Impact of GDPR on eCommerce Business – [An Infographic]

July 10, 2018 By Tuhina

GDPR represent General Data Protection Regulation comes into existence on May 25th 2018 and activate the most critical changes to information assurance law in last two decades. Basically GDPR implies the information an organisation controls, on any visitor situated in the EU, is going to get that substantially harder to access and store. It is a fundamental rights for all individuals to know how organizations utilize their information. You have to know these rights as failure to meet may mean stiff penalties for some breaches.

Here’s an infographic by “” to implement GDPR on your website. Have a look at it:


GDPR is extraordinary for marketing as it give more powers to brands to get more creative in how they deliver brand experiences that have their gathering of people asking for more. More prominent prizes for awesome advertising.

Actually the purpose behind GDPR coming isn’t just down to information ruptures and the way firms manage individual information, but it is also due to bad or intrusive advertising, and the involvement of government monitor huge tracts of personal data.

Now, under GDPR, advertisers should plan, arrange and justify the information they need to gather, how they are going to ‘process’ or utilize it at time of capture, and be sure they know where it sits in order to access it/delete it/share it when someone requested.

How will this affect e-commerce businesses?

Each e-commerce business should endeavor to secure the privacy of their customers. This is specifically associated with educating them about changing guidelines by new entries in the regulations of online stores. The GDPR is a genuine distinct advantage for e-commerce businesses and online stores. It has the ability to influence your site, store and the easy way you interface with customers. The new GDPR requirements will affect internet business organizations, as they handle a lot of individual information in their every day exercises.

GDPR will really be an open door for most organizations to sharpen up their information management practices.The mainreason executing GDPR is to enhance how customers access and interact with in advanced economy.

10 Tips for a Great Ecommerce Website To Maximize Your Business Success

June 14, 2018 By Tuhina

Today, people love the accommodation of ordering online. It saves their time and a trip to go to the local store, making e-commerce an adaptable solution for both businesses and buyers. But if an eCommerce site is poorly built, or not clear about its pricing and strategies, or doesn’t offer a customized service to the customer, they back off.

An attractive site design greatly contributes to effectively promote your products and services. It disposes of the need of entrepreneurs to run costly marketing campaigns or to make a trip starting with one area then onto the next to promote your products.

The infographic by “Brightpearl” below will give you some tips for the great e-commerce website.

Here are few benefits of Great E-commerce Website:

Good website design is the best marketing tools as it makes a good first impression
Increase more chances of your business getting found in the search engines result page.
Scale your business accordingly, allowing you to add more lines, add more payment options

Do you want to increase your sales? First, know your audience. Then explore unique and core aspects of successful eCommerce sites.

Facebook vs Twitter

Facebook vs.Twitter Marketing: Which is Best for Ecommerce Business?

By Tuhina

When you are going to promote your online business on social media site the first thing that’ll come to your mind is either Facebook or Twitter.These two are the most popular social media platforms to promote your business. Facebook and Twitter both are the top social media site in the business world.

Choosing the right social media is the success key for your business. Facebook and Twitter deliver information in very different ways, and although there is some audience/user crossover, they serve two very different marketing needs.

While promoting your business on social platform, it’s important to understand B2B trends to enhance proficiency for your organization.

Here is the Infographic by “DSIM” that explains the comparison between Facebook and Twitter platform offers to the marketers.

Best reason to Facebook:
– It has a large number of users
– There is no texting limit
– It gives the personal touch to your business
– Gather More Leads
– Reach a Targeted Audience
– Lower Your Marketing Expenses

Best reason to Twitter:
– Analysis customers
– Create brand awareness
– Marketing of new products
– Fast way to get the message out
– Resource for tracking online trends
– Great networking tool

So, both Facebook and Twitter marketing will influence your leads and sales but understand these differences will help you to use both of them more effectively. Keep these differences in mind in order to choose the right marketing strategy that makes the most sense for your audience and your brand.

Advantages of social media and Website for Business

Advantages of Social Media and Website for Your Business- An Infographic

March 10, 2016 By admin

Advantages of social media and Website for Business

Social Media networks are the leading platforms for businesses of all sizes, because these are the easiest and effective networks to promote a brand online. You can freely use these platforms or find paid advertising options specifically for your brands, if you want to reach more audience. On the other hand, if you have a business and don’t have a website, it’s not going to make any sense. It’s almost as if your business doesn’t exist. In this modern epoch, individuals and companies are on the Internet for all types of information. What do you think why people visit any site? Simple. Find information. And the most important thing if you’re into the business world, your information/data is critical.

