How To Improve Mobile Commerce In 2016?

April 8, 2016 By admin

Nowadays every brand is using mobile commerce to provide both – a mobile optimized site and mobile applications to the customers. In 2015, online mobile sales accounted for 29% of all e-commerce sales. But many brands still need to master the art and science of mobile conversion. As the popularity of mobile shopping apps and sites is increasing, so are the expectations of customers. To balance the pace, brands also need to do more.


In a research by IBM, 16% of online users may buy from your competitor if they find any problem, and 13% users have admitted that they would cancel the transaction and try some other website or app instead.

So how can you ensure maximum mobile commerce conversion? Here are some tips from some leading experts:

Page loading speed:
Yes, it is true..Mobile shoppers are impatient. They want to purchase in just minutes, they don’t want to wait for your slow ecommerce website to load. According to Kissmetrics, a standard mobile internet user waits for not more than 6-10 seconds. Here, a decrease of 1 second in page loading time will result in 7% increase in conversion.

Again according to Kissmetrics, if your checkout page takes about 4 seconds to load, the cart abandonment rate reaches 25%. It is necessary to improve your page loading speed, it must be less than 4 seconds if you want to improve your mobile commerce conversions.

Make the user interface user-friendly:
Mobile consumers are Goal-oriented – unlike in-store or online consumers. They are extremely focused, they login into your site with a purpose to buy, they don’t want to spend time on browsing for services and products. For this, you need to ensure a quick, easy and consistent mobile user experience for your customers so that they remain loyal to you.

Better Mobile Checkout:
Mobile commerce checkout is the biggest obstacle in selling anything online to mobile shoppers. It could be the detail form that makes it difficult for your customers to enter payment details, and can result into a sale killer. Mobile Checkout must be very easy, fast loading and easy to complete even with a phone’s keyboard. So to improve your mcommerce conversions, you have to refine and test until it is both obvious and simple.

Mobile-friendly Video
Yes, Mobile users do watch videos. Adding mobile friendly videos can also increase retail sale conversions. 144% mobile users are more likely to purchase after seeing a product related video according to a report by Kissmetrics. If adding product videos can boost your mobile commerce, it will help you in many ways.

Increase Mobile Marketing
It’s a simple concept, if you want to attract more mobile customers, you need mobile ads. To improve your mobile commerce growth, you need to invest in mobile marketing too. For example, you can start email campaigns, that the emails you send load properly on mobile. You can also include banner advertising, native ads, mobile videos.

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