How Magento can do wonders for your online business?

December 24, 2014 By admin

The Internet Retailer 2014 Top 500 Guide states that Magneto is one of the leading open source service providers in the world today. This prominent e-Commerce platform equips you with the arsenal to achieve all your business goals. It acts as a catalyst which simplifies the technical complexities and boost the strength of your website to increase the conversion rates.


With the unrivaled ability to manage your content, Magento has made a new record this year by increasing its percentage by 16.5% from the last year. Furthermore, according to Google the keyword Magento is the most searched word than “e-Commerce”. This versatile e-commerce solution has ample of advantages, here is an overview how Magneto can do wonders for your online business:

1. SEO Friendly- Magneto  the king of e-Commerce can easily counter various issues  facilitating phenomenal optimization for the e-Commerce websites. It shuns the regular long URL’s showing multiple categories and subcategories. This simplifies the formation of the search engine friendly URL structures by making it compact. Duplicate content, page traffic, indexing, landing page, etc. are efficiently managed for a website developed on Magento. Moreover, it enriches the SEO features which can be utilized to make a great difference, by assimilating organic traffic and reducing the costs of digital marketing.

2. Extensive range of features- Magento is equipped with enormous features and functionalities which provides complete control and flexibility over the management, presentation and functionality of the content on the e-Commerce website. It comes loaded with the features which smoothen layered navigation, favorites, multi store feature, email list, product comparison, wish lists, advanced search, grouped product and content management system.

3. User-friendly admin- Magneto theme structure design is entirely customizable which means that you can easily shape your store the way you want. Because a more user friendly admin dashboard will consume less time on website editing /updating and more time will be easily invested in the core competence. This will make things simpler and yield phenomenally improved conversion rates.

4. Flexibility- Magento is a flexible e-Commerce platform which can be utilized on the basis of edition, depending upon the requirements, size and budget of your business. In that context ‘Magento Enterprise’ works for big and medium business, “Magento Go” is good for small business. With an unending array of themes and templates Magento does wonders for your online business. The flexibility of Magento will allow you to quickly sell a completely different product with the relative ease. This will attract your customer to purchase from your Magento store.

5. Multiple Store Management- One of the unique feature of Magento is its multiple store management feature. Through it you can create multiple websites by using a single installation. The same installation allows multiple store to function from the same admin panel.

6. Mobile use- Several reports proclaim the dominance of mobile commerce over other marketing techniques. The platform of Magento is fully armed to robustly work on the mobile phone platform. Moreover, it enhances the user’s experience to a great extend which draw in more and more traffic to your website through the platform of Smartphones.

A choice of more than 200,000 retailers including top brands: Samsung, Ford, Fox Connect, Lenovo, Olympus, Men’s Health, Vizio, Christian Louboutin, Nike and Nestle Nespresso contemplates Magento as the cardinal arsenal to reach their targeted business goals. The king of e-Commerce, Magento does wonders for the retailers who use it in the right way in their online stores.

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