Take a look at the advantages of Social-media and Website outlined in this infographic by Best web hosting Geek to learn more about how to use soial media and website effectively for your business.

 Advantages of social media and Website for Business

Hopefully, it is clear from the infographic that Social Media can be a powerful business tool. If you include Social media in your business strategy, there will be a lot of opportunities and benefits like increase in revenue, brand development and more. Same is the case with Website – it will help you develop a better relationship and long term clients for your business.

ecommerce journey

The Journey of E-commerce thus far!

May 29, 2015 By admin

Over the years E-commerce has risen substantially. Today, it is the fastest expanding segment of the world economy. Online shopping has become a necessity, an efficient time saver and a thing of comfort.

ecommerce journey

E-commerce is constantly evolving with newer and more enhanced technologies to increase the consumer experience. Indeed, it is becoming more sophisticated and effective. However, the story was something very different when the e-commerce approach started and since then the path has been quite uncertain all the way to what it is today.

The article is a biography of e-commerce, it throws light on the life it has led till date. A story which starts from its birth to a bright future, it is indicative of.

It’s been about forty great years since e-commerce has been around.

The birth of E-commerce
The term E-commerce initially meant to describe the action of conducting business deal using electronic devices. However, it was in 1994 that e-commerce commenced with the institution of security protocols and high-speed internet connections, enabling faster connection speeds and quicker online transaction potential.

This was the time when E-commerce developed and the industry experts prophesied its upcoming explosive growth.

A downfall or a greater rise
It was during 1998 and 2000 that a substantial number of business houses in the US and Europe created their first e-commerce website.

There was a change in the definition of E-commerce when dot-com crashed and thousands of internet business collapsed. However, not with standing the collapse, world’s most established businesses were motivated by the promise of e-commerce and the positive anticipation for serving global customer base electronically.

The Constant Rise and Present Scenario
In 2000, the net online US retail trade sale was worth $2983.28 billion, in 2003 it rose to $3262.73 billion. In 2007 it rose to a greater height of 3995.18 billion.

First coined in 1997 by Kevin Duffery, the term “Mobile Commerce” gained its silent prominence and in the year 2012 Walmart estimated that 40% of visits to their shopping site were through mobile phones. According to BI Intelligence it was evaluated that, 29% of mobile users made purchases through mobile phones in 2012.

In 2013, a record-breaking rise was noticed in e-commerce sales, estimating at $4469.02 billion. M-commerce was an important part in this record-breaking phenomena.

According to the eMarketers the record was further broken to 20% in 2014. During this period the growth in Asia-Pacific was faster, while Western Europe and North America remained consistently strong.

Predictions: A hopeful rise
This year e-commerce will keep on rolling and touch new heights. It is predicted that e-commerce sales in 2015 will hit a $279 Billion mark.

According to statista global, e-retail sales volume are projected to rise to $1.35 trillion in 2018. This will bring an estimated rise of 16.1 percent from the 2013 results.

In this league, global B2C e-commerce sale worldwide are expected to reach 2356 billion by 2018.

E-commerce has had a great deal of edge over conventional “brick and mortar” stores. Consumers can easily search over large online catalog of product and services. Through E-commerce website it becomes highly comfortable for them to select their desired product. Moreover, new trends refine and enhance the customer experience to a greater level. The upcoming years will be a witness to a phenomenal E-Commerce market with ultimate fresh trends.


Multi-Vendor Magento Extension- Create Striking Marketplace Value

March 4, 2015 By admin

Magento- “The Killer Open Source Software” holds a big market in the e-commerce world today. It posses an armory of weapons in the form of extensions and themes, delivering a path to attract more and more customers to your online store. Thereby, escorting retailers to relish record-breaking profits repeatedly.


The extensions triggers focus to make more out of your e-commerce store. One such sturdy extension is the Multi-Vendor Extension which encompasses a motive to make your store a small market place that allows vendors to promote their products from a single store.

How about the big boys like eBay, Wallmart, Macy’s, Amazon…? All are striking examples of the online marketplace, offering limitless options to buy and sell products. This marketplace offers enormous reach and support to sellers at just one location, thereby creating a sense of trust both for customers and vendors.

Boost your Magento arsenal with a matchless/killer extension Multi-Vendor Extension

The extension enables the merchant’s (admin) to create their own store by adding any amount of vendors in it. Vendors have a separate admin area from where they can add, edit and sell the product. It holds a unique feature to let customers purchase their desired items from any number of vendors at a moment. Thus, creating a single platform of multi-vendor but one shopping cart for every customer.

