B2B E-Commerce Trends 2018 – [An Infographic]

May 17, 2018 By Tuhina

B2B E-commerce stands for business-to-business, electronic trade – offering products or services through the internet by means of online sales portal.

In regular B2B, it is used to enhance proficiency for organizations. Rather than preparing orders physically – by phone or email – with e-commerce orders can be processed digitally. A report from Forrester Research in 2017 estimated business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce transactions would reach $1.2 trillion by 2021.

Check out the infographic below by “Magnetoitsolutions” to grab the most out of the current E-commerce trends in 2018.

Here are a few benefits of a B2B e-Commerce:

  • Cost of order entry
  • Order entry Mistakes
  • Substitute and strategically pitching
  • Promotions and special discounts
  • Cost of sales representatives

B2B brands are increasingly looking for digital means to boost sales – a move driven by the success of Amazon Business and the changing B2B buyer statistic.

Block Hacker

Five Techniques to block hackers from reaching your Magento Store

April 8, 2015 By admin

Since trust builds on security and trust is the major ace for every online store, e-commerce security becomes the principal demand of every retailer.

Now, as Magento is the chosen software among all e-commerce softwares, it is more vulnerable to get attacked by hackers. Security breaches love to create spam for your customers, demeanor shipping campaigns steal your customers information which includes their credit card details.

Block Hacker

Stealing user data, spamming, breaking and entering are the nefarious elements which seizes your website to do wary activities. You must be thinking how to deteriorate their entrance to our Magento stores? Worry not! Magento already comes with numerous built-in security features. But, there is always more which can be done to make it completely bulletproofed. Lets have a look at what else can be done.

Here are ten proven techniques to block security breaches from entering your Magento Store.

1.Create a custom admin path: An unaltered path makes it easy for hackers to navigate through admin page and use Brute Force Attacks to open up gateways to guess your user name and password.

It is recommended that you constantly change the admin path. But remember when you change it, don’t alter the “ Admin Base URL” settings in the admin segment of the system configuration. In case, you don’t do it, it will crack Magento by averting you from accessing the admin panel. Rather, locate “

By now, you’ll be able to access your admin panel via the most unguessable location.

To strengthen the entire process follow these tips:
• Go for a long and complicated Admin Username and Password.
• Keep your Magento admin password entirely unique.
• Don’t save the password on your PCs and laptops.
• Update your passwords before and after working with outside developers.

2. Use Two-Factor Authentication: Two-factor authentication extensions guarantees that only trusted devices can access your Magento back-end.

This provides an extra coating of security which demands you to know your unique username, password and security code which is randomly generated. Just after 30 seconds of the entire process on a smartphone app you will be able to purchase from the Magento Connect Marketplace. Thus, strengthening the security of your website.

3. Limit Admin access to only approved IP addresses: 
In case the points discussed above were not enough for you (because of PCI compliance requirements), then you can certainly restrict admin access to only the IP addresses you have whitelisted.

This can be done through Apache directive Location Match:

<LocationMatch “admin”>
Order Deny,Allow
Deny from All
Allow from

However, in the above example always remember to change “admin” to your fresh and unique admin login page. Now, as previously I have used “ ” In this article I used “ Mer25x” as the unique admin login page, therefore, I will switch “admin” to “Mer25x”.

4. Require HTTPS/SSL For All Your Login Pages:Every time you use your username and password without an encryption connection, you take the risk of getting seized by a hacker. Banish this possibility by using HTTPS/SSL in Magento.

You can do this effectively on the “System” tab in the main toolbar and by choosing “Configuration” from the drop down menu. After this click on the “Web” tab from the left hand navigation and then select “Secure” in the main window. Here you can alter the base URL of your store. Next, select “Yes” for both”Use Secure URLs in Admin” and “Use Secure URLs in Front-end”. Thereafter, click the “Save Config” button on the top of the page and get started.

5. Use a secure FTP: One of the simplest ways to hack a Magento store is to intercept an FTP password. To block this happening, use secure FTP passwords and FTP-SSL (Explicit AUTH TLS) or SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol).

Now if you want a higher level of security, I will recommend you to use SFTP and a Public Key Authentication. Also, limit unsecured FTP access to prevent unpleasing scripts from creating havoc.

Other security measures that you can take to boost the security of your website are:
• Change your file permissions
• Secure your Local.xml file
• Lock your Magento connect manager
• Disable any dangerous PHP functions
• Disable directory indexing
• Use only trusted Magento extensions

Always remember to go with the latest version of Magento. As they often come out to shield recently discovered security risks in the software. Keep your anti-virus software which is up to date. A secure website is a hassle free website which diminishes a major headache and improve the conversion rate by increasing the trust factor.

Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce: The future of E-commerce

February 13, 2015 By admin

Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce is spreading like a wildfire. Indeed, it has taken the larger chunk of E-commerce market and will soon dominate the online promotional channel.

A recent research analogy done to find the conversion rate for PC/laptop, mobile phones and tablets reveal astonishing results. Nearly 78% of mobile users, seeking business information, end up in a sale, while it is just 61% for PC/laptop users and 64% for tablet users. It is clear that mobile searches overpower searches done through PC or a tablet, with a significant margin.

