed for online retail achievement. Checking them will help e-commerce business visionaries distinguish advance toward deals, marketing, and customer service objectives.

Here is a list of ultimate KPI that each e-commerce business partner should measure so that the profitability of the venture could be estimated precisely.

Look at the following infographics to get a taste of the KPI measurement game:

Magento Design Trends to Follow

Top 9 Magento Design Trends to Follow This Year

April 21, 2018 By Tuhina

E-commerce platforms are the easiest solution for e-commerce begin users and entrepreneurs, as opposed to building up a specially designed e-book for heaps of cash and with quite sudden outcomes it is considerably simpler to pay for or even begin utilizing with the expectation of complimentary various e-commerce solutions available online. Today online business showcase is gloating with huge amounts of solutions and platforms to give enough choices for e-commerce merchants to proceed.

Magento extensions are the most productive tools to broaden the usefulness of your Magento online shop without touching the center code by any stretch of the imagination. In this manner, extensions are massively famous and have turned into a billion-dollar business, and set new trends in Magento biological community also.

In this way, if you want to remain on the ball and keep your Magento web store from being viewed as a relic of the past, read on and discover our expectations for the most in vogue configuration highlights of 2018.

Have a look at the infographic given below and enlighten yourself with these Magento design trends:


Magento 2.0 is Officially Released

November 20, 2015 By admin

It undoubtedly has been a long wait, but the wait has surely been worthwhile. Magento 2.0 has become the talk of town, especially in the Magento community. There were heavy speculations made on the release dates of Magento 2.0 that led to infinite assumptions from Magento users; however, till today, no final confirmation had come from Magento.

Quite literally, Magento 2.0 was worth waiting for. The release of Magento 2.0 is a strong step ahead, which could make people either happy or angry. Regardless, Magento 2.0 is here to change the landscape of e-commerce platform.


What took Magento 2.0 so long to release?

Magento community was eagerly waiting for Magento 2.0 from the time the announcement was made viz. 2010. So what took so long that led to apprehensions from its audiences?

The official plans were to release Magento 2.0 by the end of 2011, but the plan never saw the light of the day until now. The reasons for delay could be numerous such as consolidating the 3 development centers in Ukraine may have taken time and effort, top management personnel leaving companies may have brought some complications in the launch and execution, and so forth.

Moreover, things even changed at the company level. Initially Magento was owned by a Californian company known as Varien, and was later sold to the American company called eBay.

Will the transition from Magento 1 to Magento 2.0 be easy?

Unfortunately, the shop owners will not be able to migrate from their existing Magento 1 to Magento 2.0 since both the versions are remarkably different. However, the Magento team is likely to provide the shop owners with some basic tools to help them simplify the process of transitioning from Magento 1 to Magento 2.0.

What does Magento 2.0 want to achieve with this new release?

eBay has a couple of objectives lined up to achieve with the help of the release of Magento 2.0. For instance, it wants to help simplify external integrations, improve performance and scalability, streamline the customization process, enable easier installations, and, of course, update the technology stack. The bottom line here, is to deliver better quality and provide developers powerful tools to be innovative while working on Magento 2.0 e-commerce platform.

What are some of the best features of Magento 2.0?

  1. Magento 2.0 platform comes with features that provide 100% secure payments. It has strong integrations with PayPal, Braintree, and payment gateways. Magento also integrates with WorldPay and CyberSource. These integrations provides excellent security for all types of payment methods.


  1. Another excellent feature of Magento 2.0 is its easy maintenance and upgrades. The new 2.0 version lets you dramatically reduce the cost of maintaining your site along with providing you with easy upgrades. This means that you can easily incorporate new functions on your web store that can lead to a surge in sales and higher efficiency.


These are just a few mentioned features, but Magento 2.0 does have some other really cool features to help you trade easily on your web store. In the end, no platform will be all things to you, there are choices that you need to make. Hopefully, this article has briefed you enough to think about Magento 2.0 and make a decision accordingly.


How An Email Marketing Campaign Can Help Your E-commerce Store?

August 28, 2015 By admin

Regardless of the fact that e-mail marketing is not that appealing as a social networking medium, it has done fairly well over the years. Marketing Sherpa asserts that 91 percent of online buyers in US like receiving promotional emails from online stores. In fact, a recent survey done by the Direct Marketing Association says that email marketing is one of the most important marketing tactics to acquire maximum ROI.


Here are 9 reasons why you should start using email marketing for your e-commerce store now:-
Email Penetration –
How many times in a day do you check your email? There are above 3.2 billion email accounts across the globe today. From the total mass of online consumers, 95% of them use email as a medium to communicate and 91% of them check their emails daily.

