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Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Progressive Web App – [An Infpgraphic]

September 5, 2018 By Tuhina

Is Progressive Web Apps are the future of Ecommerce Business?

Some people would believe that PWA’s are pointless. Other claim this is the future and get to creating. This thought is without a doubt picking up more value and the organizations that assemble PWA are exceptionally happy with the outcomes.

However, progressive Web Apps are on the rise and native apps are on the way out. With that, we have bunches of new W3C standard now.

In 2015 Google introduced this technique and demonstrates to bring numerous preferences to both the developer and the users.

A Progressive Web App also known as PWA is a web application that utilization’s present day web abilities to convey an application like affair to visitors. These applications meet certain necessities, are conveyed to servers, open through URLs, and filed via web indexes. Thus, It makes use of some of the modern web capabilities to deliver an app like experience to its users.

The term progressive means they should work for each visitor on any program they are utilizing while additionally being sufficiently responsive to fit any frame factor, from a personal computer to tablet, cell phone and after that whatever the future holds.

Additionally, It’s a part of the general evolution of digital commerce, enabled by faster wi-fi and cellular connections. For a number of retailing scenarios, the progressive web offers the chance to work from their current web based on existing e-commerce platform to present their customers with an elegant, app-like experience.

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E-Commerce SEO for Product Pages – [An Infographic]

August 30, 2018 By Tuhina

Online business has turned out to be simple for nearly anybody to do over the most recent couple of years. With some learning, a little bit of money and a decent hard working attitude, nearly anybody can begin their own eCommerce store.

In any case, with all the noise out there now, how would you emerge from the crowd?

Online business SEO is the technique of upgrading your web based business store with the goal that it positions higher in Google and gets more natural traffic to your site.

How to optimize your eCommerce website product pages so that it is SO-friendly and brings in leads every day to your online business.

Check an Infographic by “Wired SEO” illustrates 17 steps to help you through the optimization process.

Whatever you do, bear in mind to do tests and analyses. It will at last help you to stay with what’s working or ditch what isn’t dealing with your site and increment your benefits.

Email Marketing

10 Email Marketing Do’s and Don’ts for eCommerce Store – [An Infographic]

August 23, 2018 By Tuhina

Email marketing for eCommerce organizations today is tied in with sending convenient and applicable messages to the opportune individuals, at the ideal time. E-commerce email marketing empowers entrepreneurs to conquer this obstruction and manufacture significant associations with online customers through regular communication.

Email marketing is a successful way to contact the large group of audiences. Here are some valuable tips by “Campaign Monitor” on an email that dive into the accompanying six key email marketing do’s and dont’s to get the most out of your email marketing.

With email’s popularity, the innovation has developed, and the capacity to send customized and focused on messages has developed also. Email personalization enables an advertiser to utilize customer information to make messages particular to every supporter in view of information definitely known. This implies email content can be altered in view of data like name, gender, location, birthday, interests, recent purchases and more. That’s because email marketing is a demonstrated strategy that drives results, again and again, and it ought to be the part of marketing strategy for any small business.


Marketer’s Guide To Voice Search – [An Infographic]

August 20, 2018 By Tuhina

Voice search is a speech recognition application that enables users to search by saying terms so anyone might hear as opposed to typing them into a search field. Voice search has advanced throughout the years and today, voice search is commonplace, and its user base is developing quickly. Voice search in 2020 is huge and growing, however, the way things are, conventional search application stays strong.

Check this infographic by “everythingonlinesem” show how this year will be the year of Voice search:

Google has just shown that voice is the quickest growing form of search, and has put powerfully in the thought. As more devices are dependent on voice, site owners are awakening to the significance of this kind of scan while making content for website optimization according to the search engine.

If you are executing an SEO technique it is time you incorporated voice search in order to capitalize on the end goal to exploit the expanding number of individuals who are utilizing these devices for web search.

If you’re searching for a new way to boost traffic on your site, it’s a great opportunity to use voice search. It not just enhances improve ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs) but also enhances user experience.