Some more figures

More interesting are the figures from last year for Mobile E-commerce. Approximately 55% of the time spent on E-commerce happened through a mobile device, while the revenue generated by Mobile E-commerce was around $41.68 billion dollars. That is huge and something that companies can’t ignore anymore.

Yet again, Statista’s latest m-commerce survey on sales in the United States showed a revenue of  48.9 billion U.S. dollars. This includes 8.89 billion dollars coming from the mobile downloads and in-app revenues.The pace of growth shows no signs of turning sluggish. The forecast for 2016 are equally optimistic with an increase of 57.75% in the world’s mobile phone users.

What does this mean for your business? 

This means that the key strategy to achieve success for any business is to be ‘mobile-ready’ first. This year more companies are investing in creating premium mobile experiences for their customers.

The journey to built a ‘Mobile friendly online store’ starts with equally matchless tool, Magento.

The infiltration of mobile commerce as a dominant channel to achieve profits has also led to the proliferation of numerous website development platforms. But, the most responsive and robust among the entire crew remains to be Magento.

With about 30% market share to its credit, Magento is the most chosen e-commerce platform today. According to Alexa, over, 34% of the top 1 million websites use it for their online business.

Magento is completely designed to host websites for any screen size, enrapture audience interest and giving them an amazing experience. In the past few years, innumerable online stores have chosen Magento to grow their small business into large profit generating businesses, nurturing the channel of m-commerce.

Moreover, Magento has significantly changed the m-commerce topography by decreasing the cost and time-span required for creating a mobile responsive website. This is why smart marketers have rightfully leveraged customer behavior to market their brand and value proposition using Magento. This platform brings a responsive and seamless experience for the shopping cart and checkout  which makes it a more preferred choice.

But leveraging the benefits of this channel requires precarious balance of a fulcrum, which only an experienced team of Magento developers can give you. With limited knowledge of Magneto and its architecture you will find it difficult to utilize its complete functionality. That’s where Magento Ocodewire will help you.

So don’t think, act! 

Give us a call or write to us. Mobile commerce is ready to offer you growth, so let our Magneto development team help you discover the hidden profits that even you didn’t know existed.


Magento – An Undeniable Choice For Your e-Commerce Website

November 1, 2014 By admin

Magento For e-Commerce WebsiteMagento is one of the most prominent and feature rich e-Commerce  software which extends an unmatched flexibility to manage your content. It provides an appealing look and functionality to your e-Commerce store. About 150,000 websites have adopted Magento as a viable e-commerce software. According to Alexa 1 Million Top sites examination, Magento CE has increased its share by 16.5% over the past one year.  Moreover, Google has revealed that the term “Magento” is searched more than the word “e-Commerce”.

Magento is the perfect platform for anybody who wants to develop an online store for his products or to reconfigure an already existing e-Commerce website. It enables you to achieve targeted leads through SEO-friendly websites, segregation of your customers, personalizing shopping with focused marketing of the product and recommendation for Up-sells and Cross-sells. Here are six reasons to choose Magento as a prominent tool to achieve your business targets:

1. Rich in Features and Functionality- Magento offers feature-rich e-Commerce platform  which access customers with complete flexibility and control over the presentation, content, and functionality of their e-Commerce websites. It offers a vast assembly of functionalities to make mobile apps, gift card functionality, CMS pages, configurable pricing, product bundles, multiple images per product, newsletter management, customer groups and advanced stock management.

2. Scalability- One of the most incredible feature of Magento is its scalability which allows both small and large retailers to grow considerably. The compatibility of Magento has escorted a substantial number of retailers to generate a turnover  of  more than 20 million Euros.

3. Integration- The extensible Application Programming Interface enables Magento to build a connection with all kinds of web and standalone applications available around the world. This allows an easy integration between Magento and any third-party application.

4. User Friendly-  A Magento expert design the e-Commerce website to showcase your products in the most promising forms. It embellishes your website by making it clutter free and a precise landing location for the appropriate customers by facilitating all their needs. It specifically offers those products which users are expected to like based on the data available about them through registration and cookies.

5. SEO Friendly- Magento avoids conventional lengthy URL’s staging multiple levels of subcategories. This auto creates  Search Engine Friendly (SEF) URL structures to be simplified and compact. Moreover, other SEO friendly features like Links in the Layered Navigation, Keywords, Descriptions, Sitemaps for search engine submission enhancing the capability of your e-Commerce website.

6. Extensive Community Support- Magento has a huge array of community support  in the form of professional Magento developers  who have developed a large number of extensions.This vast community support is one of  the most reliable platforms to get solutions for all kinds of Magento programming complexities .

Apparently, this is the reason why Magento is the best e-Commerce platform, a choice of more than 200,000 retailers in the world. Samsung, Ford, Fox Connect, Lenovo, Olympus, Men’s Health, Vizio, Christian Louboutin, Nike and Nestle Nespresso are among the famous brands who have adopted Magento as a means to reach their online business goals.