Direct Reach – Email marketing offers direct one-to-one medium to communicate with customers. And it is not just about direct reach, you can also segment your customers based on their preferences to communicate better.

Pocket Friendly – There are numerous email marketing providers who offer free trials or compact free accounts. Even if you have to opt for paid service, go for it because the average price of sending an email comes out be very less.

Life cycle – Unlike posts on other social media networks, emails send through an email marketing campaign never dies. Email stays there in your inbox until you delete it. Simple, it requires an action to end and just can’t get faded by itself over the time. Moreover, the right quality of content marketing in the email highlights it and stimulates customers positive actions.

Return-on-Investment – Every $1 spent on email marketing gives an average of $44.25 in return. No doubt the social marketing has taken over a large part of the online marketing landscape, but we can’t overlook the power of email marketing in terms of return on investment.

Extra add on’s – Email marketing on an average has a good ROI. It has a set matrix on click rate, open rate, unsubscribes, growth, complaints and even track sales and revenue. This simple formula tells you the monetary value of your email subscriber:

ROI= (Gain from investment- Cost of investment)/Cost of Investment

Full Automation – Delivering automation makes things simpler for retailers. One major benefit would be scheduling deliveries in advance, also making sure that they reach the new contacts who signed between when the campaign was scheduled and the date of deliveries.

Prompt response – Users expect the web to be fast and prompt. So when you club your campaign with a prompt technology your customers receive your newsletter or product marketing mails immediately as soon as they sign-up to your list, thereby, improving your chance of making a sale.

Some other reasons-
• You can frequently communicate with your consumers.
• Using email removes all other overheads (which are there in the traditional promotions).
• You can easily track results.
• You can also use follow up emails to remind your consumers.

B2B Ecommerce

How Magento is helping B2B E-Commerce Leverage Profit Margins

July 30, 2015 By admin

Business to Consumer (B2C) or Business to Business (B2B), you may be working with any one of the business approach, but e-Commerce remains the principal component of your marketing business.

B2B Ecommerce

One can’t oversee the truth that Magento e-Commerce solution has brought transformative changes in the manner B2C business has functioned and performed over the years. Today Magento is a big name in B2B due its segmentation options, unique catalogs and flexibility.

According to recent reports “In United States alone B2B E-Commerce was over two times the size of B2C.” As per the reports B2B was a whopping $780 billion and B2C at $325 billion, that’s just less than half.

You must be aware of how Magento can do wonders for your online business? The basic necessities of a B2B portal are same as that of B2C, such as:-

  • Invoice and order history
  • Information on order status and shipment
  • Live assistance in the form of customer care
  • Wishlist, favorite products and recommendations
  • Discounts and offers
  • Multiple images of the product, detailed specs, download able data sheets and manual and video tutorials
  • Invoicing and incomplete shipments
  • Easy and fast reordering feature

It is understandable that Magento supports all these areas in an online store. Now, let’s see other factors that Magento facilitates to build a unique B2B online store. This will surly enable you to leverage sizable profit margins. Here’s how…

Proper segmentation and absolute personalization
Proper segmentation makes things appropriate, thus making it easy for a visitor to find his/her desired item within seconds, stimulating a tiny purchase funnel. With the source of B2B e-Commerce store, suitable products are displayed in best of manner, encouraging user friendly experience.

The Magento Enterprise platform offers different tools that make it simple to present special product suggestions and content based on segmentation criteria.

Distinct Catalogs based on Consumer Groups
Magento has some kind of a traditional portal functionality. It can give access to some class of the sites based on a particular group.

This is how – Depending entirely on the affiliation upon login of the customers group, customer Q will have access to some products, however, Customer R may have access to an absolutely different set of products. These different catalogs enhance the consumer value and allow effective and intellectual guidance to users to purchase with distinctive interactions.

Smooth Integration with Third Party Apps and System
We all know Magento’s integrating capability with various softwares. This serves as the perfect way for B2B store to integrate with any third party apps or systems easily.

The APIs can be used by developers to connect different dots between back office apps and online store. The ERP environment can also be used for Magento integration and assist in easily dealing with complex Magento workflows which comprises of long string of properties for an approval system.


5 Magento Enterprise Features that Help Retailers To Sell Better

July 23, 2015 By admin

Magento in itself is a feature rich E-Commerce solution to fuel your success.


Magento Enterprise Edition is an important edition of Magento. It’s a single enterprise class E-Commerce platform that provides unconventional flexible features to increase your business on the online store. It enables you to integrate unparallel features set with world-class support and virtually unending flexibility at the fragment of price charged by other competitive platform.

