10 ways to keep your readers hooked on your blog

October 14, 2015 By admin

Blogs are the most important tool used to attract traffic towards website as well as new customers to website. An engaging blog not only builds reputation, but can catapult into business profit by increasing the visibility of the website. Blogs are the need for eCommerce sites

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Take a stroll through the manners you can get the readers truly hooked to your blog:

1. Keep your content relevant to your target audience: If an article is not related to your audience, they won’t read your blog. Some may read it, but they won’t come back when they see it’s a one-time post.

2. Blog comments: Comments help in bringing readers come back to see the replies. Reply every comment and also ask questions on the blog. It encourages readers to revisit the blog.

3. Integrate Multimedia:  Multimedia gets more attention than words. Multimedia is much better than just the plain content. Multimedia catches attention of readers and keeps them on your blog longer. The visitors may or may not read your thousand word blog, but they love to watch videos or listen audios of the same blog.

4. Build link to the other part of blog:  Offer visitors a place to go after reading your blog, but do ensure that the page is related to your blog. For instance, a visitor reads a blog, after that clicks on the given link and reaches the other page where they find a related article. Out here, they may share their ideas and ask questions regarding the blog.

5. Blog Design: A good blog design can catch readers attention easily and instantly. If a blog is unattractive, difficult to read, readers turn off from the blog. Make sure that your blog is clean, easy to understand and well-structured.

6. Co-operate with your readers: Help your readers by replying to them on comments or emails. You can also write a blog regarding their problems. Build a good relation with your visitors. It helps build good reputation and readers will come back to your blog.

7. Add links to your blog: Interlink old blog with a new blog. This will help readers to know more about your blog. But make sure the blog you are interlinking with must be related to the new blog.

8. Navigation between posts: Include navigation option at the bottom of the blog. It should be easy for the readers to visit the other blog without going back to the main page.

9. Make use of plugins: When a visitor is done with reading a blog, you expect them to move to the other post. A reader will not come to know about other blogs just like that, so do this for the readers by installing post plugins. It helps readers to access another blog with one simple click. 

10. Offer variety: They say variety is the spice of life. So keeping this in mind, create different types of content: videos, infographics, lists/checklists, case studies, customer success stories and so much more and see how they get hooked.

These are the points which helps in keeping readers on your blog and make them come back. But the most important factor is quality content. It makes your blog popular and increase visitors to your blog.

How can your e­Commerce website boost sales?

December 4, 2014 By admin


The ascend in the online promotion has augmented the accelerated sale from the same means. Promotion of the products through an e­ -Commerce platform has become a lucrative arsenal which is used by every online retailer. The latest statics reckon that by 2016, the world of retail market will spend more than half of its cash on the web. Countless online stores relishes huge profits every day. These e-Commerce store have taken customers into such confidence building proximity that their conviction to the store makes them desperately await for the fresh releases and massively purchase when the store is open. What can make you the most ultimate? Is a prime question which may tyrannize you over and over again.

Here are eight tips to escalate your e­Commerce sales:

1. Search engine optimization
According to a Google report 57% of Internet users search the net for the purchase of goods and services. Apparently,boosting your websites pre­shopping position in the search engine rankings becomes the most triumphant strategies to attract customers to your website.

Now once the targeted lead is achieved, the focus should shift to retain the leads by constantly nourishing them. As 79% of the online marketing leads don’t turn into sale. But, 47% purchase are acquired by finely nourishing your leads.

2 Use Smartphones and Tablets for promotion
The key to future success is adopting and optimizing your website to be used on Smartphones and Tablets. A recent report says that 4 out of 6 consumers use Smartphones to shop in the e­-Commerce market. For this reason, make your website responsive for platforms(Smartphones and Tablets).

3. Blog Posts
Build a strong connection with your targeted audience by providing them the right information about your products and services through blog posts. These attractive blog posts helps you to convert traffic into customers and leads. Various search engines like Bing, Yahoo and Google repeatedly after a period crawls your website looking for information by indexing it in their database. Now,every new blog which you post, adds a new URL to your website. Therefore, with every new blog entry you have a new channel to be found on these search engines.

4. Videos and Images
Visual pleasure is a major key tool, whatever appeal you visually will definitely evoke you to buy it. Hence a product introduced with amazing images and videos increases the chances of that product of getting purchased by the visitor. Creative videos with animated products shown in the likely looking manner, being used by the customers with their testimonials and experiences about the product adds a charming life into the product presentation. The product videos can be placed alongside an item on the website. Moreover, these videos can be shared on the social networking sites.

