visitors ditching your website

10 Reasons Why Visitors Are Ditching Your Website’s Checkout

May 22, 2015 By admin

visitors ditching your website

“Customer experience is a catalyst of transformation”, says Christine Crandell

This catalyst works through friendly experience, which has no space for complications or boring things. It has to be made entirely in a way to give joy to customers while they make a purchase from your online store.

For instance, you managed to bring customer till the final purchase page. But then a not-so-friendly checkout page made your customer immediately leave the website.

“You missed a great opportunity by a narrow distance”

Complicated checkout can be a major turn-off for visitors. As 11% of the visitors leave your website because of a complicated checkout. To make it more clear, let’s discuss 10 reasons why your checkout is not working out well:

• You’re forcing your customers to do what they don’t like by pushing them to fill the registration. This means that your checkout lacks the guest checkout option.

          “14% of those who abandon cart do so due to a lack of guest checkout options”

• Your make it extremely boring when you have too lengthy checkout. At times every step demands a single page perhaps it acts a lengthy unending train.

• You are distracting your customers by marketing at the dead-end of the buying process. Up selling at the checkout is a major turn off for many customers

• You haven’t made it clear on how to go ahead.

• You have shocked your customers by demanding extra tax charges for shipping.

       "22% of those who abandon the cart complain of being surprised by shipping costs at the checkout"

• You’re making your likely customers fill fields that they have filled before.

• Unorganized checkout

• No discounts means no purchase

• Unfriendly credit card errors

• No security information for checkout

      "40% of shoppers are hesitant to create an account because they expect to receive spam"

A great website offers easy-to-fill forms and have everything which gives customers a wonderful user- experience. Here are 10 tips for designing a user-friendly checkout.

Creating Registration optional: Don’t force your customers to do things which they don’t like, give them the freedom to share information. Make the registration optional and provide them the option of guest user.
Checkout as a guest

Save the cart: Online buyers must be provided with an option to save their cart and make them available when they want to purchase it.

Creating a compact Checkout form: Crisp and to the point forms makes the checkout hassle free. Use a short checkout where you ask just for the basic questions. For Magento users one page checkout is a great option which is quite compact and is exclusive of unwanted steps. The extension doesn’t have any unnecessary steps, it only has necessary and relevant fields. Moreover, it boosts the entire buying experience.
one page checkout

Avoid display of extra shipping and tax cost: Nobody would ever want to pay extra for anything. Keep things transparent in terms of shipping and tax. You can absorb the shipping cost in the item itself. When you display the product cost, display it with the merged shipping cost.

Return policy: It is not necessary that if you have a return policy your customers will likely use it. You have a good product and great service, why do you need to be scared at all. A return policy gives customer confidence to do business with your online store.

Include trust section: Your customers want a reason to trust you if they are first time buyers. Display assurance texts or security logos to make them trust you.

Error-free Checkout page: Ensure that your checkout process doesn’t posses any kind of errors. Avoid asking the same questions again and again.

Highlight your offers: Extra benefits and rewards are contemporary icons for instant attraction. So, offer your visitors with royalty programs and discount coupons. This will make a shopper get hooked to shopping and buy further.

Show clear and progressive process indicator: Don’t leave your customers stuck at any point, guide them through every step. This way they will have a clear idea of the whole process.

Display the progress bar indicator, as it will show them each and every step of the transaction. This will guide them through the next step, thereby, giving users a sense of control and building their confidence to buy the product.

Keep a Functional ‘Back’ Button: Customers may feel like going to the previous page to recheck something or to rethink about the purchase. If the repeated click shows an error message the customers will have to redo the entire process. This can be pretty frustrating for them. So better keep a “Back” button handy.

Checkout page is gaining importance as compared to other factors of customer experience. This is because they help the conversion rates to increase many folds if they are made workable and hassle free.

Extra Charges

Why Should You Start Tracking Abandoned Carts?

February 25, 2015 By admin

Out of every 100 visitors who put something in their cart, nearly 68 of them backed off without making the final purchase” How does it sound?…

Obviously, not good! Wikipedia says that the average rate of everyday abandonment for online railers is 67.91%. The eye-popping statistics leaves every retailer with a deep note of concern to track and kill it with every possible method.

A great problem of the online retail industry is that visitors put items in their online shopping carts and leave the website before purchasing anything. This results in the abandonment of the carts where the customer had put the .

Why do more than half of the visitors do it?- The pivotal questions, to track down the abandonment of carts. Let’s figure out what are the reasons which embarks such menace in your online store:

1. Why pay extra for Shipping

The basic psyche of a consumer is to gain more by paying minimum. Now when he starts putting items in his cart, he expect that the tag price is the sole amount he has to pay. But, what if he had to pay extra for shipping and taxes? Certainly he will choose to abandon his cart.

Extra Charges

There are several reasons for a visitor to drop the idea of shopping at your store. Unexpected or extra shipping prices greatly affects the purchasing decision of the visitor and deters your sale. Most of the time, the shipping cost is unveiled in the final step of the purchase and customers feels deceived/fooled by it. Shipping costs are also perceived as an added business for the company with no profits from the customers side, so they think its not their responsibility.

Embrace the shipping cost with a tag line “FREE SHIPPING”, it is nevertheless an added enticement to purchase more.

2. Filling complicated checkout, escorts website checkout

Lengthy and complicated checkout is like an unnecessary hurdles for the consumer which they don’t give even a look to overcome.

