Top 7 Pinterest Hacks for Your Online Store

Top 7 Pinterest Hacks for Your Online Store

August 5, 2015 By admin

Conveying your message visually means making a greater impact on people. Similarly, when you use stunning visuals to promote your online store you entice the customers to buy from you.

Top 7 Pinterest Hacks for Your Online Store

As a fact more and more brands are now utilizing the dynamics of visual content to communicate with their customers. Pinterest, the popular photo sharing website has approximately 72.8 million users across the globe according to the latest reports. The site intensifies the visual effect of delivering information through eye-catching images and videos displayed on the bulletin board style arrangement.

Marketers using Pinterest as a medium to reach their prospects have observed huge return in terms of readers, leads and customers. But the success depends on how smartly you use Pinterest and the kind of strategies you adopt. Listed below are top hacks to render that success for your online store.

Verify e-commerce site for Pinterest.
If you are using Pinterest for your website, verify it to prevent any copycat fraud. It is likely that people may create a lookalike e-commerce site, sell lookalike products and you may not be aware about it. Pinterest gives confidence to consumer that the right person has the control of the account.

Create appealing Visual Content
Everybody loves beautiful pictures and the story it conveys. The chief way to get viral pins is through stunningly beautiful pictures. A study shows that pins with sensible colors like red and an entirely covered background with very less white spaces got repinned more often.

Create Instructograph
People generally like things which help them to solve certain problems or things that offers them information. A beautifully decked up pin is not sufficient, it should solve the main purpose. It should be a correct combination of Instructions and Graphics i.e. Instructographics. Instructographics are the information given in the form of infographics.

Bait and Switch Your Pictures and Videos
With the help of bait you don’t have to utilize the same videos and photos your online website product page has used. Pinterest offers amazing features through which you can exhibit stunning product shots that takes back to your online store product page. Most of the “A” listed companies use this trick to attract people to their store. Moreover, you don’t need too much hardwork for this; you just have to change the URL in the source box.

Use Rich Product Pins
One of the most unique and interesting feature of Pinterest is its rich pin validator. It adds a security layer to counter fraudsters. It offers extra information which is linked to the content on the online website such as the information about price and availability. By when the content or the information on your online store changes all the rich pins containing information also changes automatically.

Mobile Friendly website
Way back in 2013, larger chunk of Pinterest traffic was coming through mobile phones and not desktops or laptops. The reason behind this shift was that more people were using net through mobile phones than through any other device. Moreover, the Mobile-commerce has a bright future. To know more about mobile commerce read Mobile Commerce: The future of E-commerce .

Pin Regularly
As e-commerce market works 24/7, consistent pinning throughout the day keeps your store highlighted on web. To get some great results pin 10-15 times a day. In case you are too busy and cannot keep pining constantly after a definite period. You can use various Pinterest scheduling tools.

Seducing Website Visitors to Buy

June 30, 2015 By admin

How can you entice your e-commerce visitors to buy from your store? Simple, a great user experience works as a tool of growth hacking for the inflow of conversion rates.

Now, if you’re lacking somewhere in your online business, you are not offering what your users want. Make things work out with these 20 steps to enhance the UX of your Magento store.

Here are some eye popping statistics about Users Experience.


Today we have 3 billion internet users globally and the number is moving upwards with the speed of a fired bullet. The hopeful forecast predicts shimmering e-commerce sky, the e-mail retailers will rise by 9% in 2016.

Apparently, it shows that online buyers are a massive opportunity and better user experience will harness business sales by 74%. Online user experience which is build with factors like convenient, intuitive and enjoyable experience will streamline the inflow of ROI.

Proper strategies to win conversions will take your business to greater heights and break all the records, up till now. Guide your visitors in the best ways, as the infographic says and boost your conversion rates.

The infographic showcases several eye popping studies and future startling predictions for the e-commerce landscape, which depicts that to provide a good user experience can turn a handsome deal for every online retailer.


Magneto 2.0 : 7 features that makes Magento an open source E-commerce market leader

April 10, 2015 By admin

With more than 4 million downloads worldwide, Magento is celebrated as the most prominent e-commerce solution today. Indeed, with Magento 2, the platform promises to ascend with new and advanced features, thereby giving a platform which will be packed with a huge array of features.


Magento 2 is developed with the objective to empower developers with a cutting edge solution. The expert team of Magento is working hard in structuring crucial architectural changes to decrease the upgrade efforts, enhance the performance, simplify the customization process, upgrade the technology stack and to make the engagement with the developer community better.

