How to keep customers happy and generate repeat customers

October 10, 2015 By admin

The ultimate goal of every business is to provide exceptional services to its customers and to win their loyalty so that they come back the next time. A business cannot solely depend on the new customers. The success depends largely on the repeat customers as well. You need to impress them with your services and customer handling tactics, so that they don’t look for other options.  So let us take a closer look at the strategies which can convert a new customer into a repeat one.


1. Stop referring your customers to others.

This is the most annoying experience for a customer. Passing a customer from one employee to another just because you don’t have a solution to his problem, ends up with your customer losing the trust he had in you. See what you can do to solve the issue, and if you find it difficult, then refer him to the right person who can definitely resolve the problem.

2. Add personal touch to your services

Treating them just as your customers will not help you connect with them. Consider them as individual, and give them the importance as one. They will realize their importance for your business and will appreciate your courtesies towards them.

3. Be empathetic towards negative feedback

Acknowledge the feedback given by your customers as it is the only way to understand the fields you are doing well in and those which need to be worked upon. Be concerned about what is troubling the customers and learn to take the responsibility of the mistakes. Apologize for the wrong that happens so that your customers always have faith in you that you care about their problems.Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 6.11.58 PM

4. Respond well to your customers

Every customer wants a quick response from the other end. So make sure you never delay answering them. Whenever they report an issue, apologize and start by offering them with appropriate solutions. If the process is time consuming for your customers, they will avoid getting back to you. So, they should not be kept waiting for too long.

5. Surprise your customers frequently

Everyone loves gifts. Even our customers are not an exception to this. So keep your customers delighted with gifts and discounts so that they just can’t resist themselves from coming back to you every time. You can use a point system for your customers or grant them coupons based on their involvement in your business.

6. Optimize social media

Stay connected with your customers on social media and keep updating them with the latest news. They would be happy to hear about any new developments in your business and will feel directly connected with you. Make sure you are consistent with your posts on social networking sites.


Your current customers are an asset to your company. It is always beneficial to spend most of your time and energy on retaining your old customers rather than attracting new ones, as the old ones are well acquainted with your products and services and play a key role in determining the success of your business.

Optimizing Customer Satisfaction for your E-commerce Site

September 14, 2015 By admin

The success of an e-commerce site is measured by the number of happy customers it has. The main motive behind all the coupons, festive discounts and attractive offers is to lure maximum customers to an e-commerce site. The customers will choose an e-commerce site based on their first time experience they have with the site. A slight amount of inconvenience may lead to losing customers to other competitors which may be offering better customer friendly features.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers generally have second thoughts while using an e-commerce site due to the risks involved in e-transactions. Making these transactions reliable and secure would make them more confident in using these sites. Improving the site performance , sending personalized emails, introducing live chats , easy checkouts are some ways that can make e-commerce sites simple and handy for the customers.

Customer satisfaction plays a pivotal role in the success of any business which, once achieved, can be optimized for the benefit of the e-commerce site as discussed below.

1.) Assess your own results: The performance of an e-commerce site can be easily ascertained by the level of its customer satisfaction. An increase in the number of delightful customers shows the progress of the site and ensures that the site is functioning well as per the demands of the customers.

2.) Build your name: A happy customer is the most valued asset for an e-commerce site. Any site can strengthen its hold in the market if it has strong support from its customers. So it becomes highly essential to take very good care of the customer requirements.

3.) Word of Mouth: This marketing technique can be considered as one of the most trusted ones as far as attracting youngsters is concerned. They believe what they hear. Good remarks about anything from the peers motivate the youngsters to give it a try themselves. Much in the same way, pleasing remarks about any e-commerce site would push them to experience it themselves and they would want to be happy customers too.

4.) Using loyalty to your advantage: Once a site gains the loyalty of the customers, it does not need to worry about losing its customers to other competitors due to reasons related to prices of the products. A survey indicates that customers do not mind paying more price for the products if they are contented with a particular site. So paying more price is not an issue for the customers, their own satisfaction with the services provided by an e-commerce site is.