The average checkout page consists of FOUR pages which is too much. A survey says that if a checkout exceeded six steps it loses the interest of your prospective customer. On the other hand if its complicated 10% of your visitors will betray/deceive it on the spot.

Make your checkout more petite and simple. Several checkout options are there in the market today, like if you have a Magento website, its retailers can streamline the checkout process with an One Page Checkout Extension to keep it customer favorable.

3. Payment gateways

To sell, money must swap hands and for that you need easy transaction of the payments.


To increase the sale your basic aim is to provide a good customer experience. When a customer buy from your store he is giving money in exchange for a product, he expects simple payment without any complications and that’s where you lack if you don’t provide multiple payment gateways. Cutting-edge sales platform provides multiple currency acceptance and this is how you can counter it.

4. Other Reasons:

  • Your online store may not be the right place to shop if you lack return policy. Remember a return policy is focused to increase the purchasing rate by gaining the customers confidence rather than alluring invited for returns. Portraying a solid return policy adds as an asset to the website.
  • Some visitors simply use the shopping cart for the research- possibly to get an idea about how much will the entire purchase cost.
  • Another reason  for the abandonment is that the visitor must have filled his cart to get a discount coupon, thinking it will streamline his purchase.

Hefty investments for the promotion of the brands are useless if you don’t go by tracking your abandoned carts. Therefore, rectifying your abandonment mistakes and get more conversion rates. As more will be the conversion more will be the amount of ROI.


E-commerce Mistakes That Could Be Killing Your Store

January 5, 2015 By admin

Every e-Commerce store retailer invests an enormous amount of time and capital to be the top-seller for his online product. This is the common prevailing market trend. Although, with continuous effort certain stores generate sales. The rest struggle in the creeping mode and eventually die out. The cardinal reason for this is the inclusion of loopholes- “consumer turn offs” in the store due to implementation of wrong strategies. Moreover, these flaws turn severe when they are overlooked and ignored. Here are six e-Commerce mistakes that could be killing your store.


Mistake 1- A complicated website-
Some e-commerce store exert visitors to fill endless complicated forms, unwanted logins and other hurdles which impel a visitor to leave the website very early. Apparently it is the foremost reason for the visitor to turn off. A simple website drives a user to stay on the site for a long. This fundamental cognition creates a benchmark declaring “A simple e-Commerce website a successful e-Commerce website.”

Mistake 2- Ponderous website-
A website which is overloaded with content than its normal capacity advance in a slow pace. This lack of instant gratification drives the visitor to leave the website. However, research proves that by increasing the loading time of your website from 8 seconds to 2 seconds, the average conversion rate accelerates upto 74%.

Mistake 3- Too much exertion on sale-
Ideally targeting all sections of the product and services turn things intricate, instead focusing to sell fewer items to a selected group of customers can help you to build a strong  brand. Ultimately it will even aid you to promote your online store more effectively.

Mistake 4- Complicated checkout-
A complex and poor checkout system in an e-Commerce escort the abandonment of the website by the consumer. Apparently, this foster a negative effect on the sales. Furthermore, people who are not regular shoppers tend to make silly mistakes and complicated checkout makes the situation more grave. To prevent this from occurring, you can design a login page which is simple and works smoothly.

Mistake 5- Too much spamming- 
Flooding your customers inbox with emails several times a day is not a good plan. As these mails get deleted without even getting read or it goes strait to the spam. It presents you as a hopeless and  desperate retailer. Moreover, it creates a negative perception in the customer’s mind. A string of introductory emails can be an effective strategy for your business, once this is accomplished limit your emails to once a week.

Mistake 6- Not Having a Content Plan-
Marketing through the right content strategy gives an organic and social traffic to the website. Good content is the prime tool to attract the desired audience. A website where content is not strategically planned and published tends to produce heavy losses. It is the very first element which is seen by the visitor and if he get impressed this results into an action favored towards our profit. However the content marketing strategy should be directed keeping in mind the ideal customer necessity rather than the product itself.

The face of your online business is your e-Commerce website.  Hence, it should be the most promising, countering all the consumer turn offs and proposing a wide range of consumer turn on. As a website which offers countless benefits and minimal complexities turn out to be consumer amiable. Apparently the recognition and amendments of these flaws from your e-Commerce website will escort an acceleration business sale.

15 Tips For Improving Ecommerce Checkouts

June 17, 2014 By admin

Nowadays checkout process is as important as the landing page. If the customer finds the checkout process too complicated, most probably they will leave the site.

In this blog we have shared 15 best techniques to improve the effectiveness of the checkout. If you have any of your own then please let us know!

15 Tips for improving ecommerce checkouts
















1. Enclose your checkout and minimise number of pages.

2. Trust

3. Give Maximum Payment Options.

4. Display Clear and Progressive Process Indicator.

5. Make Registration Optional/Provide guest checkout.

6. Display the Complete Payment Summary Without Any Hidden Cost,

7. Have a Clear Shipping and Return Policy.

8. Make it easy for existing customers to log-in.

9. Consider adding social log-in such as Facebook.

10. Make your checkout mobile friendly.

11. Protect and assure your customers.

12. Friendly Form Design.

13. Excellent Error Handling.

14. Reassure customers their card details are safe.

15. Use Completed-Purchase-Thank-You Page To Encourage Future Sales.