Magento Design Trends to Follow

Top 9 Magento Design Trends to Follow This Year

April 21, 2018 By Tuhina

E-commerce platforms are the easiest solution for e-commerce begin users and entrepreneurs, as opposed to building up a specially designed e-book for heaps of cash and with quite sudden outcomes it is considerably simpler to pay for or even begin utilizing with the expectation of complimentary various e-commerce solutions available online. Today online business showcase is gloating with huge amounts of solutions and platforms to give enough choices for e-commerce merchants to proceed.

Magento extensions are the most productive tools to broaden the usefulness of your Magento online shop without touching the center code by any stretch of the imagination. In this manner, extensions are massively famous and have turned into a billion-dollar business, and set new trends in Magento biological community also.

In this way, if you want to remain on the ball and keep your Magento web store from being viewed as a relic of the past, read on and discover our expectations for the most in vogue configuration highlights of 2018.

Have a look at the infographic given below and enlighten yourself with these Magento design trends:

T-Shirt Design Studio

oCodewire T-Shirt Design Studio Extension Demo : Video

March 30, 2016 By admin

With Ocodewire T-shirt design studio we made it very easy to design t-shirt using your own Ocodewire Designer Extension. If you want to increase the customer interest and to make your store better from others you just need to provide this amazing feature to your customers. By using this extension your customer will be able to make changes in the products such as adding colours, text, upload images, upload clip art and add number and name on that product. On the other hand, as an admin you also have the permission to set the price of any text, clip art, images, name and numbers. You can upload the designs patterns for a particular product as preference.

If you have any confusion, how to start with it, we are sharing a Demo video for the same. Have a look.

Top Questions to Ask before you Pick a T-shirt design Studio Extension?

1. Do I really need this tool?

Nowadays everybody is integrating t-shirt design software into their online stores doesn’t mean you need to do it too. First, you need to decide will it be going to help for your business? There is a probability that you are targeting a demographic that is also interested in designing it’s own T-shirts, Then it will be a wise choice too use oCodewire T-Shirt Design Studio Extension.

2. Can you make the necessary investment?

If you want too limit to a specific budget, you need to make sure you can actually afford this software.

3. How do I find a tshirt design studio tool?

You need to make sure that the software has the entire user and admin oriented features that you want from it. To find software that helps users to design their T-shirts is not difficult. Just enter the phrase ‘T-shirt design software’ in Google, and you will be presented with lots of options. You need to make a list of the companies whose design software you like, and test their demo versions. Make your choice based on which one of the software pieces was the most comfortable to work with and offered the most comprehensive range of features.

Social Stream Magento Extension

oCodewire Social Stream Magento Extension Demo: Video

March 15, 2016 By admin

Here we are back with the demo guide to the Social Stream Magento Extension. Hope our previous demos have helped you in downloading and installing the extensions. So let’s start with what is “Social Stream Magento Extension”? By using this extension, you can share the latest social media updates in the form of a stream on the Left/Right Sidebar or on the CMS page in your Magento Store. With this extension, you can also display the latest social media sites and the deals, offers and product information, if any. Social Stream Magento Extension is managed from the admin panel, you just need to enable it and fill your credentials to display the Tweets, Facebook posts, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, Flickr and Tumblr activities on your Magento eCommerce store. The only three steps you need to do are – purchase, download and install. For installing, you can use magento connect or FTP method.

Here is a video to help you in the step-by-step installation of the extension:

Best features of Social Stream Magento extension:

  1. Admin Panel has full control
  2. No need to edit codes
  3. Display social post with the posting time or day
  4. Option to select left /right bar
  5. An option to share the social post on multiple social media sites
  6. 100% open source

Hope you liked it! Leave your comments below:


magento multi vendor extension

Multi Vendor Marketplace Magento® Extension Demo : Video

March 4, 2016 By admin

Multi vendor magento extension provides you the functionality to convert your magento store into a marketplace. This enables the vendors to promote their products from a single store. The best thing about it is that a customer can easily buy from any number of vendors at the same time. Admin has full control over the vendors and vendor products.
magento multi vendor extension
Let’s start with the First step of installation – how to install this extension once you have purchased and downloaded the extension.

1. Go to admin panel>system>Magento connect > Magento connect manager
2. Login with the user name and password you have
3. Go to extensions> Choose file from your system
4. Upload the file> package> choose file and upload it
5. Return to admin
6. You will get the option of MVM Marketplace
7. Go to front end> Register > Give personal information
8. If you want to become vendor then tick on Yes if no then on No
9. Once you have registered go to MVM Marketplace
10. Manage vendors>you can check the status of your account

If you have any confusion regarding the right options (there are many more you will come across) while installing the extension, watch the video.