5.) Company gets to know the areas which need to be worked upon: Any decline in customer satisfaction indicates that the site is lagging somewhere. A short survey can reveal the weak points of the site and immediate handling of such errors can be done to ensure that the same reason does not become a cause of concern in future.

Keeping customer satisfaction as priority would yield higher profits for any e-commerce site. It is a small price paid, to get larger benefits.

The Psychology of Winsome Prices to Make Customers Buy

The Psychology of Winsome Prices to Make Customers Buy

July 6, 2015 By admin

What does a consumer think before- during- after buying a product?

The answer unravels insights to your consumer’s thought process or psychology that apparently leads to their final buying decision.

If you are determined to make headway by achieving all your conversion aims, you need to leverage concepts gleaned from behavioral psychology of your consumers.

The Psychology of  Winsome Prices to Make Customers Buy

We are individuals with different thoughts and perception. Excluding certain instances, our brains are accustomed to react in a similar manner. When we understand these nuances of human mind and use it to influence and cater our consumers, we help our business to find creative methods to move more consumers to say YES! to your product and services.

To get a better picture of consumer psychology here are 7 psychological master keys that open up the doors to more sales.

Understand Social Psychology: Reciprocity
When someone gives us something, with the act of acknowledgment we give them something in return. This principle is called the Reciprocity. Similarly an online retailer can offer a free gift with every purchase.

A gift in the form of content that assists customers with information that helps them in selecting an item, is helpful. The recommendation is always what your visitors are looking for.

Loyalty and Consistency
The psychological principle of commitment and consistency proves that people will go to great lengths to appear consistent in their words and actions. To manifest this they can also do irrational things.

If you show your customers that you are committed by making them sign up your email newsletter, the probability of purchasing increases. And if you actually get the product in their hands even without an official commitment, the purchasing chances increases automatically.

The Liking Factor
You are likely to say ‘yes’ to a proposal if you like it. This is the reason why brands hire your favorite celebrities to promote their product.

Branding is essential to trigger the principle of liking. Every aspect of your store from colors to fonts, from images to overall content – everything contributes to your brand’s personality. Indirectly it implements your goal to create a personality that is cohesive and like-able for your target customer. Along with that social link plays a major role here. So don’t miss it!

Display What Others Are Buying
People like to move in herd that’s how fashion is built. If what you are doing is ‘cool and trendy’, people will copy you.

You must have seen people wearing the same shoes, shirt or you may have visited certain store where you saw three T-shirt of the same color but different sizes. You probably felt a quick connection with that person based solely on that one data point.

Online stores can play off this idea by showing different product with the help of cross selling and up selling.

Does your product have a scientific reasoning. Display content through professionals with good credentials. Look for expert curation, as products made available to the shoppers these days are so vast that it’s hard to actually convince them. So, an expert support in form of content boosts customer’s buying decision.

Social Proof
The social approval or liking of the product efficiently works to influence the buyers decision. Anything and everything that is popular on your site can always trigger better responses.

If any product of your website is frequently purchased, show it up to your visitors. Quote such products as “Best Sellers” or “Most Popular” product on your online store.

Show sales deadline
Deadlines or impending out of stock announcement can increase sales at a fast pace. This tactic creates to tune the visitor into a mode of urgency to buy the product.

To make it more effective make your offers available only for a particular period of time. While doing this, make sure you highlight it by stressing on ‘Today Only’, ‘Limited Time’, ‘Offer Ends Today’ and anything engaging that conveys your message. Encourage your visitors to take an instant action.


7 Must Haves That Make Your Online Store Trustworthy

June 19, 2015 By admin

Trust stands as the epitome, the very foundation of any business to work successfully. This is particularly true in the case of online stores where trust is a deciding factor for a consumer to think of buying from your online store.