5. Social media sites
Social media has become an essential component in every individuals life today. Promotion through this channel will ultimately lead to provoke a huge array of people to land up on your page and do purchases. Attractive posts arouse customers to have a glimpse of your website and results in sale. Moreover, it exhibits discounts, new product range and offers in the most promising manner.

6. Remove dead ends
Work with a good strategy by eliminating dead ends which will give positive results for your website. Every page should be designed in such a manner that it takes the visitor to the right service and product. Provide the page with an explicit “continue shopping” featuring button. Moreover, you can implant additional products on either sides of the screen to make it more appealing.

7. Cross­-sell your products and services
Implement the art of Cross­sell to yield in more sales. This can be done on the basis of previously viewed items or something related to the product which customer is viewing. For example in the following image of Ocodewire. While the customer is viewing the T-Shirt Design Studio /Tool ­ HTML5 Supported Mobile Compatible extension for his e­-Commerce website, the customer is suggested other extension on the right side of the page through the cross sale process.


8. Focus on free offers
Focus to spread the name of your product; donate T-­shirt to the local high school and showcase your product in the local fair or expo. Give a call to your customer asking for response, relationship building with these people will in return promote your brand. Remember the excessive use of any of these strategies may turn the tables by generating spams which will be harmful for your website. So,execute these tact in the right way.

If a business has a strong presence it will definitely build credibility among its customers. Therefore attract your customers by using these proven techniques in the best manner and start achieving new heights in your business.

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Various Ways to Reutilize Your Previous Content

September 16, 2014 By admin

Content is the main part of the advertisement. Everyone know about the benefits of unique and informative content very well. In today’s trend what we do is just create a content and use it once and after that nothing. Its like huge wastage of your content. You hire people for this and pay large amount for that. So, I think we have to utilize that content properly which give us profit of same level, what we spent on it. Here, I’m not talking to use post same content in various website, but we can use it in different ways which also protect us from duplicacy of data.

There are also few companies which are totally depend upon content, mean to say content marketing. After understanding their needs, its good process to start reposting your content in different form. By doing this you can easily create your customers interest in your posts. Just to start utilizing your content. Make your content life double and help to maintain your budget also.

As content creation is also time consuming task. For small firms having small staff, it is necessary to take step which will be beneficial in all ways. Thing to remember how to handle that one by using different ways which will also increase firm’s visibility, credibility also reinforcing your brand.

After following just a few steps you can :

  • # Able to generate new content easily
  • # Take more from your current content
  • # Provide your readers about which they are looking for


Here, are few steps which will help you to increase the durability of your current content. These will help you in many ways:


1. Use Content In Different Formats

Before changing your current content to another one check the preference of audience. Need to analyse what is the current requirement. Then don’t to be afraid to take same topics and repurpose them into another formats. It can be changed into slide share presentation, video and also an infographic. Your customers or we can say readers will read the information in the format that suits them best.

  • # Create blog posts and article: In someones words: “Converting a listicle into a series of individual pieces of content
  • # Create a presentation
  • # Build an infographic
  • # Create a pinterest instructographic
  • # Refresh and republish old posts
  • # Re-promote to social media
  • # Try to create an e-Book
  • # Create a video series

2. Use According to Variety Of Audience

No of visitors use to come to our website. Everyone have there own way to read your content. After this we can say, you can transform your blog post into a guide, pdf and other to download it. The more in depth format of a webinar will likely attract engagement from individuals who have a interest in your services.

3. Check You List

If your content post as a blog format is more popular, then post try to reuse it differently. Like just take ideas from that and in another format make points or try to explain them in other way.

4. Try To Revise Your Content

Most of content of website never checked by visitors. They just searched for there query and then leave it. So, make some plans to show that hidden posts, content public. Means resuse same at same place just revise readers that some other information is also there.


Benefits Of Repurposing Content

Re-purposing content is the need of time because then you will be able to save precious time and make strategies to increase productivity. Someone describes in his words : “Create less, promote more

The main advantages of reposting content are like:

  • # Some part of previous content is like which generate good opportunities to target number of keywords. So we can take that content and use it to get quality backlinks for our website.
  • # Number of content/posts are there which act as a hidden to readers because of some reasons. So, make it visible to every type of customer by reusing it. Try to reuse it for different mediums that allows you to meet audience.
  • # Gain authority like after posting your content on different places related to some topic, which will help you to raise profile in the industry.