Add multi-language functionality to give extensive user experience

June 27, 2017 By Biman B

Multilanguage support is now a common feature of e-commerce platform. Magento is also not exception for this. If you want to implement multilingual functionality to your site you can easily make it happen. Here are the steps you have to follow. Suppose you want to add Arabic into your webstore.Continue Reading….

Understanding the architecture of Magento

By Biman B

Magento architecture is based on MVC model. Let’s understand how it works. MVC architecture consists of 3 components- Model, View and Controller. User interface: User interface is the front end where users get interacted with the site. Here you request for information. The user gets the processed data through combinedContinue Reading….

Step by step guide to Magento installation

By Biman B

First of all you need to install the latest package from Magento official site Now you have to upload the package to your hosting server through cPanel file manager(cPanel> File Manager). Now create the MySQL database and create user for it in cPanel.( cPanel> MySQL Database). Now follow theContinue Reading….

How to make your blog successful ?

June 20, 2017 By Biman B

Blogging is best way to express yourself to the audience via online. It has become the most popular way to approach public with your thoughts and expressions at present. Along with it you can earn a handsome amount by posting the things that people love to read and most probablyContinue Reading….

How can hosting affect your business success ?

By Biman B

Choosing the hosting provider sometimes put you in confusion. You cannot decide which one to select or get in to puzzle thinking which one can better serve you when tens of hosting providers are screaming around you and promising the best service. But which can serve your requirements best? ThatContinue Reading….

5 tips to convert traffic to buyers

June 14, 2017 By Biman B

Before generating traffic you have to focus on the following things. a) Speed: Speed is the most crucial thing that you must focus on. Fast opening websites are the key players in market. You cannot expect traffic to come to your site if it is slow. b) Responsiveness: Responsive websites areContinue Reading….

How to migrate your store from Magento 1.9 to 2 ?

June 12, 2017 By Biman B

First of all before going to upgrade your version always remember to keep the backup files and database. It is necessary because in case you lose data or file backups will help you to restore them again. Then clarify about the changes made in the new version. This will enableContinue Reading….

How to list products in eBay from your Magento store using M2Epro?

By Biman B

M2Epro extension contains the essential settings for listing products to eBay store. Following things you need to do for eBay listing of your products from your Magento store. Create an eBay account. Select a category in eBay where you want to list your products. There are four options available forContinue Reading….

Why Magento Community edition is best for you ?

By Biman B

Magneto Community edition is the most widely used and popular platform for e-commerce development. It is free of cost and latest version 2.1.7 has been released. Features of Community edition: 1. You can design custom theme for any of the version of Magneto and integrate to it. 2.  It hasContinue Reading….

How to increase sales in your Magento store ?

May 24, 2017 By Biman B

Sales is the driving force of your business. Without it you cannot imagine of surviving in market. Today we will  discuss the things that can increase your sales in your e-commerce store. 1.Beautiful product description: The description of the product directly talks with your customers. A clear product description onlyContinue Reading….

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