The Psychology of Winsome Prices to Make Customers Buy

July 6, 2015 By admin

What does a consumer think before- during- after buying a product? The answer unravels insights to your consumer’s thought process or psychology that apparently leads to their final buying decision. If you are determined to make headway by achieving all your conversion aims, you need to leverage concepts gleaned fromContinue Reading….

Seducing Website Visitors to Buy

June 30, 2015 By admin

How can you entice your e-commerce visitors to buy from your store? Simple, a great user experience works as a tool of growth hacking for the inflow of conversion rates. Now, if you’re lacking somewhere in your online business, you are not offering what your users want. Make things workContinue Reading….

Transforming E-commerce Landscape by Leveraging Multiple Device Shoppers

June 26, 2015 By admin

Every consumer has his/her preferences, they have a peculiar perception about how, when and why they browse from a device and make a purchase online. These variations are necessary to understand: how consumers use multiple devices for both offline and online shopping. Moreover, it also reveals the key insights toContinue Reading….

7 Must Haves That Make Your Online Store Trustworthy

June 19, 2015 By admin

Trust stands as the epitome, the very foundation of any business to work successfully. This is particularly true in the case of online stores where trust is a deciding factor for a consumer to think of buying from your online store. According to a survey, among 1000 consumers, 550 areContinue Reading….

Integrate eBay and Amazon with Magento to double your success

June 5, 2015 By admin

Every retailer deploys all the possible strategic techniques to make the most out of his E-commerce website. When it comes to smart retailers they just don’t miss out multi-channelling their online store. And when it’s Magento, you have best of both the worlds. In short you have a ‘money makingContinue Reading….

The Journey of E-commerce thus far!

May 29, 2015 By admin

Over the years E-commerce has risen substantially. Today, it is the fastest expanding segment of the world economy. Online shopping has become a necessity, an efficient time saver and a thing of comfort. E-commerce is constantly evolving with newer and more enhanced technologies to increase the consumer experience. Indeed, itContinue Reading….

10 Reasons Why Visitors Are Ditching Your Website’s Checkout

May 22, 2015 By admin

“Customer experience is a catalyst of transformation”, says Christine Crandell This catalyst works through friendly experience, which has no space for complications or boring things. It has to be made entirely in a way to give joy to customers while they make a purchase from your online store. For instance,Continue Reading….

6 Search Engine Optimization Tips For Magento Website

May 15, 2015 By admin

A recent report says that for 96% search engine, features are important for purchasing a product and for this 40% of site’s internal search-engine is used. Magento is a highly notable e-commerce solution which is designed to be search engine friendly by default. Apparently, you don’t need to do muchContinue Reading….

The Future of Online Shopping, A Shocking Forecast

May 9, 2015 By admin

According to a report by “” B2C e-commerce sales worldwide will reach a whooping 2345 billion US dollars by 2018. It was just 1471 billion US dollars last year. Online shopping has spread around the world. Regardless of numerous reasons, online shopping is what people do frequently. Due to thisContinue Reading….

How Customer Reviews Win Conversion Battle?

May 1, 2015 By admin

Does your business shines because of customer’s online word of mouth? How important are customer reviews for you? Most businesses have adopted to online mediums to market their products and services. It widely affects how clients see products, services and businesses. Furthermore, how your business is expressed and perceived byContinue Reading….

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