10 Essential Ecommerce Seo Tips

June 26, 2014 By admin

SEO is an important factor for eCommerce Store popularity & product sales. It help website to rank better in search engine & if your website rank higher in search engines, the more traffic and customers get driven to your store. Here, let we discuss about how doing SEO on an eCommerce site.

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1)  Avoid Duplicate Content : Have you know that there are number of eCommerce sites, penalized by search engines due to duplicate content. Search engines crawl, analyze & index the site & if the search engine finds the duplicate content on the site so, it downgrades your content value. Search engines don’t want to send people to several pages that all say the same thing.


a) Use rel=”canonical” tag: <link rel=”canonical” href=””/>

b) 301 Redirect: Set up a 301 redirect from the “duplicate” page to the original content page.

c) Meta robots tag: Use noindex ( <meta name=”robots” content=”noindex”>), follow in robots tag, it is one of the impressive way to solve the duplicate content issue. Use meta robots tag with the values “noindex, follow”, it help search engine to index the original page.

d) Use Google Webmaster Tools: Set preferred URLs in Google Webmaster Tools account under the option Configuration> Site link> Preferred Domain.


2) Don’t Use the Manufacturer Product Descriptions: Always write clear & an eye catching product description to ensure that it is unique and search engine friendly. Most of developers, just copy & paste the same content for each product description, which is wrong in search engine.


a) Use several words that people are most likely to search for.

b) Write unique content in meta description field


3) Unique Meta Descriptions for Each Webpage: Meta descriptions influence the click-through rate (CTR) . If any website have duplicate meta description fields so, it may decreas the traffic, sales and money.


a) Write unique content in meta description field

b) Meta descriptions should be less than 160 characters

c) Use main keywords & bold that

d) Include calls to action in META descriptions

e) Mention the cost of the item if you’re competitive in terms of price


4) Optimize Product Images: In an eCommerce store images are the most important factor to engage the visitors as well as to rank in search engine. Most of the visitors just check the product image rather than content on pages, so it is very important to use clear images. The search engine only check the Alt txt in the images rather than text on the image, so write a proper description in Alt txt of images.


a) Use alt txt with proper image description

b) Image should be clear, high resolution & eye-catching


5) Include Product Review: A good product review on the site helps you to build the visitor trust for your products & services. The product reviews on site help to drive traffic on the site & then turn that traffic into conversions.


a) Build or buy a system to automatically email customers a few weeks after purchasing and ask for a review.


6) Optimize the Anchor Text: Anchor text is ordinarily utilized to indicate the subject matter of the page that it links to. Optimized anchor text containing important keywords, relevant to the theme of such pages, from other pages of your site. The search engines can use it to determine what the target page is about and thus, which queries it should be relevant for.


7) Connect via Social Media: Make certain your occupation delivers an active account on the most popular nets for your markets, both at home and abroad. Use Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ & other social sites on daily bases.


8) Clean URL: People and search engines prefer clean URL’s.


9) Avoid Keyword Stuffing: Never use the same keyword/phrase on different pages.


10) Analyze Site on Daily Bases: It is very important to audit website on regular bases & to check any on- page issue on site.


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