To understand Enterprise edition in a better way, let’s list down some of its major advantages and see how these advantages have turned as the chief reason for retailers to reach out to the best Magento Development companies. Let’s see how Magento Enterprise Edition gives you full control of your online channel and what makes it different from others?

Here are few pointers :-
Cutting Edge Customer Segmentation and Targeting
One of the best feature! It enables you to target a particular group of customers with the assistance of comprehensive segmentation criteria. It can act as a major attribute to enhance your business revenue.

Full Page Caching
Fast speed is essential for an e-commerce website. Several researches have approved that with declining speed of the website there is a decline in the number of customers an online website makes.

Magento is created in such a way that it drastically slashes the page loading speed, makes it quick and enhances customers satisfaction. Similarly, Magento community edition is fast, but the bonus feature of full page caching in Enterprise edition enhances conversion rates and revenues by a large margin.

Solr Search
Search is one of the leading features of every e-Commerce experience. The Magento Enterprise Edition has an advanced feature of Solr search that enables execution of an advanced search technology that includes spell check, auto suggestions and faceted search. With the help of Solr search customers will be able to find precisely what they are looking for in a quick manner.

Loyalty generation with Rewards Points
Magento Enterprise edition has reward points that increase your ability by implementing unique programs that works to boost user experience and increase customer loyalty. You will be able to set up points to be given based on a broad range of transaction and customer actions. It also enables you to control balance, point allotment and expiration. Moreover, customers can save points according to their purchases.

Gift Registries
This is a special feature of Magento Enterprise Edition, which makes customer’s near and dear ones happy. The feature enables customers with the ability to create gifts and notify pears. Your family and friends will be able to purchase items from the registered gifts. It keeps a record of purchased items and the remaining items. Moreover, the customers can create gift registries and share it with others. As a customer you can add products to the registry and transfer it from wishlist to shopping cart.

Magento Enterprise Edition is a sales booster e-commerce solution! It offers ample of compelling features that act as a great tool for marketing, which not only influences your business goals, but also enhance customer experience.

Accelerate Sales on your Magento Store

5 Things you should do right now to Accelerate Sales on your Magento Store

July 21, 2015 By admin

To pin down the objective of increasing sales, a retailer uses every possible marketing strategy. To achieve this objective you have to first pass the tough competition, understand critical technology that is getting advanced every minute and appease extremely volatile customers with a moody behaviour.

Accelerate Sales on your Magento Store

As a matter of fact, we can’t halt the pace of the competition and the augmentation of cutting edge technology. So, what do we do?

The only panacea to this situation would be to use best platform like Magento that help amplify user experience. Moreover, it’s just not about designing and creating your e-commerce store, featuring, marketing and optimizing are also important elements to drive unending traffic.

Before going any further, answer these questions from customer point of view.
• Was it easy to find the online store?
• Is the store simple and easy to understand?
• Is it tough to get through the checkout?
• Is the website content compelling enough?
• Will the service convince me to draw money out of my pocket?

Let’s discuss these fundamental questions to retrieve our answers and you’ll probably have the answers to accelerate sales as well.

1. Is it easy to find the store? Is your website discoverable?
A good SEO strategy gives a boost to website ranking. Analyze some of the best SEO (search engine optimization) practices and deploy them on your website. There are numerous Magento Extensions in the market that assure to make your website more search engine friendly.

To surcharge the SEO initiatives for your website, install the latest version of Magento. Avoid long tail links, write good descriptions and use lot of images in the website (category and product page). Add keyword rich products, pages and product tours/guides. Make your e-store directly available by creating a “robots.txt”

2. Was the store simple and easy to understand?
Make sure that your online store is simple. Messy and disorganized website doesn’t let the visitors explore through the pages and entice them to purchase any product. Therefore, make sure that your website is clean and organized in a systematic manner. Along with that, keep the design of the page simple and remember to keep the items limited by exhibiting it on one page or on few pages.

3. Is it tough to get through the Checkout?
Online sales are greatly influenced by the Checkout and revisits. A simple checkout with limited steps is always in complete harmony with your customers. Make it a single page effort with minimum areas to fill, ask them to fill only the necessary fields. Avoid compulsory registrations and make it optional.

A website that uses tricky technologies (AJAX and Flash) will certainly make things more complicated. As for some customers who are using an old browser or a particular device which doesn’t support this technology will create complications. So keep it short and simple.