The extension is loaded with features for everybody. When vendors start using the user-friendly “Vendor Portals”, they can:
• Manage their categories, products, etc.
• Create product categories and attributes
• Keep a check on the their dashboard ( Vendor Dashboard ) for orders.
• Check the Approved or Pending status on the Vendor Dashboard.
• Stock page for each vendor.
• Tag products such as featured, daily deal, new, etc. for buyers.

For Merchants(admin) the new market automatically orders:
• Customer Orders
• Vendor and Customers notification
• Multi-Vendor inventory
• Shipping
• Commissions
• Vendor Payments
• Set auto-approve products for the vendors you want.
• Create the various types of the Subscription Plan for the vendors.

Front-end Features:
• Vendor Sign up.
• All Vendors listing.
• Vendor Dashboard with latest orders, Total sales, Chart.
• Vendor can manage products (edit/add/delete).
• Products of three types- Simple, Virtual and Downloadable.
• Vendor profile and shop page management
• Vendor product collection.
• Payment Method for vendors.
• Feature Daily Deal product on Profile and shop page.
• Product Ratings and Feedback option.

With such good features and functionalities it leverages your online market place to intensify your sale. All by providing a flexible and configurable work flow. Therefore, streamlining the path to your success.

Read more about the features:

Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce: The future of E-commerce

February 13, 2015 By admin

Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce is spreading like a wildfire. Indeed, it has taken the larger chunk of E-commerce market and will soon dominate the online promotional channel.

A recent research analogy done to find the conversion rate for PC/laptop, mobile phones and tablets reveal astonishing results. Nearly 78% of mobile users, seeking business information, end up in a sale, while it is just 61% for PC/laptop users and 64% for tablet users. It is clear that mobile searches overpower searches done through PC or a tablet, with a significant margin.

Some more figures

More interesting are the figures from last year for Mobile E-commerce. Approximately 55% of the time spent on E-commerce happened through a mobile device, while the revenue generated by Mobile E-commerce was around $41.68 billion dollars. That is huge and something that companies can’t ignore anymore.

Yet again, Statista’s latest m-commerce survey on sales in the United States showed a revenue of  48.9 billion U.S. dollars. This includes 8.89 billion dollars coming from the mobile downloads and in-app revenues.The pace of growth shows no signs of turning sluggish. The forecast for 2016 are equally optimistic with an increase of 57.75% in the world’s mobile phone users.

What does this mean for your business? 

This means that the key strategy to achieve success for any business is to be ‘mobile-ready’ first. This year more companies are investing in creating premium mobile experiences for their customers.

The journey to built a ‘Mobile friendly online store’ starts with equally matchless tool, Magento.

The infiltration of mobile commerce as a dominant channel to achieve profits has also led to the proliferation of numerous website development platforms. But, the most responsive and robust among the entire crew remains to be Magento.

With about 30% market share to its credit, Magento is the most chosen e-commerce platform today. According to Alexa, over, 34% of the top 1 million websites use it for their online business.

Magento is completely designed to host websites for any screen size, enrapture audience interest and giving them an amazing experience. In the past few years, innumerable online stores have chosen Magento to grow their small business into large profit generating businesses, nurturing the channel of m-commerce.

Moreover, Magento has significantly changed the m-commerce topography by decreasing the cost and time-span required for creating a mobile responsive website. This is why smart marketers have rightfully leveraged customer behavior to market their brand and value proposition using Magento. This platform brings a responsive and seamless experience for the shopping cart and checkout  which makes it a more preferred choice.

But leveraging the benefits of this channel requires precarious balance of a fulcrum, which only an experienced team of Magento developers can give you. With limited knowledge of Magneto and its architecture you will find it difficult to utilize its complete functionality. That’s where Magento Ocodewire will help you.

So don’t think, act! 

Give us a call or write to us. Mobile commerce is ready to offer you growth, so let our Magneto development team help you discover the hidden profits that even you didn’t know existed.


How can your e­Commerce website boost sales?

December 4, 2014 By admin


The ascend in the online promotion has augmented the accelerated sale from the same means. Promotion of the products through an e­ -Commerce platform has become a lucrative arsenal which is used by every online retailer. The latest statics reckon that by 2016, the world of retail market will spend more than half of its cash on the web. Countless online stores relishes huge profits every day. These e-Commerce store have taken customers into such confidence building proximity that their conviction to the store makes them desperately await for the fresh releases and massively purchase when the store is open. What can make you the most ultimate? Is a prime question which may tyrannize you over and over again.

