Content marketing is on rise

November 18, 2015 By admin

Technology has changed the game. In today’s age of social search, content marketing is no more just a buzz word or a fad, but is emerging as the new hot selling cake in digital marketing. It is a fast growing sector in marketing as more and more businesses, both big and small, rely on content marketing for reaching the target audience. The traditional marketing approach has been disrupted by content marketing. Nowadays consumers have complete control over what they are paying for as opposed to the past when advertisements on T.V, radio and billboards controlled what consumers engaged in. Consumers now ignore irrelevant stuff which makes it all the more important for brands to come up with remarkable content.


Bye-bye traditional marketing

The days of traditional marketing are long gone and marketing has changed tremendously. In today’s tech savvy world when everything is covered up on google, the face of marketing has also changed. There are diverse channels of communication available through internet which means there is no limit to the reach of a publication. Even the consumers before buying anything googles it to get complete information. This is where content marketing steps in and plays a key role.

It has levelled the play field

There is no advantage for big businesses and disadvantages for small businesses and vice versa when it comes to content marketing. The success of any business now depends on the niche and quality of content, therefore battlefield is now equal which has made it more common than ever. Many small businesses have been doing exceptionally well, all thanks to content marketing. Social media, articles, blogs, are among the top marketing tactics used nowadays.

It drives sales

Gone are the days when content was used to create brand awareness and used by only a few businesses. Content nowadays is created for the advantage of consumers with the purpose to inform them, advice and offer discounts to them and also promote the products. Quality content helps bring traffic to the site. Good quality content definitely influences the readers and their decisions about a particular product, as a result influencing the overall sales.

Future depends on content marketing

Content marketing has begun its upward trek since 2011 and is presently more common than it ever was. The future of every business now depends on content marketing as content is the “king.” Consumers are aware enough to differentiate what they want and ignore what they don’t want to engage in. Quality content plays the key role as good content is shared among the masses, spreading the word about the product and services. In today’s information, rich world, if this information in the form of content is utilized properly, it can truly be a game changer.

Credibility and visibility are the biggest strengths of any business and through content marketing the business earns a voice by the way of sharing expertise and insights, as opposed to buying a voice by advertising. This is why content marketing is on the rise.

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