According to a survey, among 1000 consumers, 550 are ready to buy from the trusted store owners for a better shopping experience. Along with that, it also gives a clear idea that the rest 45% either don’t have a clear idea about a good shopping experience or are in a hurry. So, being a retailer what do you do to build that hard to gain consumer trust?

Certain consumers think that it is risky to make online transactions in an online store until they are confident about the credibility of the store. This is one of the reasons why consumer buy a product at a higher cost price from a well known brand, rather than a lesser known web shop offering the same product at a lesser price. However, by giving attention to certain major aspects you can build strong consumer trust and confidence.


Here are 7 must haves for your online store to increase that trust factor:-

Promote positive feedback
Exhibit the positive reviews in the most promising form. Get feedbacks from customers without making them feel they are giving a feedback. A 5 star alternative while checking out may be a simple method to begin getting feedbacks. Testimonials that speak out the heart of your consumers in your favor will add in building your trust and credibility. Showing the customers that you bother about their experience go a long way in building strong trust.

Maintain a page on “Who we are” with the complete information about your company. This will certainly help customers to build trust in your store and will create the awareness of physical existence. You can also post images of your office with guarantee marks and insignia. Keep clarity and a transparency about the identity of your company to increase the credibility.

Secure customer information and checkouts
Fraudulent online transactions, credit card frauds and scams are a big deterrent that stops people from buying online. If you can build a trust with customers here, you can automatically increase your online sales. Tell customers how buying from your online store is absolutely secure and full proof. Having credible links to back what you say will only reinforce your point. Magento has some great features that help to promote the security of customer information.

With the secure payment systems of Magento you can easily assure your customers that their payments travel through a system that is certified and guaranteed. Display trust seals that show how the checkout through your website will be totally safe and without any loss for them.

Create a Community
Provide a destination where your customers can share their interest about the products. Allow your customers to ask questions, write comments and help each other make decisions based on real product skill. Social media can stand out as a major location of great help.

Show your customer that you care about them. Majority of your visitors trusts stories, faces and videos much more than just plain text. Show them what your business looks like with an office with workers. Also remember to show customers faces by using pictures of the customers using your products on the important pages (like the home page).

Write your policies with complete clarity
Give a clear idea to your customers about the policies you hold. It is also very important that your policies are easily accessible to the visitors of your site. You can display all your policies on the product page so that the customers goes through it without any difficulty.

Display all the information related to order and shipping information
People like to have all the information beforehand, more specifically at the time when they are making the buying decision. So it is necessary that you display complete information with a small image, product details, quality of each product and price per product. And give an absolutely clear display of the product prices, shipping fees and the total cost before a customer buys a product. Don’t keep any charges hidden.

visitors ditching your website

10 Reasons Why Visitors Are Ditching Your Website’s Checkout

May 22, 2015 By admin

visitors ditching your website

“Customer experience is a catalyst of transformation”, says Christine Crandell

This catalyst works through friendly experience, which has no space for complications or boring things. It has to be made entirely in a way to give joy to customers while they make a purchase from your online store.

For instance, you managed to bring customer till the final purchase page. But then a not-so-friendly checkout page made your customer immediately leave the website.

“You missed a great opportunity by a narrow distance”

Complicated checkout can be a major turn-off for visitors. As 11% of the visitors leave your website because of a complicated checkout. To make it more clear, let’s discuss 10 reasons why your checkout is not working out well:

• You’re forcing your customers to do what they don’t like by pushing them to fill the registration. This means that your checkout lacks the guest checkout option.

          “14% of those who abandon cart do so due to a lack of guest checkout options”

• Your make it extremely boring when you have too lengthy checkout. At times every step demands a single page perhaps it acts a lengthy unending train.

• You are distracting your customers by marketing at the dead-end of the buying process. Up selling at the checkout is a major turn off for many customers

• You haven’t made it clear on how to go ahead.

• You have shocked your customers by demanding extra tax charges for shipping.