Here are eight tips to escalate your e­Commerce sales:

1. Search engine optimization
According to a Google report 57% of Internet users search the net for the purchase of goods and services. Apparently,boosting your websites pre­shopping position in the search engine rankings becomes the most triumphant strategies to attract customers to your website.

Now once the targeted lead is achieved, the focus should shift to retain the leads by constantly nourishing them. As 79% of the online marketing leads don’t turn into sale. But, 47% purchase are acquired by finely nourishing your leads.

2 Use Smartphones and Tablets for promotion
The key to future success is adopting and optimizing your website to be used on Smartphones and Tablets. A recent report says that 4 out of 6 consumers use Smartphones to shop in the e­-Commerce market. For this reason, make your website responsive for platforms(Smartphones and Tablets).

3. Blog Posts
Build a strong connection with your targeted audience by providing them the right information about your products and services through blog posts. These attractive blog posts helps you to convert traffic into customers and leads. Various search engines like Bing, Yahoo and Google repeatedly after a period crawls your website looking for information by indexing it in their database. Now,every new blog which you post, adds a new URL to your website. Therefore, with every new blog entry you have a new channel to be found on these search engines.

4. Videos and Images
Visual pleasure is a major key tool, whatever appeal you visually will definitely evoke you to buy it. Hence a product introduced with amazing images and videos increases the chances of that product of getting purchased by the visitor. Creative videos with animated products shown in the likely looking manner, being used by the customers with their testimonials and experiences about the product adds a charming life into the product presentation. The product videos can be placed alongside an item on the website. Moreover, these videos can be shared on the social networking sites.

5. Social media sites
Social media has become an essential component in every individuals life today. Promotion through this channel will ultimately lead to provoke a huge array of people to land up on your page and do purchases. Attractive posts arouse customers to have a glimpse of your website and results in sale. Moreover, it exhibits discounts, new product range and offers in the most promising manner.

6. Remove dead ends
Work with a good strategy by eliminating dead ends which will give positive results for your website. Every page should be designed in such a manner that it takes the visitor to the right service and product. Provide the page with an explicit “continue shopping” featuring button. Moreover, you can implant additional products on either sides of the screen to make it more appealing.

7. Cross­-sell your products and services
Implement the art of Cross­sell to yield in more sales. This can be done on the basis of previously viewed items or something related to the product which customer is viewing. For example in the following image of Ocodewire. While the customer is viewing the T-Shirt Design Studio /Tool ­ HTML5 Supported Mobile Compatible extension for his e­-Commerce website, the customer is suggested other extension on the right side of the page through the cross sale process.


8. Focus on free offers
Focus to spread the name of your product; donate T-­shirt to the local high school and showcase your product in the local fair or expo. Give a call to your customer asking for response, relationship building with these people will in return promote your brand. Remember the excessive use of any of these strategies may turn the tables by generating spams which will be harmful for your website. So,execute these tact in the right way.

If a business has a strong presence it will definitely build credibility among its customers. Therefore attract your customers by using these proven techniques in the best manner and start achieving new heights in your business.

Boost your sale by providing world class services

November 26, 2014 By admin

Boost Sale

According to the recent reports by Nielsen N.V., there are 55% Smartphone and 52% Tablet users who stay at home and track the progress of their online orders. The busy make-up of our daily regime decreases the physical motion over places to satisfy our needs. While doing online shopping people embrace the extensive variety, convenience and low price availability of goods and services. But this doesn’t manifest that a consumer will simply buy anything from anybody online. An impeccable customer service is the fundamental necessity for customers satisfaction and retention. Here are six ways to provide world-class customer service:

1. Offer easy access to contact information
Offer your visitors different means to contact you, through email, chat, phone and asking customer service to call you by using the click-to-call feature and many more. Place your customer help option reachable and once you start helping them make it a customer friendly one, this won’t leave them disappointed and will add to the litany of building positive impression.

2. Look what customer desires
Transfer your focus from being a seller while writing the content of your website, write what customer desire for your product.  This strategy will attract the customer because he is getting what he wants. Furthermore it won’t waste your time in writing unwanted content.

3. Focus on customers’ opinion
Take feedbacks from the customers. Collecting compliments along with negative feedbacks will give you an idea about what customer dislikes are. Moreover, you can rectify these flaws and offer what customer desires to get them back as customers. So implant an anonymous feedback option on your website as a positive customer review drive the customers to buy it.

