Cross Selling and Up Selling: A Consumer Driving Magnet

April 4, 2015 By admin

The world of e-commerce tirelessly works towards the chief objective to do more sale and earn larger profits. The objective thrives in an arena where even customers look for better options. The need is to make the ends meet.

Cross Selling and Up Selling

To go with customers perspective, most of the time people are sure only about their specific needs and some know a tiny bit of the way they will get satisfied with. Now to come back to the reality, there is a fine line between making a recommendation and trying to sell more. That too when they know that customer don’t find this cool enough, to stimulate their interests. However, if things are done in the right way wonders can be done, this is what the following Facts and Figures say:

The Fact
When Cross-selling and up-selling techniques(delicate tools) are used properly, they delight both customers and businesses is a fantastic way.

The Figures
In a survey carried out by Internet Retailer, about 35% of sales is generated by Amazon through cross-sales.

Cross selling and up selling, the difference
Proper implementation of cross selling and up selling phenomenally boost the sales at your online store. To streamline the entire phenomena let me tell you the basic difference between the two:

Up selling is a sales technique through which a vendor persuades the customer to purchase more expensive items and other add-ons in an attempt to make a more sale. Often, shops show certain options that are necessary and expensive, but very similar to the main product. For instance, if you are selling a cell phone, up selling will be offering the same cell phone with a metal body, or with additional configurations.

Cross selling is the practice of selling an additional product to an existing customer. For instance, if you are selling a cell phone, you can offer a cell phone cover and some free apps.

Cross selling and up-selling works in a great way for the existing customers. However, it advances benefits with the fresh visitors. The technique show more items of varied types (out-sellers, items with best review, best sellers) to the customers. Presenting more options with suggestions (reviews and most sold product) which creates a good impression in-front of the customer. Resulting in the rise in customer satisfaction and builds stronger trust. Apparently, the rise from the total regular orders will be seen. And therefore, boosting the conversion rate of the online store.

Cross selling and up selling works well everywhere. You can use it before purchase along the product/category page, right below the main product or in the sidebars and sometimes both the ways. During the purchase it can be used in the shopping carts and checkout and abandonment emails. However, after purchase you can follow your customers with the follow-up mails.

The technique of up-selling and cross selling is very effective. However, you can certainly boost it by following these tips:

Don’t overload your range with options: Too many options creates confusion for your customers. Be smart while picking related products, choose relevant and less. If you are still thinking to show a number of items, display it with carousel.

The key tool is to be RELEVANT: Showing radically different items is not a good practice in up sell. This can also refer to different brands. For instance, you are showing an iPhone to a user who’s looking through a low budget Android phone, is a wrong tactic. Similarly, products with a different set of features and completely different prices are not an appropriate up sell. Always, remember that both the products should satisfy a customer’s need.

Don’t stick to Fixed Prices: Product cost along with coupon codes and discounts, shipping, customer reviews, branding are the important factors which influence customers decision making process. So, if your up selling suggest an item that satisfies one’s needs, the chances of customer’s hesitance with the higher price will decrease.

Value proportion: If you want your customers to select another variant, assure that you have a value proportion for it. Always answer these first Why will customer spend more money on it? What will he receive from it?

Check how it looks on mobile: View how your cross-sells and up sells look on a tablet and mobile. Not to ignore that majority of our consumers shop from mobile phones. So, keep a check on the reality, it might be looking quite promising on the desktop screen, but very different on your mobile screen.

Keep it short and personalize the headings: If you are looking forward to put a suggestion on checkout, don’t add a new step to the process of checkout. In place of it, try using checkboxes and radio buttons instead. Also give a personalized touch to the heading, as it stimulates customers interest.


Multi-Vendor Magento Extension- Create Striking Marketplace Value

March 4, 2015 By admin

Magento- “The Killer Open Source Software” holds a big market in the e-commerce world today. It posses an armory of weapons in the form of extensions and themes, delivering a path to attract more and more customers to your online store. Thereby, escorting retailers to relish record-breaking profits repeatedly.


The extensions triggers focus to make more out of your e-commerce store. One such sturdy extension is the Multi-Vendor Extension which encompasses a motive to make your store a small market place that allows vendors to promote their products from a single store.

How about the big boys like eBay, Wallmart, Macy’s, Amazon…? All are striking examples of the online marketplace, offering limitless options to buy and sell products. This marketplace offers enormous reach and support to sellers at just one location, thereby creating a sense of trust both for customers and vendors.