OCodewire One Page Checkout Extension Demo

OCodewire One Page Checkout Extension Demo – Video

February 17, 2016 By admin

Magento Ocodewire one page check out extension makes checkout process easier for the customers. This extension reduces the hassle of long and multiple steps checkout.

To clear any confusion, here is a video to learn installation of oCodewire One Page Extension in detail.

You can also follow these simple steps to install One Page Checkout Extension:

Step 1: Unzip the Zip archive on your computer.

Step 2: Use FTP client to transfer all the folders in the ZIP directly to your Magento root.

Step 3: Login to your Magento Admin panel.

Step 4: Go to the system and click on the Magento Connect manager.

Step 5: Enter your Magento username and password for the Magento connect Manager. Under the direct package file upload section, click on the file button.

Step 6: Select the file and click upload.

Step 7: Click on return to admin.

Step 8: Go to the system and clear your cache through the Magento admin. Logout and login again, and navigate to the system. Now you will see one page checkout extension under the sales tab.

Step 9: Activate one page checkout and configure.

Step 10: At the end check the working of extension.


Magento-A Vital e-Commerce Software Tool

Magento: A Vital E-commerce Software Tool for your Web Store

September 5, 2015 By admin

Drooling over many e-commerce software tools can be a daunting process for many of us. It is, however, one of the key most decisions to be made before building your online web store.

It is imperative for e-commerce store owners to create a visually appealing web store for its surfers. Not only should the website be aesthetically appealing to the eyes, but should also be functional. Compromising on either of these aspects will make you lose your customer immediately.

In this article, we will be focusing on Magento – a prominent open source platform!

Magento-A Vital e-Commerce Software Tool

Here are 3 ways in which Magento will help your E-commerce store.

1. Offers magnificent tools for site navigation
Site navigation plays a pivotal role in helping the users to navigate the information of your web page. Magento, is an open source ecommerce software, which means you can easily add, edit and change several navigation facilities with ease.

With these extensions, a small or medium size business can play around with their navigation tools on the site. Features such as multiple store views, enable/disable items, add additional layouts and plug-ins, and insert templates as per your liking.

If you are looking for help in managing your site navigation then there is a lot of help available online, and also the Magento community is large and helpful.

2. Get an improved organic traffic
Magento platform was built keeping in mind the SEO efficiency as well, which means your products and services will have fair chance to appear on search engines such as Google and others. When you decide to employ Magento as your e-commerce designing tool, then your visibility on search platforms too increases. In addition, for those who know how to custom SEO implementations will be able to manage and customize SEO.

3. Community-oriented platform
The biggest advantage for Magento users is its big and widespread community. There are over 250,000 businesses worldwide that use Magento for all of their e-commerce needs. Magento is an open source platform, which means you will be able to share and use tools with other Magento users. Sharing helps community members when they don’t have the time and energy to build tools from scratch, and also when they don’t have the expertise to build tools.
Parting thoughts

Magento is built keeping in mind the needs of global times. With the help of Magento, you can create features such as multiple currency and multilingual languages on your e-commerce store. Moreover, you can also create and manage multiple e-commerce stores easily.

It’s definitely a lucrative e-commerce tool beneficial to online businesses.

visitors ditching your website

10 Reasons Why Visitors Are Ditching Your Website’s Checkout

May 22, 2015 By admin

visitors ditching your website

“Customer experience is a catalyst of transformation”, says Christine Crandell

This catalyst works through friendly experience, which has no space for complications or boring things. It has to be made entirely in a way to give joy to customers while they make a purchase from your online store.

For instance, you managed to bring customer till the final purchase page. But then a not-so-friendly checkout page made your customer immediately leave the website.

“You missed a great opportunity by a narrow distance”

Complicated checkout can be a major turn-off for visitors. As 11% of the visitors leave your website because of a complicated checkout. To make it more clear, let’s discuss 10 reasons why your checkout is not working out well:

• You’re forcing your customers to do what they don’t like by pushing them to fill the registration. This means that your checkout lacks the guest checkout option.

          “14% of those who abandon cart do so due to a lack of guest checkout options”

• Your make it extremely boring when you have too lengthy checkout. At times every step demands a single page perhaps it acts a lengthy unending train.

• You are distracting your customers by marketing at the dead-end of the buying process. Up selling at the checkout is a major turn off for many customers

• You haven’t made it clear on how to go ahead.

• You have shocked your customers by demanding extra tax charges for shipping.

       "22% of those who abandon the cart complain of being surprised by shipping costs at the checkout"

• You’re making your likely customers fill fields that they have filled before.

• Unorganized checkout

• No discounts means no purchase

• Unfriendly credit card errors

• No security information for checkout

      "40% of shoppers are hesitant to create an account because they expect to receive spam"

A great website offers easy-to-fill forms and have everything which gives customers a wonderful user- experience. Here are 10 tips for designing a user-friendly checkout.