       "22% of those who abandon the cart complain of being surprised by shipping costs at the checkout"

• You’re making your likely customers fill fields that they have filled before.

• Unorganized checkout

• No discounts means no purchase

• Unfriendly credit card errors

• No security information for checkout

      "40% of shoppers are hesitant to create an account because they expect to receive spam"

A great website offers easy-to-fill forms and have everything which gives customers a wonderful user- experience. Here are 10 tips for designing a user-friendly checkout.

Creating Registration optional: Don’t force your customers to do things which they don’t like, give them the freedom to share information. Make the registration optional and provide them the option of guest user.
Checkout as a guest

Save the cart: Online buyers must be provided with an option to save their cart and make them available when they want to purchase it.

Creating a compact Checkout form: Crisp and to the point forms makes the checkout hassle free. Use a short checkout where you ask just for the basic questions. For Magento users one page checkout is a great option which is quite compact and is exclusive of unwanted steps. The extension doesn’t have any unnecessary steps, it only has necessary and relevant fields. Moreover, it boosts the entire buying experience.
one page checkout

Avoid display of extra shipping and tax cost: Nobody would ever want to pay extra for anything. Keep things transparent in terms of shipping and tax. You can absorb the shipping cost in the item itself. When you display the product cost, display it with the merged shipping cost.

Return policy: It is not necessary that if you have a return policy your customers will likely use it. You have a good product and great service, why do you need to be scared at all. A return policy gives customer confidence to do business with your online store.

Include trust section: Your customers want a reason to trust you if they are first time buyers. Display assurance texts or security logos to make them trust you.

Error-free Checkout page: Ensure that your checkout process doesn’t posses any kind of errors. Avoid asking the same questions again and again.

Highlight your offers: Extra benefits and rewards are contemporary icons for instant attraction. So, offer your visitors with royalty programs and discount coupons. This will make a shopper get hooked to shopping and buy further.

Show clear and progressive process indicator: Don’t leave your customers stuck at any point, guide them through every step. This way they will have a clear idea of the whole process.

Display the progress bar indicator, as it will show them each and every step of the transaction. This will guide them through the next step, thereby, giving users a sense of control and building their confidence to buy the product.

Keep a Functional ‘Back’ Button: Customers may feel like going to the previous page to recheck something or to rethink about the purchase. If the repeated click shows an error message the customers will have to redo the entire process. This can be pretty frustrating for them. So better keep a “Back” button handy.

Checkout page is gaining importance as compared to other factors of customer experience. This is because they help the conversion rates to increase many folds if they are made workable and hassle free.

How to build the integrity of a website among customers in 2015 ?

January 8, 2015 By admin


The soaring Internet province lead to the emergence of uncountable websites which are steadfastly working to take their business to new heights. This huge array of sites has escalated competition to a completely different level. However, websites integrity among its customers prevails as the basic factor for the customer to start any business with the firm. Every user avoids security intricacies and demands the possession of a safe and secure transaction. Winning customers trust sustains the consumer for a long time, besides this it advances further recommendation to their peers.

Let’s have an overview of notable tactics through which you can build customers trust on your website in 2015:

Trademark of the client- A sturdy portfolio imposes a first- rate impression in the customer’s perception and give them a concise idea about how we make things happen in a phenomenal way. Exhibition of previous customers logos persuades visitors to heed the website, further adding volumes to the portfolio. This is the foremost tact to build customers trust and to show that you have maintained a promising experience period.

Appealing “About us” segment- The conventional technique to tell the visitors about your work and experience is through an impressive “About Us”. A personal piece of information about the company formulates a more connection-driving and approachable for the customers. The year 2015 will also witness “About us” segment as the basic element which will build customers trust.

Customer’s Reviews and Feedbacks- Customers review in the form of testimonials and rating paves the path of confidence building for new visitors. The general demeanor of a visitor is created on the basis of customer review and feedbacks about a website. Eventually adding factors for a customer to trust a website.


