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June 27, 2017 By Biman B

Multilanguage support is now a common feature of e-commerce platform. Magento is also not exception for this. If you want to implement multilingual functionality to your site you can easily make it happen. Here are the steps you have to follow.

Suppose you want to add Arabic into your webstore. Then you have to simply go to official site of Magneto-

Download the Arabic language package. Here you will get an extension key which will be needed later for installation of the package.

Now log into your Magneto admin panel and go to system menu. Coming to the menu you will see Magento Connect and hovering on it you will see submenu Magento Connect Manager.

Click on Magento Connect Manager and it will ask you to login, put the credentials and log in again. Now you will be directed to Magento Connect Manager

Now under Extensions option put the extension key you have received when you first downloaded the Arabic language package. Now click on Install button and proceed further as message displayed.

Now return to Admin page.

Now go to system menu and click on Manage Stores. You will redirected to a page giving the option to “Create Store View”

Now fill in the fields available (put Arabic in name and code field ) and save the store view.

Now go to system menu and click on Configuration option, you will be directed to a page where you will get to see” Current Configuration Scope”. Scroll down the options and select The Arabic option.

Now just below the “Current Configuration Scope” on left sidebar you will see another sidebar menu as “Configuration”.

Under the “General” section click on Locale Options and check the Arabic option and uncheck the “Use website” option.

Save the configuration.Now you are done with saving the language package for Arabic to be displayed in front end of the store to be able to select for store view.

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