3 Expert Tips to Make Responsive Magento E-commerce Website [An Infographic]

May 30, 2018 By Tuhina

As a retailer, the accomplishment of your business depends on how well your audience acknowledges the products you put on display. If you take it one step further as a Magento online business retailer, it additionally depends on how well you can contact your audience on a digital level. Nowadays huge number of the e-commerce platforms are accessible online but Magento is the best place because of its superb site designs. It comes with the awesome features like Robust platform, Order Management, International Support, Catalog Browsing and management, Extensible large marketplace, Marketing Promotions and Tools etc. A responsive website provides easy reading and navigation, and decreases resizing, panning and scrolling to least. By using responsive design, you make your e-commerce store mobile friendly. As a result, you get extra traffic, more loyal customers, and the possibility to increase the profit. Check out the infographic below by “Elsner” to design error free Magento eCommerce website.   3 things to know about Magento eCommerce platform: 

  • Plan with real content –  When you realize what content you have and additionally require, it’s simpler to characterize your general sitemap and work out a consistent progression.
  • Plan ‘in-browser’ – One of the advantages of designing this way is the decrease in the time it takes to make improvements.
  • Make it universally usable Your plan will need to absolutely widespread and adjust to whatever surroundings it is set.

How to build the integrity of a website among customers in 2015 ?

January 8, 2015 By admin


The soaring Internet province lead to the emergence of uncountable websites which are steadfastly working to take their business to new heights. This huge array of sites has escalated competition to a completely different level. However, websites integrity among its customers prevails as the basic factor for the customer to start any business with the firm. Every user avoids security intricacies and demands the possession of a safe and secure transaction. Winning customers trust sustains the consumer for a long time, besides this it advances further recommendation to their peers.

Let’s have an overview of notable tactics through which you can build customers trust on your website in 2015:

Trademark of the client- A sturdy portfolio imposes a first- rate impression in the customer’s perception and give them a concise idea about how we make things happen in a phenomenal way. Exhibition of previous customers logos persuades visitors to heed the website, further adding volumes to the portfolio. This is the foremost tact to build customers trust and to show that you have maintained a promising experience period.

Appealing “About us” segment- The conventional technique to tell the visitors about your work and experience is through an impressive “About Us”. A personal piece of information about the company formulates a more connection-driving and approachable for the customers. The year 2015 will also witness “About us” segment as the basic element which will build customers trust.

Customer’s Reviews and Feedbacks- Customers review in the form of testimonials and rating paves the path of confidence building for new visitors. The general demeanor of a visitor is created on the basis of customer review and feedbacks about a website. Eventually adding factors for a customer to trust a website.


Honour and Achievement- Add to the desirability factor of your website by exhibiting certificates and awards right from the year of your company’s inception. The achievement and honour displayed in an interesting way inform customers about the capabilities of the company. Use of golden colour increases the value and worth of what you are promoting.


Payment Emblem- Secure payment strategy is another important aspect to build customers trust in your website. Identity theft and credit card fraud are the serious issues which restrict the customers from trusting any website. If you have an e-commerce website, add the payment emblem of the payment gateway such as PayPal, Apple Pay,, etc.

Payment Emblem

Modify your services list- Amend your flaws specifically for the services in which you lack perfection. By the time you don’t gain perfection in the field avoid selling such solution as your honesty will add on to your credibility. However, if you still serve with deficit perfection you may not fully deliver a good outcome to the customer.

Veracious verdict for your product and services- Customers don’t accept products or solutions that can be adjusted to partially satisfy their needs. Indeed, they favour a solution which functions properly and is robust. Henceforth, provide them the entire truth and avoid misinterpreting the advantages, features and benefits of product and services. Let them select the best solution which will work for them.

A person does business with a firm which he has approved after all the litmus tests. Test of trust is the prominent among these tests. As always and even the year 2015 will foster customers trust as the prominent factor for the sale in a store. Evidently, a good website will include the above techniques in his business strategies to attain new business heights.



E-commerce Mistakes That Could Be Killing Your Store

January 5, 2015 By admin

Every e-Commerce store retailer invests an enormous amount of time and capital to be the top-seller for his online product. This is the common prevailing market trend. Although, with continuous effort certain stores generate sales. The rest struggle in the creeping mode and eventually die out. The cardinal reason for this is the inclusion of loopholes- “consumer turn offs” in the store due to implementation of wrong strategies. Moreover, these flaws turn severe when they are overlooked and ignored. Here are six e-Commerce mistakes that could be killing your store.


Mistake 1- A complicated website-
Some e-commerce store exert visitors to fill endless complicated forms, unwanted logins and other hurdles which impel a visitor to leave the website very early. Apparently it is the foremost reason for the visitor to turn off. A simple website drives a user to stay on the site for a long. This fundamental cognition creates a benchmark declaring “A simple e-Commerce website a successful e-Commerce website.”

Mistake 2- Ponderous website-
A website which is overloaded with content than its normal capacity advance in a slow pace. This lack of instant gratification drives the visitor to leave the website. However, research proves that by increasing the loading time of your website from 8 seconds to 2 seconds, the average conversion rate accelerates upto 74%.

Mistake 3- Too much exertion on sale-
Ideally targeting all sections of the product and services turn things intricate, instead focusing to sell fewer items to a selected group of customers can help you to build a strong  brand. Ultimately it will even aid you to promote your online store more effectively.

Mistake 4- Complicated checkout-
A complex and poor checkout system in an e-Commerce escort the abandonment of the website by the consumer. Apparently, this foster a negative effect on the sales. Furthermore, people who are not regular shoppers tend to make silly mistakes and complicated checkout makes the situation more grave. To prevent this from occurring, you can design a login page which is simple and works smoothly.

Mistake 5- Too much spamming- 
Flooding your customers inbox with emails several times a day is not a good plan. As these mails get deleted without even getting read or it goes strait to the spam. It presents you as a hopeless and  desperate retailer. Moreover, it creates a negative perception in the customer’s mind. A string of introductory emails can be an effective strategy for your business, once this is accomplished limit your emails to once a week.

Mistake 6- Not Having a Content Plan-
Marketing through the right content strategy gives an organic and social traffic to the website. Good content is the prime tool to attract the desired audience. A website where content is not strategically planned and published tends to produce heavy losses. It is the very first element which is seen by the visitor and if he get impressed this results into an action favored towards our profit. However the content marketing strategy should be directed keeping in mind the ideal customer necessity rather than the product itself.

The face of your online business is your e-Commerce website.  Hence, it should be the most promising, countering all the consumer turn offs and proposing a wide range of consumer turn on. As a website which offers countless benefits and minimal complexities turn out to be consumer amiable. Apparently the recognition and amendments of these flaws from your e-Commerce website will escort an acceleration business sale.