Honour and Achievement- Add to the desirability factor of your website by exhibiting certificates and awards right from the year of your company’s inception. The achievement and honour displayed in an interesting way inform customers about the capabilities of the company. Use of golden colour increases the value and worth of what you are promoting.


Payment Emblem- Secure payment strategy is another important aspect to build customers trust in your website. Identity theft and credit card fraud are the serious issues which restrict the customers from trusting any website. If you have an e-commerce website, add the payment emblem of the payment gateway such as PayPal, Apple Pay,, etc.

Payment Emblem

Modify your services list- Amend your flaws specifically for the services in which you lack perfection. By the time you don’t gain perfection in the field avoid selling such solution as your honesty will add on to your credibility. However, if you still serve with deficit perfection you may not fully deliver a good outcome to the customer.

Veracious verdict for your product and services- Customers don’t accept products or solutions that can be adjusted to partially satisfy their needs. Indeed, they favour a solution which functions properly and is robust. Henceforth, provide them the entire truth and avoid misinterpreting the advantages, features and benefits of product and services. Let them select the best solution which will work for them.

A person does business with a firm which he has approved after all the litmus tests. Test of trust is the prominent among these tests. As always and even the year 2015 will foster customers trust as the prominent factor for the sale in a store. Evidently, a good website will include the above techniques in his business strategies to attain new business heights.



Boost your sale by providing world class services

November 26, 2014 By admin

Boost Sale

According to the recent reports by Nielsen N.V., there are 55% Smartphone and 52% Tablet users who stay at home and track the progress of their online orders. The busy make-up of our daily regime decreases the physical motion over places to satisfy our needs. While doing online shopping people embrace the extensive variety, convenience and low price availability of goods and services. But this doesn’t manifest that a consumer will simply buy anything from anybody online. An impeccable customer service is the fundamental necessity for customers satisfaction and retention. Here are six ways to provide world-class customer service:

1. Offer easy access to contact information
Offer your visitors different means to contact you, through email, chat, phone and asking customer service to call you by using the click-to-call feature and many more. Place your customer help option reachable and once you start helping them make it a customer friendly one, this won’t leave them disappointed and will add to the litany of building positive impression.

2. Look what customer desires
Transfer your focus from being a seller while writing the content of your website, write what customer desire for your product.  This strategy will attract the customer because he is getting what he wants. Furthermore it won’t waste your time in writing unwanted content.

3. Focus on customers’ opinion
Take feedbacks from the customers. Collecting compliments along with negative feedbacks will give you an idea about what customer dislikes are. Moreover, you can rectify these flaws and offer what customer desires to get them back as customers. So implant an anonymous feedback option on your website as a positive customer review drive the customers to buy it.

Customer satisfaction4. Accord Consistent Support
The chief way to give online support to your consumers is by providing multichannel support in consistency. The support given by the company should accord same answers and advice at every platform. The supporting team should have a broad idea about your products and services so that they can easily resolve problems. The customer confidence is gained when their problems are instantly tackled with ease. Moreover, a customer desires to get expert guidance with an amiable attitude, which will advance in strengthening relations.

Remember that forcing any kind of conversation on the consumer may create a hostile impression of the company. So, do whatever is customer like-able.

5. Use Images
Addition of attractive images makes your product more noticeable and real to your visitors.The right images with the right product description increases the chances of customers buying it. This will boost the credibility of your website among its customers.  Videos in the form of demo evoke the customer to purchase it, therefore use it like an arsenal for your website.

6. Offer Free Shipping
Free shipping option on your site definitely benefits customer to buy a product from your store.  A recent report says that 96% are more likely to shop on a site if its having a free shipping offer. To stay safe with your investment cost you can absorb the shipping cost in the product sale cost. Hence you will display the exact cost of the product according to the consumer, as what they see is the any amount which they pay. Moreover, free shipping is an option which drives the consumers to purchase more.

A favorable customer services erect the reputation of a company. A single bad comment can harm the image of the company. So, use the above strategies and take your business to new heights.