4. Is the website content compelling enough?
The purchasing decision of the customer counts on various factors. All types of content (text, images, videos, etc.) should build instant interest for visitors. Write interesting and simple product description. Make it more convincing by adding an image to the text.

To write compelling text, focus on how customers will take it? Stress more on benefits than on the feature of a product. Moreover, use action verbs and active sentences to engage customers.

5. Will the service convince me to draw money out of my pocket?
Driving traffic isn’t enough. It’s also about converting visitors into customers, convincing them to draw money out of their pockets. Here is what else can be done to make things happen:
• Use views and reviews to bend your visitors to turn into customers
• Use security badges to build trust in your product and services
• Offer free shipping
• Optimize your website with proper location of banners and buttons that grabs eyeballs
• Use the colour therapy

Market scholars strongly believe that the future of online shopping is very bright. So it makes sense to be part to this wonderful future and make maximum out of your Magento website’s potential.

Attractive price to make customer buy

Keep Customers Glued To Your Online Store

July 15, 2015 By admin

The E-Commerce boom has led to a stiff competition among online stores to get customers and then retain them. Among so many glorious options readily available for a consumer, it is obviously difficult to keep them glued to your store. But you can always leverage these clever tips and strategies to increase your customers and thus your overall sales.

1) The Psychology of Winsome Prices to Make Customers Buy

Attractive price to make customer buy
What does a consumer think before- during- after buying a product?
The answers will unravel insights to your consumer’s thought process and psychology that apparently leads to their final buying decision.
If you are determined to make headway by achieving all your conversion aims, you need to leverage concepts gleaned from behavioral psychology of your consumers…

2) Seducing E-Commerce Visitors to Buy

Seducing ecommerce visitors to buy
How can you entice your e-commerce visitors to buy from your store? Simple, a great user experience works as a tool of growth hacking for the inflow of conversion rates.
Now, if you’re lacking somewhere in your online business, you are not offering what your user want. Make things work out with these 20 steps to enhance the UX of your Magento store…

3) 7 ways to optimize your Checkout for minimizing abandonment

Optimize your checkout
Checkout is an influential aspect which drives customers to re-visit your website and recommend it further. One of the prominent reasons for the people to shop online in the first place is to get convinced by the services provided by the website.
Customer’s convenience at checkout excluding all the complexities stimulates the customers interest and strengthen the bond. But what when your checkout is not in harmony with the visitors or customers. To ensure that you don’t deter your checkout I have listed 7 ways to optimize your Checkout for minimizing abandonment…

4) Why Should You Start Tracking Abandoned Carts?

Start tracking abandoned cart
“Out of every 100 visitors who put something in their cart, nearly 68 of them backed off without making the final purchase” How does it sound?…
Obviously, not good! Wikipedia says that the average rate of everyday abandonment for online retailers is 67.91%. Why do more than half of the visitors do it?- The pivotal questions, to track down the abandonment of carts. Let’s figure out what are the reasons which embarks such menace in your online store…

5) How To Optimize Shopping Cart For Optimum Surplus?

For a virtual store or an offline selling store, Shopping Cart is a featured element in the entire process of shopping. Now, when it comes to an ideal e-commerce website, it works in a systematic way where the shoppers locate their desired items, puts it in a shopping cart and then advance towards checkout. Indeed, a very systematic process which leads to the flow of sales, continued by profits.
The shopping cart is a holding area which is used by the buyers to keep their selected products or items till the time they buy it. Basically, a spot where considered items are kept and final decisions are made. However, shopping carts need to do far more than just collecting items by providing information about the item in which customer is interested in…..

Seducing Website Visitors to Buy

June 30, 2015 By admin

How can you entice your e-commerce visitors to buy from your store? Simple, a great user experience works as a tool of growth hacking for the inflow of conversion rates.

Now, if you’re lacking somewhere in your online business, you are not offering what your users want. Make things work out with these 20 steps to enhance the UX of your Magento store.

Here are some eye popping statistics about Users Experience.


Today we have 3 billion internet users globally and the number is moving upwards with the speed of a fired bullet. The hopeful forecast predicts shimmering e-commerce sky, the e-mail retailers will rise by 9% in 2016.

Apparently, it shows that online buyers are a massive opportunity and better user experience will harness business sales by 74%. Online user experience which is build with factors like convenient, intuitive and enjoyable experience will streamline the inflow of ROI.

Proper strategies to win conversions will take your business to greater heights and break all the records, up till now. Guide your visitors in the best ways, as the infographic says and boost your conversion rates.

The infographic showcases several eye popping studies and future startling predictions for the e-commerce landscape, which depicts that to provide a good user experience can turn a handsome deal for every online retailer.