In a consistently evolving field, we realize that what worked yesterday won’t really work tomorrow, and it’s essential to continually refine strategies that meet current demands.


17 Actionable E-commerce Conversion Boosters – [An Infographic]

August 8, 2018 By Tuhina

E-commerce is the most developing trend nowadays and a great way for new and an incredible brands to develop their business. It produces a better exposure online. There are several e-commerce conversion boosters that can draw in new customers and help hold the current ones.

To become a successful retailer, you should work out a powerful procedure, which is without a doubt a tedious procedure. In this way, success in online selling requires a smart methodology. If your store doesn’t produce the appropriate level of revenue, you can try and fix that following some of the tips sort in this Infographic by “Template Monster”.

There are many ways to improve your e-commerce conversion which helps you to start a successful and powerful eCommerce website. E-commerce Booster allow online stores to gather emails from casual visitors and turn them into premium customers. As it can be easily integrated with both hosted solutions and custom databases.


ECommerce Platforms: Magento vs Shopify – [An Infographic]

July 24, 2018 By Tuhina

Establish an online store is a difficult process that includes numerous expensive decisions that may potentially influence your business negatively. Choosing the best possible eCommerce platform can be challenging. The present market offers you a large number of choices, one is superior to another.

So if you are debating between the best two ecommerce platfrom that is Magento and Shopify which one is best, look no further.

Here you will discover valuable information that will help you in your choice between the two stages platforms.

  • Shopify is a paid platform while Magento Community is a free, open-source software this implies that you can go wild with customizations and make exactly the kind of shop you require.
  • Shopify is a perfect for a common businessman who doesn’t want to mess up with complicated codes. On the other hand, Magento is more suitable for large businesses.
  • Magento comes with a expert look and well-organized categories. It offers the top-quality eCommerce performance and lots of options to help you in building your ideal online store.
  • There are lots of options for application and add-ons both in Magento Extension Store, and Shopify app store. But Magento is a winner here with a number of its extensions having more than 5000.

Just take a look at the following infographic that compares the important aspects of Magento and Shopify e commerce platforms –

In conclusion, Magento is a free and powerful platform, insures versatility and proficient admin management of customers, orders and products. Shopify will guarantee that you have a friendly and moderate administrator panel.

Thus, when it comes to choosing between Magento and Shopify, it’s not that difficult for us to help diagnose which is a better fit quickly.


Best Ways To Improve Your Ecommerce Conversions- [An Infographic]

July 21, 2018 By Tuhina

It is no secret that e-commerce businesses are trending in today’s world and that achievement is ensured. Users love to do online shopping because it is enjoyable, suitable, and cost-effective, however you have to offer a decent shopping knowledge to them or they will simply switch to your competitor’s website.

Let’s first, Understanding e-store Conversion Rates:

Conversion rate is defined as the percentage of visitors that arrive on your site who finish a desired action. You need to know your ultimate objective to precisely define conversions that line up with business objectives.

An ecommerce conversion rate is the percentage of site visitors who buy something from your online store in a set timeframe

In this infographic, presented by SoftProdigy, we share are some of the techniques that may help you to improve your ecommerce conversion rates:

The e-commerce optimization process can include lead generation, encouragement, calls to action, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. If you influence your e-commerce store overpowering, people won’t be able to turn away. However, this tactic is not the only way to measure success of your online store.There are a lot of conversion rate optimization tricks you can use that won’t cost you much else besides time.

1) Optimize your e-commerce website for mobile devices
2) Identify your ideal visitor and target them
3) Keep a consistent flow of content
4) Live chat support for the customers
5) Expand your marketing strategies

Email Marketing

Boost Your Ecommerce Sales Through Email Marketing – [An Infographic]

July 16, 2018 By Tuhina

In today’s customer-driven world, this level of communication is basic for any e-commerce organization that needs to deliver a great experience and grows revenue at the same time.