Creating Registration optional: Don’t force your customers to do things which they don’t like, give them the freedom to share information. Make the registration optional and provide them the option of guest user.
Checkout as a guest

Save the cart: Online buyers must be provided with an option to save their cart and make them available when they want to purchase it.

Creating a compact Checkout form: Crisp and to the point forms makes the checkout hassle free. Use a short checkout where you ask just for the basic questions. For Magento users one page checkout is a great option which is quite compact and is exclusive of unwanted steps. The extension doesn’t have any unnecessary steps, it only has necessary and relevant fields. Moreover, it boosts the entire buying experience.
one page checkout

Avoid display of extra shipping and tax cost: Nobody would ever want to pay extra for anything. Keep things transparent in terms of shipping and tax. You can absorb the shipping cost in the item itself. When you display the product cost, display it with the merged shipping cost.

Return policy: It is not necessary that if you have a return policy your customers will likely use it. You have a good product and great service, why do you need to be scared at all. A return policy gives customer confidence to do business with your online store.

Include trust section: Your customers want a reason to trust you if they are first time buyers. Display assurance texts or security logos to make them trust you.

Error-free Checkout page: Ensure that your checkout process doesn’t posses any kind of errors. Avoid asking the same questions again and again.

Highlight your offers: Extra benefits and rewards are contemporary icons for instant attraction. So, offer your visitors with royalty programs and discount coupons. This will make a shopper get hooked to shopping and buy further.

Show clear and progressive process indicator: Don’t leave your customers stuck at any point, guide them through every step. This way they will have a clear idea of the whole process.

Display the progress bar indicator, as it will show them each and every step of the transaction. This will guide them through the next step, thereby, giving users a sense of control and building their confidence to buy the product.

Keep a Functional ‘Back’ Button: Customers may feel like going to the previous page to recheck something or to rethink about the purchase. If the repeated click shows an error message the customers will have to redo the entire process. This can be pretty frustrating for them. So better keep a “Back” button handy.

Checkout page is gaining importance as compared to other factors of customer experience. This is because they help the conversion rates to increase many folds if they are made workable and hassle free.

Installing extensions: The Good and The Bad

March 13, 2015 By admin

Magento is the triumphant ruler of e-commerce market and a trusted choice of 240,000+ merchants around the globe. 

The chief strategy of an E-commerce business is to: attract more prospects, sell more products and generate more profits. To deploy these components in the right place Magento’s E-commerce platform offers over 3000 Magento extensions or tools. This number increases every day as the passionate developers buckled down to make new and valuable additions.

Magento extension adds a seizable value to any online store by providing customers a great buying experience. Retailers owning a Magento e-commerce store enjoy custom functionality added to  better manage their web stores. Along with that there are a number of extensions which can enhance the back-end management, facilitating managing stocks, tracking sales, updating stock etc. Not to miss out the front-end can be made more accessible using of the extension.

Installing extensions

To make it more clear lets point out some major assets and liabilities of Magento Extensions:

Magento extension installation assets:

User Friendly: Majority of the Magento extensions are build to make a more user friendly e-Commerce store. It showcases products in a very clean and managed way. Thereby, enhancing the user experience and streamlining the entire process of search and purchase of the product. The basic components of all the extensions are top provide security, ease of use and pleasurable buying experience.

Power to manage multiple stores: Multi-vendor extension give you the power to manage multiple stores from a single admin control panel. The extension works with the motive to make your online store a shopping mall that allows vendors to promote their products from a single store. Thereby, creating a sole platform handling multi-vendor and multiple stores in just one store. 

Boost functionality and reduces efforts: Almost every extension is developed with an objective to provide specific functionality and boost the performance of the website. This saves a lot of valuable time and speed up the development process. Therefore, offering customers a great experience while they are in your store.

Budget friendly: You will find tons of FREE extensions online. Magento extensions reduce the overall budget of developing the shopping cart. You can choose the desired extension for your store and get started with a completely different world.

Other Advantages

  • Huge community of Magneto developers available online to solve all your technical issues.
  • Provide effective shipment, like Australia Post Extension easily sets free shipping, flat rate, actual cost and much more.
  • Certain extensions are specially developed to boost your effective SMM presence. Social Stream Magento Extension is one such fine example of effective SMM extension.

However, along with a number of assets, Magento comes with 3 major liabilities or limitation.

Magento Extension Installation Limitations

Heavy Extension: Blessing in disguise- One of the major limitation of extensions in Magento is that they are pretty heavy. However, their effectiveness overpowers this limitation. It works like a blessing in disguise, bad when its heavy – consumes time to load pages but, they are great weapons to increase the user experience. Moreover, if this limitation bothers you a lot, give a try to the extensions which increases the speed of your website.

