Off page SEO is not only what you think

October 5, 2017 By admin

When we talk about off page SEO first thing comes to our mind is link. But actually it is beyond links. In this competitive world you are in a ocean of websites and to get valuable link for your site is quite tough as well. So you must be carefulContinue Reading….

Are you doing on page SEO? Then avoid doing these things.

August 22, 2017 By admin

On page optimization is a important SEO technique to drive visitors to your site. You cannot avoid it when it comes to your business growth. So here are the things I would like to share that most of the people do wrong while doing on site optimization. a) Writing multipleContinue Reading….

Is your Magento online store not generating much revenue? Here is the solution.

August 9, 2017 By admin

Multivendor sites are getting more and more popularity day by day. If you have an online multivendor store then it can be a good source to your additional revenue apart from your own one. As the dimension of online marketing is increasing it can be the best source of incomeContinue Reading….

Why should you apply patch immediately after release?

July 22, 2017 By admin

A patch is released just because there is vulnerability to the security of data within your store. The hackers keep noticing the releases of patches. So they come to know for what purpose the patch is released. Therefore they can target your store through that particular loop hole. Therefore itContinue Reading….

How to setup Magento Multi store?

By admin

Multi store setup is one of the most important features Magento have. Magento gives you the functionality to setup multiple stores. It is also scalable that you do not have to worry about smooth running of the store. In multi store setup you can manage more than one stores withContinue Reading….

WooCommerce & Magento. How to choose between the two ?

July 4, 2017 By admin

Magento and WooCommerce both are among the most popular e-commerce platforms at present. With maximum market share both play a competitive role in e-commerce domain. Before choosing the platform for your e-commerce site you must ask  yourself few questions with respect to the functionality requirements and best suitable option thatContinue Reading….

Add multi-language functionality to give extensive user experience

June 27, 2017 By admin

Multilanguage support is now a common feature of e-commerce platform. Magento is also not exception for this. If you want to implement multilingual functionality to your site you can easily make it happen. Here are the steps you have to follow. Suppose you want to add Arabic into your webstore.Continue Reading….

Understanding the architecture of Magento

By admin

Magento architecture is based on MVC model. Let’s understand how it works. MVC architecture consists of 3 components- Model, View and Controller. User interface: User interface is the front end where users get interacted with the site. Here you request for information. The user gets the processed data through combinedContinue Reading….

Step by step guide to Magento installation

By admin

First of all you need to install the latest package from Magento official site Now you have to upload the package to your hosting server through cPanel file manager(cPanel> File Manager). Now create the MySQL database and create user for it in cPanel.( cPanel> MySQL Database). Now follow theContinue Reading….

How to make your blog successful ?

June 20, 2017 By admin

Blogging is best way to express yourself to the audience via online. It has become the most popular way to approach public with your thoughts and expressions at present. Along with it you can earn a handsome amount by posting the things that people love to read and most probablyContinue Reading….

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