Boost your Magento arsenal with a matchless/killer extension Multi-Vendor Extension

The extension enables the merchant’s (admin) to create their own store by adding any amount of vendors in it. Vendors have a separate admin area from where they can add, edit and sell the product. It holds a unique feature to let customers purchase their desired items from any number of vendors at a moment. Thus, creating a single platform of multi-vendor but one shopping cart for every customer.

The extension is loaded with features for everybody. When vendors start using the user-friendly “Vendor Portals”, they can:
• Manage their categories, products, etc.
• Create product categories and attributes
• Keep a check on the their dashboard ( Vendor Dashboard ) for orders.
• Check the Approved or Pending status on the Vendor Dashboard.
• Stock page for each vendor.
• Tag products such as featured, daily deal, new, etc. for buyers.

For Merchants(admin) the new market automatically orders:
• Customer Orders
• Vendor and Customers notification
• Multi-Vendor inventory
• Shipping
• Commissions
• Vendor Payments
• Set auto-approve products for the vendors you want.
• Create the various types of the Subscription Plan for the vendors.

Front-end Features:
• Vendor Sign up.
• All Vendors listing.
• Vendor Dashboard with latest orders, Total sales, Chart.
• Vendor can manage products (edit/add/delete).
• Products of three types- Simple, Virtual and Downloadable.
• Vendor profile and shop page management
• Vendor product collection.
• Payment Method for vendors.
• Feature Daily Deal product on Profile and shop page.
• Product Ratings and Feedback option.

With such good features and functionalities it leverages your online market place to intensify your sale. All by providing a flexible and configurable work flow. Therefore, streamlining the path to your success.

Read more about the features:

Christmas Sale

Quick ways to boost sales on your Magento store during Christmas

December 9, 2014 By admin

Christmas Sale

Christmas season is the time when the market buzz with customers purchasing goods and services. Even this year, the upcoming Christmas season is a great opportunity for the retailers to make enormous profits through sales in their Magento store. According to the this year the e-Commerce sales during Christmas season are expected to amount 72.41 billion U.S. Dollars. This figure is a record rise of 16.6 percent from the last year stats. To make the most out of this holiday season, you need to make the Christmas shopping experience special in your Magento store. Here are six quick ways to boost sales in your Magento store during this Christmas season:

1. Give your website a festive touch
Holiday season is the right time to pimp up your Magento store with flashy seasonal images and videos to create a festive ambiance. To woo the customer you can organize an image design contest and can use social media to publicize it. This will drive a huge traffic on your website and it will get easier to transform them into customers. Moreover, you can increase the presence of your online store on the web during the Christmas time by displaying adverts.

2. Employee holiday season keywords to boost search results
Maximizing the website ranking is another great tact to draw more sale during the festive season. For this you can use PrestaShop to download the natural ranking white paper or you can set up a  Google Adwords campaign for the Christmas season. Through Google campaign your website will appear in Google sponsored links and thus you will become more noticeable on the web. Customizing your keywords to the most searched word during the time of Christmas will help you to get in front of the desired audience. Holiday season specific keyword phrases like, “Women’s Christmas dresses” or “Christmas colorful gifts” rather than “dresses” or “gifts.”

Moreover, if your store is a year old, you can have a check on the keywords used last year.

3. Discounts and Offers
Discounts fancy visitors to turn customers. Chiefly during holiday season it is easy to attract customers through an exciting discount coupon. Moreover, you can also use scratch-and-win tickets, a reward Christmas shopper discounts or a game winner discount coupons to engage customers interest. Free gift rapping service attract more customers as this saves their potential time. Rapping gifts in an attractive and innovative manner will turn customers to buy more from your online store.

4. Charitable Scheme
Christmas is the time to give and take gifts. Working like a Santa presenting gifts through a charitable campaign will give your business double boost. It will encapture customers attention through emotional factors and inspire them to buy more from your Magento store with a thought structure that a particular percentage will go to the charity.

5. Free shipping or delivery
When a customer notice something beneficial, it creates a positive impression about the retailers Magento store. The customers think that retailer  focuses on customers welfare. Free shipping or delivery acts in this particular direction and boost sales rate and ROI. Festive season is the time when delivery on time is a pain. Therefore, by displaying customers delivery time on your Magento store you can win their confidence.

6. Remember your old customers
The key strategy to achieve victory in your business sales during this season should be to know your definite targets and plan according to it. Target your new customer but don’t forget your old customers. Gifting cards to the old customers is a good way to build confidence and foster great sales. It even encourages them to recommend it further to new customers.

Apparently, a well outlined Christmas campaign will contrive phenomenal sales for an online store. If you’ve not applied these techniques in the past, start a new tradition this Christmas season by employing these tips and accomplish your business goals.