Email marketing is an extraordinary way to achieve a lot of individuals with low costs. Motivating individuals to join may turn out to be very difficult, but be patient, they will come. It is about the correct technique and timing. Drafting the ideal email that touches the pain point of your audience is an art.

The key to email marketing for e-commerce is that email is outstanding amongst other channels to speak with a customer.

Look at the infographic below, created by “Business2community” for more tips on how to build trust in your e-commerce business.


How to Do It?

1) Use a Killer Subject Line: Subject line is the main thing a man sees. It shouldn’t just be short and brief, yet in addition outline what’s inside the email.

2) Keep your Emails Short: The best practice is to keep them simple and to-the-point; simply make sure that your email content fills its need of passing on the message.

3) Include a CTA. Accept this underlying cooperation open door to motivate endorsers of the draw in with you on a more profound level – even if your target action is something as simple as following your brand’s social channels.


Impact of GDPR on eCommerce Business – [An Infographic]

July 10, 2018 By Tuhina

GDPR represent General Data Protection Regulation comes into existence on May 25th 2018 and activate the most critical changes to information assurance law in last two decades. Basically GDPR implies the information an organisation controls, on any visitor situated in the EU, is going to get that substantially harder to access and store. It is a fundamental rights for all individuals to know how organizations utilize their information. You have to know these rights as failure to meet may mean stiff penalties for some breaches.

Here’s an infographic by “” to implement GDPR on your website. Have a look at it:


GDPR is extraordinary for marketing as it give more powers to brands to get more creative in how they deliver brand experiences that have their gathering of people asking for more. More prominent prizes for awesome advertising.

Actually the purpose behind GDPR coming isn’t just down to information ruptures and the way firms manage individual information, but it is also due to bad or intrusive advertising, and the involvement of government monitor huge tracts of personal data.

Now, under GDPR, advertisers should plan, arrange and justify the information they need to gather, how they are going to ‘process’ or utilize it at time of capture, and be sure they know where it sits in order to access it/delete it/share it when someone requested.

How will this affect e-commerce businesses?

Each e-commerce business should endeavor to secure the privacy of their customers. This is specifically associated with educating them about changing guidelines by new entries in the regulations of online stores. The GDPR is a genuine distinct advantage for e-commerce businesses and online stores. It has the ability to influence your site, store and the easy way you interface with customers. The new GDPR requirements will affect internet business organizations, as they handle a lot of individual information in their every day exercises.

GDPR will really be an open door for most organizations to sharpen up their information management practices.The mainreason executing GDPR is to enhance how customers access and interact with in advanced economy.


Top 5 AI Driven M-Commerce Trends To Watch In 2018 – [An Infographic]

June 28, 2018 By Tuhina

In Modern world, Artificial Intelligence is spreading its essence into every potential industry. It has already begun demonstrating its effect on all the key industries like education, agriculture, e-commerce and so forth with its boundless preferences that help the business to serve their customers successfully.

Similarly mCommerce is not any more a trend, it is truly and statistically turned out to be the consistently expanding technique for shopping in modern day,artificial intelligence proceed to create and shape the way individuals finish their online shopping.

With the help of unique AI capabilities, online business and m-commerce platforms today are able to leverage available information regarding similarities and dissimilarities between visitors, the sort of phone and apps they use.

To comprehend the effect that AI is having going ahead, here’s the infographic by Mofluid that catches the continuous move to applying AI in M-trade, and the best 5 AI-driven M-business inclines that you have to keep an watch out for in 2018.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a major driver of digital change as organizations attempt to keep in advance with the fast innovative technological progressions in 2018. With the present status of the online marketplace, M-commerce has become more soak and competitive for a business to succeed, which means it needs to be much faster and smarter.

The popularity of AI has to a great extent to do with its dynamic nature which leads to its engagement in every industry. E-commerce perhaps tops that list. While small scale online retailers have begun investigating AI roads, big enterprises are already investing wholes to it.