Lets have a look at 7 crucial updates and features of Magento 2.

1. Renewed Technology Stack
The technology stack of Magento 2 includes the latest version of jQuery, PHP, CSS3, etc. Here is the enhancement which we will be seen in the fresh version of Magento:
• With an additional support of plugins, Magento 2 is more accessible with jQuery because of which developers will be able to use JavaScript libraries which they already know.
• Magento 2 is based on HTML 5 and is entirely responsive.
• The fresh version comes with CSS3 which improves the page load speed. Along with that it will offer a bunch of new visual effects: multiple backgrounds, reflections, shadows, etc.
• Require JS library is another great feature of Magento 2. It loads JS resources non synchronously, thereby improving the page load time.
• It supports PHP 5.5 (minimum requirement is 5.4.11) , because of which the overall performance of the site gets enhanced.
• It supports MySQL 5.6 and therefore improves the MySQL engine performance.
• With the inclusion of PSR compliance, Magento 2 becomes easier to learn.

2. Enhanced Customization process
Magento 2 has an improved customization feature. With this developers will be able to use Magento for faster and specific needs of the merchants. Here is what has been done:
• In Magento 2 there will be a layered navigation and modularized search interface. Because of this search feature will be more customizable.
• With this new version you get the enhanced APIs for better integrations with external systems.
• XML validation is another significant addition to the new version.
• The modular code of Magento 2 decreases cross-module reliance and allows developers to make targeted changes without having an impact on the codes. This gives a cleaner interfaces among multiple extensions with better customization and higher flexibility.

3. Simpler Front-end development
In Magento 2 front-end development is more attainable with less CSS preprocessor and modern HTML5 themes.
• With the help of Magento 2 developers will have better and more opportunities for an easier customization for the look and feel. THis would be done without altering the core functionality of the site. The front-end coding is less complex and more autonomous in the new version.
• The fresh features make CSS more maintainable and expendable in a theme-friendly manner. The CSS- preprocessor increase the speed the front-end development and enhances multilevel theme inheritance
• The fresh version incorporates Blank Theme, which will allow developers to start with a stripped down theme. It also allows you to start with all necessary features and customization.
• The UI Library of Magento includes a number of components (tables, typography, forms, etc.) and specific patterns (navigation, rating, message). This provides the ability to change almost all the elements of Magento 2 front-end or alter existing things much faster.

4. Demands less cost and efforts for upgrades
The new version of the Magento will be a boon to the industry, it would demand for less effort and money. The new version will make it easier to reform the core Magento software specifically for installing and upgrading extensions.
• The new version of Magento comprises of enhanced information on versioning policies and compatibility of upgrades, thereby, allowing developers to be more dedicated and will be anticipating the entire upgrade scenario.
• The developers working on the extension will be able to provide a detailed version of compatibility information in their codes as the component of the “composer” module in PHP. This gives a beforehand idea about the potential impact of the extension to its developers.
• Magneto 2 makes the installation much easier than before, retailers on the current platform of Magento can migrate to Magento 2 by first transferring all standard records.

5. Better Performance and Scalability
The upcoming Magento will be launched with an improved native performance and scalability.
• The new indexers of Magento 2 comprises of similar functionality as the former enterprise version had. However, it has been improved to deliver high speed query performance and more systematic updates.
• The fresh set of performance test script will be used to test code changes, optimise system performance and create test environments to verify.
• It will include integration with Varnish Cache, this will make a faster display of pages and lower down server load by caching customary requests.
• More than one Admin will be allowed to update products and the basic concern will be to reduce data conflict.
• The new version comes with an improved level of performance and reduced load on the server. This cuts an extra investments in additional servers.

6. Better quality, documentation and testing resources
Magento 2 comprises of testing for integration, units, static environments, functional area and performance criteria. For the fast development, the testing framework of Magento 2 supports unit testing practices and continuous integration. Moreover, it includes all the necessary documentation.

Magento 2 comprises of a Pre-packed series of test scripts for users to use it in testing practices and development cycle. The series incorporates test for integration, static environments, units and performance criteria. Furthermore, it supports unbroken integration and testing practice for faster development and less time is devoted on QA.

7. Rise in community engagements
Another crucial feature of Magento 2 is that it has an increased engagement with the community. The deeper engagement with the Magento community value your feedbacks. As they believe that the success of Magento will be grounded in the success of their developers and partners.

With an unending array of improved feature offered by Magento 2, the platform is worth waiting. However Magento 2 will be released by the end of this year, perhaps the beginning of 2016.