Expensive: More expensive better functionality- A component with a good quality will be charging more than the very average cost. Magento extensions are created by passionate engineers who work very hard to increase the functionality and streamline the process. So, if you want something very good, there is no harm to pay anything above average.

Pay extra for support: Good Expert support the dire need of everybody- Magento offers a huge number extension to enhance the performance of your website. These extension need a support team to get started, which means you’ll have loosen the weight of your pockets.

The main objective of any Magento extension is to make more out of your e-commerce store. With a few counterable limitations Magento comes with a hub of benefits for your online store. 



Multi-Vendor Magento Extension- Create Striking Marketplace Value

March 4, 2015 By admin

Magento- “The Killer Open Source Software” holds a big market in the e-commerce world today. It posses an armory of weapons in the form of extensions and themes, delivering a path to attract more and more customers to your online store. Thereby, escorting retailers to relish record-breaking profits repeatedly.


The extensions triggers focus to make more out of your e-commerce store. One such sturdy extension is the Multi-Vendor Extension which encompasses a motive to make your store a small market place that allows vendors to promote their products from a single store.

How about the big boys like eBay, Wallmart, Macy’s, Amazon…? All are striking examples of the online marketplace, offering limitless options to buy and sell products. This marketplace offers enormous reach and support to sellers at just one location, thereby creating a sense of trust both for customers and vendors.

Boost your Magento arsenal with a matchless/killer extension Multi-Vendor Extension

The extension enables the merchant’s (admin) to create their own store by adding any amount of vendors in it. Vendors have a separate admin area from where they can add, edit and sell the product. It holds a unique feature to let customers purchase their desired items from any number of vendors at a moment. Thus, creating a single platform of multi-vendor but one shopping cart for every customer.

The extension is loaded with features for everybody. When vendors start using the user-friendly “Vendor Portals”, they can:
• Manage their categories, products, etc.
• Create product categories and attributes
• Keep a check on the their dashboard ( Vendor Dashboard ) for orders.
• Check the Approved or Pending status on the Vendor Dashboard.
• Stock page for each vendor.
• Tag products such as featured, daily deal, new, etc. for buyers.

For Merchants(admin) the new market automatically orders:
• Customer Orders
• Vendor and Customers notification
• Multi-Vendor inventory
• Shipping
• Commissions
• Vendor Payments
• Set auto-approve products for the vendors you want.
• Create the various types of the Subscription Plan for the vendors.

Front-end Features:
• Vendor Sign up.
• All Vendors listing.
• Vendor Dashboard with latest orders, Total sales, Chart.
• Vendor can manage products (edit/add/delete).
• Products of three types- Simple, Virtual and Downloadable.
• Vendor profile and shop page management
• Vendor product collection.
• Payment Method for vendors.
• Feature Daily Deal product on Profile and shop page.
• Product Ratings and Feedback option.

With such good features and functionalities it leverages your online market place to intensify your sale. All by providing a flexible and configurable work flow. Therefore, streamlining the path to your success.

Read more about the features:

Add a Unique Functionality to your Australia Based Magento Store

April 1, 2014 By admin

Magento is the most powerful online eCommerce platform and plays a vital role in changing the face of eCommerce since forever. Without Magento extensions, Magento store is incomplete or we can say ecommerce store may be nothing. There are many extensions available for Magento store. One of them is Australia Post Domestic & International Shipping Extension.

Let’s have a look: 










Australia Post International Shipping Extension for Magento is the best ever extension available for eCommerce online stores. If you own a Magento website and want to sell your products internationally or for a particular country, then do not forget to include Australia Post Shipping Extension.

Basically, Australian Post Extension allows shop owners to integrate Australia Post Shipping Method to send parcels from their Magento store. Australia Post Shipping extension has a unique feature to integrate the Australia post international letter or parcel service in your store. It is the best feature ever used to improve your business sales and provision of best service to your customers. But do not forget to note the exact height, width, length & weight of the products for domestic shipping. Besides this, it is a user-friendly extension.

One of the best feature of this extension is that this extension is very simple to install and configure. After installing this extension, a new shipping method will be added automatically to the Magento backend. Australia Post is a premium shipping method which let you get shipping rates from Australia Post’s Shipping API which handles both domestic and international parcels.

Besides, the additional characteristic of this extension is that you just need to install the extension and define API key in the Admin, add the warehouse postcodes, select the countries you want this method to appear and all done and no layout overrides.

This extension is aimed to provide most of the functionality that is needed to function a Magento store in Australia. This extension gives live shipping rates for Australia Post shipping service for places all over the world.