Infographic: Why Visitor Visit & Stay In Your Store Rather Than Others?

July 9, 2014 By admin

Learn about the important points that drive visitors on your site & convert them from visitors to customers.



Reason Visitor Leave Your Website: If visitors visit your site but leave it without any purchase, so take it seriously & find out the reason why a substantial amount of your traffic bounce.

  • 1) Poor site navigation- Complicating website always frustrate visitor.
  • 2) Lack of quality content– Visitor can’t understand your services & products benefits.
  • 3) Slow page load time– Visitor can’t wait for long time. 47% of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less.
  • 4) No social proof– More than 63% of consumers indicate they are more likely to purchase from a site if it has product ratings and reviews.
  • 5) Long sign up forms– Such form may tend visitor to the wrong direction.
  • 6) No contact information / phone number– A big reason of deal breaker for 79%.


Think Like A Customer, Before Any Purchase: To improve sales & to grab customers in store, it is very important to think like a customer.

  • 1) Your likes & dislikes?: Add those features & functionality in your store, which you want to see in others store whenever you are going to purchase something. As well, neglects the thing, which you don’t like while shopping.
  • 2) Where you want to visit first ?: Think about your preferences & where you visit if you are a customer.
  • 3) What you are looking for ?: Think what you select or chose while purchasing.
  • 4) What attracts you more ?: Find out the positive think that attract you more in any store.
  • 5) How to choose a best store ?: Think how you select the best store when you check the same thing in different store. How you find the best store & in what preferences?
  • 6) Engaging factor in store ? : What you find the most interesting & engaging factor in the store.
  • 7) Fast support channels ?: Think where you find the product details.


What’s The Next Step ?: Think about the services & features in website, which attracts visitors.

  • 1) Best & eye catching website design: Design a unique & eye-catching website, which must be responsive so that you can easily get the customers from all the medias. Website design is the first thing, which attract any visitor more in your store & motivate them to search product in your store. If you have a good website design people love to check your website again & again.
  • 2) Easy navigation & search box- Proper website design focuses, not only on aesthetics, features and content, but in building a user interface that is easy, intuitive, and consistent throughout. The search box is the best tool in the eCommerce site, through this functionality visitor can easily find the product on your store.
  • 3) High loading speed: Have you ever noticed that most of us leave the site that has slow loading speed. A slow loading speed is the most irritating issue in any store. So, always check the site speed for better performance.
  • 4) Simple layout: A simple layout is the most important thing to attract more visitor.
  • 5) High quality product images: A clear & clean images are important in any store. The unclear product images may distract people to buy from your store.
  • 6) Full product description: Take your time to write a unique & eye-catching product description so that customer can easily know about the product features & properties.
  • 7) Easy & short checkout steps: It is the most irritating steps for customers. If the checkout process is long or complicated so, most of the customers prefer to leave the site at that point. It’s better to provide the easy & short checkout step to the customers.
  • 8) Proper contact details: The contact details in the site define your real existence. Visitors feel secure to contact you & easily get the product details by direct contacting you.
  • 9) Discount/offers in product price: People love the store that provide the discount & offers.
  • 10) Offers gifts: Everyone love to receive the free gift from others. If your store provide such services people love to visit again.
  • 11) Bargain option on every purchase: Aahh! It’s the best way to attract more visitors in the store. People prefer those store more which provide such services to their customers.
  • 12) Shipping within 2-3 days: Impress your customers to deliver any product on quick possible time.
  • 13) Return policies, if deliver wrong or defected product: Must provide the return policies to your customer & grab the customers trust on your services as well products.
  • 14) Contact them after product delivery: After delivery, must contact the customer about the product delivery services & get the customer feedback.
  • 15) Provide live chat option: Always connect with your customers & provide them the product details. As well, response them on their query.
  • 16) Video or guide to install/use product: Add video or installation guide, if you are selling any software.