Customer satisfaction4. Accord Consistent Support
The chief way to give online support to your consumers is by providing multichannel support in consistency. The support given by the company should accord same answers and advice at every platform. The supporting team should have a broad idea about your products and services so that they can easily resolve problems. The customer confidence is gained when their problems are instantly tackled with ease. Moreover, a customer desires to get expert guidance with an amiable attitude, which will advance in strengthening relations.

Remember that forcing any kind of conversation on the consumer may create a hostile impression of the company. So, do whatever is customer like-able.

5. Use Images
Addition of attractive images makes your product more noticeable and real to your visitors.The right images with the right product description increases the chances of customers buying it. This will boost the credibility of your website among its customers.  Videos in the form of demo evoke the customer to purchase it, therefore use it like an arsenal for your website.

6. Offer Free Shipping
Free shipping option on your site definitely benefits customer to buy a product from your store.  A recent report says that 96% are more likely to shop on a site if its having a free shipping offer. To stay safe with your investment cost you can absorb the shipping cost in the product sale cost. Hence you will display the exact cost of the product according to the consumer, as what they see is the any amount which they pay. Moreover, free shipping is an option which drives the consumers to purchase more.

A favorable customer services erect the reputation of a company. A single bad comment can harm the image of the company. So, use the above strategies and take your business to new heights.

Secrets to grow your e-Commerce Business during peak time

November 8, 2014 By admin

peak timeAccording to the research of eMarketer, peak season of e-Commerce last year manifested a record high of $46.55 billion. The number is expected to touch new heights this year.

The holiday season that is the month of November and December is the peak time when the upward trend in e-Commerce sales is seen.  This is the time when consumer expenditure  reaches one of the highest points in the year and some retailers make up to 40% of their yearly income in this season. In fact, it is the most appropriate period to implement your  smart strategies for boosting conversion.

Is your e-Commerce site all set for the peak time rush? To find out and learn how you can drive more traffic to your online business and increase sales this holiday season, checkout these seven tips:

1. Make sure your site is responsive-
The performance of your website will play a major role in the sale, a one-second delay in the performance of your website may turn the consumers’ mood from favourable to displeasing.
“According to a Harris Poll, 44 percent of shoppers would cancel their online purchase mid-way during the final checkout process due to website delays and 89 percent of adult U.S. shoppers would simply stop shopping at an online store as a result of a poor website experience,” says Kavitha Mariappan, director, Product Marketing  at Riverbed.
Executing web content optimization and reliable traffic management tools will enhance the performance and reduce web page load time. A swift and responsive website makes it more probable that the user will explore your site fully.

2. Secure your site-
Secure your site from getting hacked. Make your website administration and back-end secure by using two factor authentication. Also monitor the validity and expiration date of Secure Socket Layer (SSL). SSL provides the required cryptographic security needed for the security of your customer communications.

These precautionary measures will cater an easy and effective handling of the website by the customers once the holiday traffic begins.

3. Plan and execute-
The peak time demands an additional attention to inventory planning. A solid analysis and prophecy of what the product will sell more is required. Moreover, you should make sure that you grant sufficient lead time and factored vendor delay into the equation. The delayed arrival of goods puts added pressure on your back-end operations.

4. Exploit social media sites-
Allure your customers with exciting offers and encourage them to share favourite products from your website across their social networks by integrating social media [Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+]. You can influence search results by indexing content from varied social sites in a different  tab on the search page.


Moreover, you can lure customers by targetting visually pleasing websites, “Pinterest’s Pin It button is e-Commerce gold,” says Apu Gupta, CEO of Curalate, a marketing and analytics platform for Pinterest and Instagram. “Adding the button can drive substantial traffic directly to your product pages, increasing revenue,” he says.

5. Roll out customers support channels-
The holiday season will blister buzzing customers who will demand a swift access of your support. The peak time shoppers generally have numerous queries when they are ready to make purchases. For this you would require a good customer support team to ensure enough coverage.
A third party support could be a great help to manage your needs.

6. Attract customers by exciting Offers-
Attract your customers by offering incentives for early orders and free shipping. In addition, you can also facilitate customers to track shipping by notifying them about the current delivery status. Also, evaluate your return policy to ensure that it is latest. Moreover, you can give it a “feel good” tone so that customers feel confident while making purchases from you.

7. Simplify Checkout option-
To make the buying cycle simpler for your customers, implement a guest checkout or simpler checkout option during peak time. This will remove customer stress and reduce bounce rate.